World Wide Planet Awakening and Healing

We invite you to participate in a world wide healing with others in your community or in the comfort of your own home on December 21st 2012.  There will be millions of people from around the world simultaneously bringing in higher consciousness, love, healing and awakening at the same hour at 11:11 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).  There will be more people EVER in the recorded history of this planet focusing on one thing, at the same time…healing themselves and the planet. We’ve never seen a world-wide meditation so profusely distributed and known throughout the global internet community.  Click here to discover the exact hour for your specific timezone:

How this event came into being is of course from the many years humans have been destroying the planet and how one woman (Shelley Yates) was inspired to bring this global healing experience to fruition without any money or payment.

You will want to sit down, and make the time to truly participate in this hour.  Here is what Shelly recommends you do for this hour.  Simply sit and pray or meditate for one hour with one intention – to heal our planet and awaken our souls to our true purpose… to become one with our Source of Light.  If you need a specific meditation to keep you mind focused, we recommend that you imagine sitting inside the “body” of your favorite enlightened being, master, or teacher.  For one hour, imagine you are looking through their eyes, hearing through their ears, breathing through their lungs, thinking through their brain, and feeling through their body.  Open up yourself to their senses, and let yourself experience whatever you experience (since this is your future enlightened self anyway).

This huge underground grass roots global “awakening” has been building for decades all around the planet.  We find that the more damage is done to our world and people, the more this movement exponentially grows.  They’ve counted up to 500,000 organizations involved so far.  To find out more about how the largest movement in the world came into being and why nobody saw it coming, view this short 5 minute clip:

Sending millions of blessings to you,
Jafree Ozwald

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