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Since 1997, I have given several thousand psychic readings and akashic record readings, as well as personal life coaching helping people connect with their highest guidance and life purpose. I have worked with many different types of people from all sorts of backgrounds all over the world through the years and knows how to navigate through a large variety of mindsets and intricate personal problems.

People have said that I am an expert and helping people find peace within themselves, and specializes in spiritual growth, metaphysical and relationship issues. There is no problem out there that is too big, too twisted or stuck for him to deal with. On a more down to earth level, he has helped many people financially shift from being thousands of dollars in debt to becoming financially free. I’ve helped people become multi-millionaires and live the abundant life they always wanted to live.

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A personal Manifesting Session is a life-transformative healing experience that will catapult you into manifesting an AMAZING life that you will truly love. I live in Thailand throughout the winter and Europe in the summertime, so we will work over a video skype call for your personal manifesting experience.

I will be using my healing, manifesting and psychic gifts to guide you, unravel your blocks and redirect your life towards where your higher guidance is calling you to be. We will summon in your highest guidance to bring in the most powerful creative energy that you need for manifesting the life of your dreams.  If you’d like, you can find out what your soul is most trying to communicate with you about your current life situation.

Depending on your needs, we can work together for 60 or 90 minutes in your session. Deeper healing work usually takes more time, so I’d suggest selecting 90 minutes if you feel that you need a more healing experience. With each manifesting session, you will also receive a week of follow up email coaching with each session you purchase.

After we schedule our meeting, you will be given a specific assignment that will initiate your transformation. I work with people from the inside out on mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels. Your job is to remain open and curious about what is possible with your life. Be willing to look inside yourself, own the blocks you’ve been ignoring and I will show you how to start tapping into your real manifestation power.  Each session is laser-focused and we will be able to do something totally amazing in the short time we have together. The goal is to radically upgrade your vibration and manifest a new life that you love!

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