Enlightened Beings Podcasts

Below are FREE enlightened talks that I’ve pulled from my YouTube Channel so you can listen to them at your leisure, whenever and wherever you are. Please feel free to share this information with others and download the enlightened talks for your own personal use. Enjoy!

By Jafree Ozwald

My 21 Day Green Juice Cleanse
The Secrets to the Manifesting Mantra
How to Open Yourself to the Source of Unconditional Love
The Enlightening Purpose Of The Media
How To Stop All of Your Suffering
Samadhi Yoga – Instructions
You are a Super Manifesting Machine
Samadhi Yoga – Releasing Blocks
The Secrets to Accelerate Your Manifesting Powers

How To Manifest ANYTHING!
Alan Watts and Einaudi – How to Love Your Enemies
How Discipline Leads to Freedom – Part One
The Enlightening Path of Illness
How to Raise Your Trust Vibration (1)
How to Get Rid of Anger
The 3 Secrets to Creating Peace with the Mind
How to Become Permanently Free from Stress
Opening the Heart to Love Meditation
Jafrees Secrets to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet

The Science Of Enlightenment
Shaking Yoga with Jafree
Samadhi Yoga – The Kundalini Secrets
The 3 Secrets to Giving Up Porn
How to Become Deeply Creative
The Greatest Religion of Them All
The Mind is Like an Inchworm
The 4 Secrets to Creating Space
Samadhi Yoga – The Secret to Bliss
Instructions How to Awaken your Kundalini
Experience The Super Manifesting Program

How to Overcome Insecurity
Talk About What You Cannot Talk About
Awakening Your Unlimited Potentiality
Jafree`s Experience Of Samadhi
What To Do When A Life Throws A Curve Ball
Samadhi Yoga – Practice Session
Jafree’s Ultimate Mind Reboot
Memories and Consciousness
Finding Peace in Nature
An Enlightening Approach To Substance Abuse

The Joy Of Being Alone
How to Meditate
Liberate the Issues from Your Tissues
How Anger Leads to Enlightenment
What is Enlightenment and How to Become Self Realized
The Secrets to Access the God Source
The Awesome Power Of Trust
Zen Master Slap Workshop
Explore Your Relax-A-Holic
The Secrets To Enlightenment
How Discipline Leads to Freedom – Part Two
How To Not Take Me Personally
How to Achieve a High Vibration
How to Raise Your Trust Vibration
4 Enlightening Aspects Of The Self

The Fuel for Spiritual Awakening
The Trusting Meditation
Slow Down And Stop Everything
The Spiritual Purpose of Radical Honesty
How to Integrate a Spiritual Awakening
How I Healed My Back Pain in 3 Minutes
The World Is Your Manifesting Playground
Everyone Is Your Teacher
The Universe Is Free From Preferences
How To Stop Shoulding On Yourself
How To Soul Gaze Into Your Mind
How to Be Satisfied With What Cannot Be Satisfied
How to Manifest Your Hearts Desires
Freedom From Attachment
How to Have a Spiritual Awakening

Anything Is Possible
How Darkness Leads To Enlightenment
The 3 Secrets to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet
How To Awaken Your Divine Infinite Nature (1)
How to Become a Trust-a-Holic
The 8 Habits to Raising your Manifesting Vibration 3
How To Be Happy With Your Desires
Black Tantra is Feeling Alive in The Wound
The First Step to Manifesting the Life you Want
Who You Truly Are
How to Awaken your Divine Infinite Nature
The Secret to Meditation
The 8 Habits to Raising your Manifesting Vibration 2
How To Heal Depression
Kundalini Shaking Meditation with Jafree
Accepting Our Intergalactic Community
Trust Your Future
How To Be Fearless
Enlightened Listening
Enlightening The Little Me
How to Stop Being Negative
The Courage to Be Real
The 8 Habits to Raising your Manifesting Vibration 1
Samadhi Yoga – Core Basics
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