What is Tantra?


The Sacred Secret Spiritual Path to Enlightenment

Written by Jafree Ozwald

Tantra is the most ancient spiritual practice in human history. It’s a natural discovery of an intimate connection with the Divinity that exists within ourselves and inside everyone and everything around us.

Tantra is a way of living an ordinary life that also allows the Divine Existence to penetrate you. It can be as simple as gazing into a sunset and breathing its glorious beauty deep into your heart and soul, or the soft touch of a flower petal allowing it to arouse your senses as it caresses your skin.

Tantra is often misunderstood only to be about How to Have Spiritual Sex, yet this is a very small piece of what Tantra is about. The most ancient Sanskrit definition of Tantra means ‘no book’ which means we can have a direct experience with the Divine through anything or anyone.

It’s about attuning yourself to the Divine sensitivity within the physical body. The more sensitive you become, the more you can feel the higher subtle energies. When you can become deeply sensitive to God, every breath you take is orgasmic.

We were all born out of an orgasm, and when we leave the body we reenter this blissful orgasmic state. It is our original nature to experience this Divine state, by opening up this highly sensitive sensual sexual body to expansive states of pleasure. This practice of opening your spine up to more orgasmic energy can be done through Awakening your Kundalini, which ultimately obliterates the ego’s grip on life and ignites the quest for a deeper inwards spiritual dimension of life.

When you study all the different religions which have different interpretations of what Tantra actually is, it can be quite challenging to understand it, because Tantra is multi-dimensional. So a Hindu exploring Tantra will receive a completely different message and methodology than a Buddhist learning their definition of Tantra. Every religion has its own unique interpretation of it, and none are completely correct which is what makes Tantra so controversial.

What I find interesting about Tantric Sex is that it’s the oldest spiritual practice recorded in human history. An orgasm was our first exploration of the Divine and literally came through a direct bodily experience. It is practical, 100% natural, and allows you to know God in each experience of your day-to-day life.

Perhaps the best way I’ve discovered to unravel the great mystery of “What Tantra Is” is through the deep healing practice of meditation. By the deep introspective practice of quieting your mind chatter, you will soon arrive in that space of pure consciousness which is always merging with everything that is. In this space, you are always saying YES to life and everything that is. This is the best definition I’ve found of explaining what Tantra is.

Whatever is in front of you, inside of you, or the situation going on in your life, by using a Tantric approach you will allow it to be there without conflict. The state of Universal allowing (or non-resistance) creates an opening of the heart, a deepening of the breath, a listening of the divine heartbeat, and a real aliveness of feeling the all intelligent loving Universal body which you are a part of. You feel ONE with everything that is.

The tantric path is often discovered when someone spends lots of time in peaceful solitude, or when two intimate lovers open their hearts and souls to each other in devotion and ecstasy. When the heart opens to life fully, the mind quiets down and the being takes root to discover a spiritual exploration of the Enlightened Being that we truly are.

One of the highest peaks to reach on the tantric path is to feel the Divine within ourselves and each other through sensual touch and sexual intercourse. Men and women don’t often know that they can reach a cosmic Heart Orgasm by letting go of the pursuit of peak orgasms via ejaculation.

The body contains more possibilities of pleasure than you could ever imagine. It is only when we give up trying to achieve an old pleasure that we are familiar with that we open the door to finding these more ecstatic states of bliss.

Giving up peak contraction (ejaculatory) orgasms is not easy. It is something quite challenging for men who are not often educated or aware of the possibility of experiencing a rolling wave of orgasms moving up the spine for hours. It took me years before I was ready to give them up and have a truly Tantric Love Life, where there the climax is the Cosmic Orgasm you reach after 45-90 minutes of practice. 

To build a foundation for a non-peak sexual practice, you will need a partner who is also devoted to going there. The result is your partnership will have a base of the most powerful spiritual reservoir of sacred sexual energy, that can be used to access the highest and deepest most enlightening spiritual experiences one can discover. Best of all, doing it with another human being makes your relationship as solid as gold.

I find that the real purpose of Tantra is not only about accessing the Cosmic Orgasm, yet often this is the carrot that drives the hungry mule. The main reason we are blessed with sacred sex and finding a Tantric path within it is the radical spiritual benefits that arise from transcending one’s ego/mind.

Daily Tantric practices will heal your entire being. It will do this by bringing up all the insecurities, sexual wounds, and emotional darkness that have been unhealed from relationships in your past. Through practicing sacred lovemaking you and your partner over 6-9 months of time will feel completely whole, in deep devotion and reverence for each other, and at one with Divinity on the deepest emotional, mental and physical levels. If throughout this article you have been asking yourself…

How do I get my partner to be interested in Tantra?

Then you’re asking yourself the wrong question. The answer here is for YOU to become sooooo ridiculously interested, obsessed, and devoted to tantra, the awakening of your Kundalini, and opening your energy to Divinity, that your partner wants to jump on board. When you are flying around the house with a light in your eyes he (or she) will notice that something has gotten into you and be naturally magnetized to your energy. When they beg to know what you are doing to make your eyes glow with such a cosmic sparkle, then and only then do you share.

It is important to know that Tantric Intimacy does not always have to engage in sexual penetration. An orgasmic Tantra experience can be as simple as a long deep heart-felt hug, or gazing into your beloved eyes. There are many Tantra techniques that will bring your lover into a deeper connection with you and awaken your Kundalini energies together. The secret is that allow yourself to experience yourself (and the whole world) as the Divine Loving energy it truly is. 

Tantra creates a way to communicate with others from a place of fearlessness, which allows true authenticity to be felt and heard in the heart again. Tantra gives birth to a higher consciousness which means the future of our planet will be endowed with more enlightened children. Children who grow up in a home where sexuality is not condemned yet revered as a real doorway to God.

The door to having real Tantric Sex is opened through seeing, feeling and realizing that God is found in everything. Divinity, unconditional love, ecstatic bliss, profound peace (whatever you call it) including the simple sweet enjoyment of this very breath which you’re breathing in right now. By allowing the air to sensually awaken you from within, you can slowly begin to heighten your senses, open your mind, and Awaken your Kundalini so that you can relax deeper into your body and expand your intimate connection with the Divine being within yourself and your partner.

If you look into the Akashic Records you’ll find that Tantra is the most important thing that we need in the 21st century to completely heal the people of this planet. It directly launches you into 5D Consciousness where you start seeing God in everything and everyone.

Tapping into the amazing power of Kundalini is like turning on 1000 watts of manifestation power in your life. The more you can learn how to open up the pranic channel of energy up your spine and allow the Kundalini to naturally rise on her own accord, you’ll start seeing miraculous and amazing changes in your normal ordinary daily existence. 

When divine energy is found daily within each individual, it then radiates throughout the smaller community, then reaches the greater society and eventually the entire country. The records state that those individuals who practice Tantra daily will have the most influential impact on the wholeness, love, and unification of the Earth.

Tantra is the ultimate exploration of the Divine Presence within yourself and the other. It is a release of your mind and ego into the cosmic orgasm that is happening in the Universe. No other spiritual path comes even remotely close in this world to the levels of bliss, connection, and peace with another human being. By stepping into a radical and authentic state of profound vulnerability, you can reveal what’s holding you back from being present to your beloved.

When we are vulnerable, we are open to Divinity. The subtle bodies soften and when we come together with our partner from this space, we create a divine experience naturally. When we can create a sacred Vulnerability Ritual with your partner on a daily basis, you will release the many blocks and wounds from your childhood that are sitting in the back of your emotional refrigerator, taking up space and just waiting to be consumed. By dealing with your emotional darkness you will spiritually awaken and find the most dynamic loving sexual healing experience of your life!

If you wish to Awaken your Kundalini and begin your Tantric journey this year, start with applying these Tantric SecretsThe path of practicing sacred sexuality is very powerful and very amazing. You are tapping directly into revealing the greatest purpose of human life, which is to discover the enlightened or awakened “Buddha” is within.

There is manifesting magic within moving sacred sexual energy, which allows you to attract anything you desire. If you’re practicing alone, you can Manifest a Tantric Soul Mate by applying these tantric practices daily. The practice alone will bring you into direct connection with the Divine Being you are which allows you to see and feel it in everything and everyone. If you’d like online support in awakening your Kundalini within 21 days, instantly download my Kundalini Awakening Program. It has all the sacred information needed for the Kundalini to unravel herself.

If you’d like more personal support from me and my partner in this Tantric journey you can order a personal coaching session over the phone or reserve your spot in my next Tantric Workshop. Enjoy this ecstatic journey through life…you deserve it!

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