Who Are The Enlightened Beings?

What are the 4 Qualities of an Enlightened Being?

1. An Enlightened Being is deeply at peace with themselves and everyone in life, exactly the way it is. 

To start becoming more enlightened, practice relaxing into this moment completely, and feel the God Source is naturally within you. From this space, you liberate the mind from the Illusion that you were ever unloved, abandoned, or separate from anyone or anything.  Then every experience throughout the day feels like your heart and soul are perpetually arriving home. This perpetual relaxation leads to the complete surrender of your ego, where the integration of the deepest parts of your being take place.

2. An Enlightened Being is listening deeply to life from the most relaxed, open, and expansive Divine perspective. 

To find your natural ‘enlightened listening’ skill, simply adjust your inner radio station to hearing this channel of Divine Intelligence. This station naturally guides you to become a fully self-realized Enlightened Being. The more often you can live in this sacred listening and deep relaxation throughout the day, the faster you will spiritually awaken. You only see reality clearly, from an enlightened mind. One who is self-realized is deeply relaxed about everything because they are always listening to higher Intelligence which informs the truth that they are an infinite spiritual being who will never die.

3. Enlightened Beings see that all is well and everything in the world is perfect exactly as it should be.

You know there are no mistakes, and everything is pre-destined. You feel, see and experience a divine quality in everything and everyone. You realize that there is nothing to worry about. You don’t have to suffer. Your spiritual essence is already free, you can attune your mind to it and always be at ease.

4. If you personally meet an Enlightened Being, your heart feels a great spiritual warmth radiating from deep within their heart. 

Any type of deep interaction or intimate connection with an Enlightened Being will always leave you feeling a deep warm feeling in your heart. To find this warmth in yourself, let every action in your day be filled with reverence and joy. Choose to liberate your body, heart and mind from any heaviness its been carrying. Forgive everyone in your past, and choose to find peace with whatever is to come in your future. When you are at 100% at peace with your past and future, you will ignite this divine fire in your heart and it will spread throughout your life.

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The Enlightened Beings and Masters of Samadhi

Below are just a few of the many Enlightened Beings and Masters of Samadhi who have set foot upon this planet and blessed us with their presence…enjoy!

Who is Mahavatar Babaji?

There are many different “Babaji’s” in the world. The most spiritually advanced Babaji is the one who is known in Hinduism as “shiva” and is also the master who initiated and trained Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and many avatars deep in the Himalayan mountains. He is an immortal being thousands of years old, who I believe may also have very advanced DNA and be of extraterrestrial descent. The clearest resource I’ve found about the real history of this enlightened master is found inside this book Babaji: The Lightning Standing Still.


Who was Babaji of Haidakhan?

An enlightened being and great master of great love and power, Herakhan Baba materialized into his physical body from the ethers in a cave near Herakhan, India in 1970. There he sat for 45 days in motionless meditation, not eating, drinking or sleeping. He took over his ashram of previous incarnations in Herakhan, wherethousands people flew in from all over the world to visit him. He left his body in 1984.

“Events come and go. This is the wheel of Maya. Let the wheel spin around you without your attachment to any part of it. Let go of the spokes. Live in the center. That is the real.” ~BABAJI

This young man was found in a cave in India in 1970 sitting motionless for 45 days in meditation. He did not move, eat, drink or sleep.  He was sitting to absorb the highest state of consciousness and entered Nirvakalpa Samadhi. Whenever people sat with him, they saw his body radiate with light and felt a great love and immense calming presence within themselves.

His followers call him Babaji and they say he is a Mahavatar, which means he is a Master of many Avatars. An Avatar is a highly advanced spiritual being who has awakened his Siddha powers and has mastered this physical dimension. To the average human being, an avatar is the manifestation of God in human form.


The process that leads to awakening one’s Siddha powers requires intense and uninterrupted concentration and sharp focus, also known as samyama. This practice includes the 3 stages of yogic concentration (Dharana), meditation (dhyana), and superconsciousness trance (samadhi). Your Samyama is complete when there is a fusion of these 3 processes as one. It’s not that any being who masters the Siddha powers is an enlightened being. One has to drop all attachments to their ego to be fully enlightened.

“This is a time of great change. Change is merely Shiva’s dance. The lower self is overwhelmed, the higher self is unmoved. Follow your heart and you will rise above the challenge of change.” ~BABAJI

Babaji’s powers and manifestation ability is truly limitless, and he can appear to you in any way, at any time, and in shape or body.  He reflects all that you are and directs you to finding your soul’s highest path. He has mastered time, space and the physical world and his powers are fathomless to the ordinary human mind. He is available to connect with anyone whose heart and soul is 100% open to meeting him.


Who is Jesus?

Prince of Peace Painting by Akiane Kramarik


“The truth shall set you free.”  ~Jesus

The truth about Jesus is that his real name is Yeshua and he was a great yogic master who taught love, forgiveness and compassion to the world. He traveled to India in his 20’s or the “missing years” in the Bible. He actually lived an entire secret yogic life that is not mentioned in the bible where he studied with many yogis in the Himalayas and enlightened masters. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence if you google the missing years of Jesus or read all the scientifically documented irrefutable research.

The picture above was painted by an 8 year old Lithuanian girl who had a vision of him, and was later validated that this is what he actually looks like by a young boy who met him in a documented near death experience.  You can watch the true story DVD about this little boy’s near death experience at this link.


Above is a painting that hung on the wall of my dad’s office all throughout his life. It always brought me peace looking at it. You can click on it to order a printout if you want one too.

Who was Buddha?


“Those who are awake, live in a state of constant amazement.” ~Gautama Buddha

Buddha lived in the 6th century BC. Buddha is actually an ancient word which actually means “the awakened one”. His original given birth name was Siddhartha Gautama, and he was a prince who left his kingdom to seek for the spiritual truth that was hidden from him as a child. After 7 years of following sadhus, meditating, painfully searching to find absolute freedom from suffering, he attained his enlightenment.  They say the day he attained was when he gave up his search, sitting quietly under the Bodhi tree, where he found the middle path.

When we find the middle path, we are discovering the 3rd side of the coin. This is our natural enlightened or transcendent state where the mind exists beyond good/bad, right/wrong, and all forms of duality. It was in this moment that Siddhartha realized freedom was about not becoming overly attached to, nor neglecting his body, mind, ego, or any thoughts that occurred to him.

In this amazing moment, he woke up and stopped all seeking, meditation practices, and taught this liberating understanding to those he encountered for the remainder of his life. Through his devotion to embracing his own suffering, he found real freedom. His awakening is still an inspiration to billions of people all around the world!

Who was Mother Mary?

Mother Mary
 is one of my favorite ascended masters as she instantly brings in a great lightness, love, healing and feeling of deep peace. She heals instantly by simply calling on her with deep reverence and sincerity, she will come. 

Thousands of people around the world have seen apparitions of her appearing in the clouds, in church walls, and in their homes.  She is available at all times and wherever you are. Her spiritual essence is real, powerfully healing as she is willing to help anyone who needs her love to discover their own connection with the loving lightness of God from within.

Who was Krishna?


Krishna (or Krsna) is another enlightened being, who walked this earth over 5000 years ago. In Hinduism he is viewed as a God and not an actual human being. Krishna is always pictured as blue since the aura that radiated around his body was seen as a bright blue light. According to the Akashic Records.

Krisna came to Earth from another planet to teach a playful life full of love, joy and laughter. Krisna  loves to dance, make love, and play his flute. He loved thousands of women and could move mountains with his mind. According to the akashic records, the original spelling of his name was Krsna, yet for modern day phonetical purposes people use Krishna and Krisna.

Who was Paramahansa Yogananda?


“You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God’s creative principle works in you.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda was a very loving yogi who was an amazing example of how to give your entire life to God, in love, for love and through love. He left his body in 1952 and in his wake he gave us one of the most amazing spiritual manuscripts I have ever read. The Autobiography of a Yogi, which is something everyone must read who is on their spiritual path.

Who was Patanjali?

Patanjali was the founder of yoga 1500 years ago with his Yoga Sutras that gave structure to the wandering yogis and mystics of the time.  He was a scientist on many levels, giving practical applicable methods for finding God and reaching into the deepest core of our being.

I highly highly highly recommend reading a specific translation of his sutras in an amazingly simple book called How to Know God.  It is my enlightenment bible, and is so deep and profound you have to stop every few pages to digest and truly take it all in. It was co-authored by a man from the East and West, so both elements of philosophy are blended into one.

Who was Osho?


“Ecstasy is our very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary. To be
ecstatic is natural, spontaneous. It needs no effort to be ecstatic, it needs
great effort to be miserable. That’s why you look to tired, because misery is
really hard work; to maintain it is really difficult, because you are doing
something against nature.”  ~Osho

Osho is one of the greatest rebels you’ll ever meet on this earth.  I love this about him.  I love the words he speaks, they are poetic and true to the soul. Osho left his body in 1991 leaving behind him more enlightening information than any person who has walked this planet. 

Osho has over 600 books and 600 millions words in print, making him the most prolific being on this planet.  His book Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic is provocative, humorous, insightful and enlightening and a good introduction to this amazing Enlightened Being.

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Who was Sai Baba?


“You must be a Lotus, unfolding its petals when the Sun rises in the sky, unaffected by the slush where it is born or even the water which sustains it!” ~Sathya Sai Baba

Sai Baba was a master Avatar who lived in India and left his body in 2011. He created healthy drinking water and environments for thousands of very poor Indians.  He manifested things out of thin air, doing many miracles every day to break the belief system of the mind that says “somethings just are not possible.”


Who Was Alan Watts?


I have to regard Alan Watts as one the most Enlightened Beings that has ever walked this earth simply because his clarity of mind and intimate articulation of life is deeply profound. His light jovial tone of voice exudes such a wonderful non-judgmental perspective on everything he speaks about. Alan is so sweet and en-lightening to the heart to listen to.

Every time I listen to Alan speak it ignites a deeply inspiring intelligence in my soul. I’m curious what you feel when you hear him talk…. Click Here to Listen to the Game Spiritual Teachers play!


Satsang Teachers

Satsang is a gathering of beings who are sitting with the truth of who we are. This means sitting with your infinite true nature, at ease, in deep communion with the Universe. To find a satsang happening in your area Click Here!

Below are my favorite Satsang Teachers who have shown me the most direct path to reaching the Enlightened State of Being.

Who Was Ramana Maharshi?


“There is only One Self, and you are That!” ~Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi Ramana was the man who sat with my teacher’s teacher. You could call him my great grandpa on the spiritual path.  He is a very simple man, had only 5-6 possessions and lived in a cave for a majority of his life. 

The Essential Teachings of Ramana Maharshi is one of the most simple, direct and profound spiritual books of his most essential teachings. His powerful basic teaching has transformed me, and still does to this day.

“One who knows the Self has nothing more to do, nor has he any more thoughts. From then on, the infinite power will carry out all further actions that may be necessary for him.”  ~Ramana Maharshi


Who Was Papaji?

“Stillness is the greatest achievement one can have in life.”  ~Papaji

 Who was Papaji? also known as H. W. L. Poonja left his body in 1997.  He sat at the feet of Ramana Maharshi until his awakening. He was my 3rd spiritual teacher who helped me have an instant direct experience of the God Source within.  It was through a total stopping of the mind, a complete stillness of all egoic desires that total freedom found me.  You can read more about my experience in my autobiography

Here are a few more videos to get a taste of his deep wisdom.

 Papaji Video #1

Papaji Video #2

Who Was Robert Adams?


“Find the source of the “I” and follow it diligently until you merge with the Source.” ~Robert Adams

Robert Adams was a self-realized man who many have never heard of, yet he got to sit with Ramana Maharshi in person.  I highly recommend reading his amazing series of books called “Silence of the Heart”  which were dialogs his students had with him. He was a quiet man, a self-realized being who helped me to discover and ground my own realization deeper within myself.

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Who Is Adyashanti?

“If there is a primary practice or path to enlightenment, this is it, to cease cherishing illusions.” ~Adyashanti

Adyashanti is an American man who woke up from sitting for many hours in meditation and with the help of a zen teacher. I got the pleasure of attending his gatherings several times in Hawaii.  He is funny, poignant, curious, open minded and wonderful to listen to. He lives in California and is still holding gatherings to this day.

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Who Is Nirmala?

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“There are basically two movements of consciousness: Love and Fear. Love is allowing what is and fear is resisting it.” ~Nirmala

Nirmala is one of my favorite satsang teachers of all. He is sweet, authentic, kind, has a huge heart, is super intelligent and knows much more than he leads you on to know.  I was given the gift of getting to sit in his satsangs for many years and we are still good friends to this day.  He has tons of free material for you to experience online at his website.

Who Is Pamela Wilson?

 “Every thought, every feeling, is a visitor.  You just say: Welcome!  Come in and sit with me.” ~Pamela

Pamela Wilson is another of my favorite satsang teachers.  She is sweet, sexy, funny, and has such a great curious approach to life that is simply divine.  It is worth getting to spend time with her if you can get into one of her retreats, find out more at this link.

Who Is Gangaji?


 “Trying to quiet the mind is just some noise trying to make some other noise, less noisy.  Simply recognize that which is already silent.” ~Gangaji

Gangaji was my 2nd spiritual teacher who I randomly met in Maui in 1994 and she directed me to meet her teacher Papaji in India.  She has a very ruthless, fierce, sword of truth that cuts through all your bullshit and pulls you into the real Truth of who and what you are.  It is worth getting smacked in the head by this amazing woman, she is a highly intelligent being who knows human nature deeply.

How to Wake Up and Become an Enlightened Being?


There are many roads to freedom as there are moments in your day. You will know for yourself when you are awake, as it will be very obvious that you are not suffering anymore.

Be very aware on your journey through life as there are many very strong minded and strong willed people who will try to convince you their path, religion or doctrines is the right path.

The enlightened being knows awakening is an unlearning process of letting go of the deepest beliefs, ideologies and attachments of the mind and returning to the very alive precious awakening moment.

To find your enlightened self you must be willing to lose your false self (ego), and let go of your old ways of perceiving the world, yourself and reality.

One secret I’ve found on this enlightening path is knowing the all intelligent loving Universe is always here guiding us in every moment towards our highest experience of ourselves.

Each moment is divine, and you are the one you’ve been seeking for many lifetimes. You are the perfect divine being who is absolutely pure, sweet and flawless!

Another secret is to trust in the healing process. You have been wounded mentally, emotionally and this causes you to perceive yourself as separate from the Divine. It is good to know that your soul has come here to work out its karma and that the Universe never ever makes mistakes.  We simply don’t see the bigger picture, what is truly inside the soul, and if we did we would be very quiet about it all.

For me personally, I had my first experience of Samadhi when I was 25. I was taken down the path of sitting in Satsang. I was led for many years to meet many satsang teachers who were truly on a path of self-inquiry.  I found that just sitting with myself, looking within was by far the fastest and most direct path to having spiritual insights and a true awakening.

To get a taste of Samadhi and have a glimpse of enlightenment, it requires 100% total devotion to yourself, your greatest experience of love, joy, freedom and complete surrender to your spiritual path.  It is not about neglecting anything of this world, yet more about being gentle with yourself in the most intimate ways.

It’s about taking care of your body, your finances, your relationship, yet making your spiritual exploration the priority above everything else.  It requires that you constantly remember the impermanence of this physical world, and that you don’t get to take any physical things with you when you die.

When we physically die, we simply get to experience HOW we touched everyone’s lives (in positive or negative ways) while we find our way back into the Light and Heart of God.

Enlightenment is the process of bringing the Light of our Infinite Nature into our grounded practical daily existence.  It is opening up ourselves to God, inviting in a continuous and profound state of real bliss with everyone.  This natural state spontaneously occurs when we find 100% devotion to God. 

Enlightenment begins when we start realizing that we are always this Divine Pure Consciousness, that is already enlightened, eternal, unlimited, and free from all harm.

To begin with something simple today, just remain aware of your own consciousness, your awareness for as long as you can.  Try it for 24 hours.  If you can do this, you will naturally awaken very soon! Be appreciative of what you have and don’t have.

Let yourself joyfully connect with everyone around you. Smile at others, from a place of love, devotion, and non-attachment to outcomes.

Know that the God-Source, Spirit, Divine Consciousness, Spiritual Essence (whatever you call it) is what EVERYONE truly is. It is what YOU really are.  Each of us consists of pure light energy, consciousness, and a connection to divine intelligence.  This is the SOUL, and is what truly are.

This spiritual exploration of our true nature is the only path that is truly always satisfying.  Nothing “out there” satisfies really.  It all comes and goes. Find out what is more fulfilling than to unveil and discover ones real “Self”. 

This re-discovering of the true you is an experience of spiritual enlightenment.  It is truly the most freeing and empowering experience we can explore.

There is a spiritual path for each individual on this planet.  Each path is perfect, divine and completely unique to each person.  What helps us discover our own spiritual path today is overcoming our personal fears, emotional blocks, belief in separation, limiting beliefs, as well as resistance and negativity.  By releasing attachment to ones Ego, we empower ourselves to overcome these barriers of such great magnitude.

All suffering comes from over-identification with your Ego.  When you have become over-identified, you get confused, thinking you are your name, your thoughts, feelings, your body, or anything associated with the material world. You forget that you are this divine infinite soul that will never die.  We are temporarily a part of the physical world, yet in actuality we always exist on a realm that is beyond the physical.

To become an Avatar you get to turn UP the volume on your “Light”.  This Light is our brilliance, our pizzazz, love, joy…our pure gusto for life! It is our creativity, our ability to thrive instead of survive, and to truly share this authentic place of joy with the world!  By sharing this joy we grow a little stronger and more feel connected inside. 

Whenever we withhold our Light we retract, contract, shrink up and die just a little. When we forget about who we “think” we are, we abandon our ego-trip and decide to truly expand our mind.  We have decided to find peace within ourselves.


When we can deeply relax inside, we can see that this spiritually enlightened aspect of our soul is the natural state of our very being itself. We are no longer distracted by our mind and it’s illusions.  

We can let go of trying to become spiritual or enlightened, and simply relax into this pure spiritually enlightened soul we already are!  It is in this relaxation we re-discover the Infinite Source naturally contained within our innermost being.

When we can surrender and stop the worried chattering mind, we can truly relax into our Being.  A space of deep inner peace is not far away at all! It just takes trust, being the witnesser and being open to it all. 

When you can finally relax, there is a GREAT knowing that everything is totally O.K. exactly the way it is.  This spiritual knowing goes beyond understanding everything is just O.K., it realizes how grand, divine perfect the Universe truly is!

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How “Enlightened” are you?
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Enlightenment is a state of pure awareness that is free from the chattering mind, and constantly connecting with the Infinite All-Loving All-Powerful Light from the God Source.

You could say you are “enlightened” (or at least on the path to it) if you can remain in a relaxed heart-felt authentic communication with everyone you meet, in a way that is grounded compassionate, loving and emotionally liberating.

In this enlightened state, you feel, see and experience a divine quality in everything and everyone because you are living in deep spiritual connection with the Divine Universal Intelligence.


Click Here for Alan Watt’s Explanation of an Enlightened Being!


Thank you for all your endless love and support,

Jafree Ozwald