How to Access your Akashic Records


NOTE: I’ve created a guided audio journey providing you with the essential steps needed to access your own Akashic Records. You may take the fast path to access your records and Download this Experience Now.

“Don’t allow your belief to be suppressed by the intellect’s demand for proof. Don’t wait for proof! Believe and then allow the truth to manifest.” ~ Emmanuel

The 5000-year-old Sanskrit word “akasha” originally means “space”. The Akashic Records were known to be a “hidden library” in the etheric realms of space, or a secret database of Universal information that anyone can access at any time. The Akashic Records may be better understood in our technologically advanced world as a type of “Astral Internet” where anyone can access any information they need at any time about anything and anyone.

This enlightening information is found only at a deep subconscious level, the state of awareness just before you wake up in the morning or right as you’re falling asleep. When we step beyond our normal chattering ego-based mindset and into the silence, we can hear, see and feel this information as if God was whispering it into us. Through this Guided Audio Meditation Journey into this deep state of consciousness, you can bridge the gap and access this database without losing consciousness and falling asleep. 

The same way your T.V. can tune into the images and sounds from any broadcasting tower. You can pick up the information once your antenna is up and your Akashic channel is located. All that is needed to learn is how to relax and drop into a calm theta frequency (4-8 cycles/sec) to reach the Akashic Records. 

Many have explained the Akashic Records as containing magic, mystery, and even great occult power. In my personal experience, I understand it to be our natural state that we can all access when we raise our vibration to the level of 5D Consciousness. This may be one of the most misunderstood enlightening secrets that humanity has yet to discover.

Reading your Akashic Records can be one of the most exciting and amazing experiences of a lifetime, as you have access to thousands of past lives. You truly come to know the multi-dimensional being that you are as these divine condensed bits of information come into the conscious mind in a split second.

Being capable of knowing the intimate information in your own Akashic Record is priceless! The ability to explore these hidden ancient records that are buried within our subconscious is one of the most freeing, healing, and completely natural, spiritual inner experiences one can have. All that is required is deep relaxation, a vigilant focus, an open mind, a trusting heart, and the willingness to explore the unknown!

It took me several years of meditation before I was able to “stumble” into my first glimpse at thousands of my own lifetimes. The multi-dimensional hall of records blasted through me during a meditation retreat in India in 1996. This brief insight was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. Because everyone contains the power to access the Akashic Records, your personal records can also be accessed by anyone else.

This informational super-highway is always open and free for all to explore. Everybody has the inherent ability to access the Akashic Records. Yet like a muscle that needs exercise and training, it may not work at its optimum level on the first attempt. So please be patient on your journey inwards…


How is Akashic Information Stored?

The Universe is made of energy and consciousness, which we are a part of. We are a drop of water in the ocean, thus we have the essence of the ocean within us. By simply tuning in to a person’s energy via their face, name, or even the frequency of their soul’s blueprint, any person’s Akashic information can be found. This information is stored like a “spiritual fingerprint” of energy that is completely unique in vibration from anyone or anything in the Universe.

Your personal spiritual fingerprint is embedded and encoded into the Akashic field, and stored as your personal Akashic Record. This is your soul’s “book of knowledge” or database of information containing the most important and vital information about your soul’s mission, purpose, and journey in this lifetime.

The information your spiritual essence contains is essential to realizing and understanding the life path you are on right now. Without this information, we often feel lost in life and have little direction of who we truly are. Because many of us have become over-identified with our past traumas, our vision is narrowed and we cannot see the forest from above as we are entangled in the plethora of trees. Just like how your own eyeball is too close for you to see it, we need to step back and get an outer reflection from a mirror to see what we are.

Essential Tips to Accessing The Akashic Records

Finding your personal Akashic Record is not always easy, since we have many preferences of what we want to see and don’t want to see. The mind will want to believe what it sees is true, and another aspect of the mind will doubt what it sees as well. The secret is learning how to overcome this conflict and trust in the information that is given to you.

There is a particular feeling you get when you enter the akashic records that is similar to tuning your car stereo to your own particular radio frequency. Your body feels this attunement to the specific “signature” of frequency that feels aligned with the true database of information being transmitted by your Akashic Record.

There is a depth of connection to your subconscious mind, which you might imagine if you were near the bottom of the deepest ocean, you would perhaps feel how the mind of a whale would feel. The profound depths to which these creatures can swim, rest and relax at, then rise back up to the surface is similar to how one retrieves information from the depths of the Akashic Records.

Through deep meditation, you will learn how to quiet your mind and access your personal Akashic Record through sight, hearing, and or a certain “knowingness” in your body. When entering your Akashic Record, there is this certain feeling of being centered and “aligned with the Universe” that you experience when you are correctly attuned to your personal Akashic Record. When you are truly open and aligned, you can download lifetimes of information from your soul’s journeys in a single second!

The Journey Into the Akashic Records

This Universe is a HUGE beautiful playground that has no boundaries on time or space. When we see the truth of the infinite possibilities that exist all around us in every moment, we start to open up to life and feel this deep connection to it. Then we can begin to enjoy each experience that arises no matter what it may be. This connection with life allows us to help others (and ourselves) to create the empowering life we are here to live!

The direction you are heading towards in the future will become clear the moment you can realize who you were. This empowers you to make those adjustments you need to redirect your ship back on course. The future is not set in stone, and the more we can realize who we once were, the easier we can re-create who we are today and will be tomorrow.

Learning how to read your Akashic Records is an experience that will benefit you (and others) for your entire life! It will help you reveal the practical path your life is on while assisting you in understanding the deeper spiritual meaning behind what is really going on.

The insights and understanding that you can receive in just one clear Akashic Journey can reveal your life mission, purpose, past lives, and soul lessons to help you discover the secrets to your soul so you can create an amazing life that you LOVE!

In life we need all the help we can get. I’ve created this Guided Audio Meditation Journey so that you may discover your Akashic Record in the easiest and most effortless way. I want you to know how amazing it is to tap into this sacred information so you can choose to play a much BIGGER and DEEPER game in life.

Along with this audio journey to access the records, you’ll receive 15-minutes of audio instructions containing my personal sacred secrets to accessing your Akashic Records. You’ll receive sacred ancient techniques that you’ll need to enter your Akashic Records, along with a 30 minute guided meditation audio journey that will take you directly to accessing your Akashic Record. 

Below are a few responses from people who have experienced my Guided Akashic Record Journey. Have fun and let your heart guide your way. Always know that your soul is perfect, divine, and always on the right track in life no matter what the doubting mind may believe.

“My heart is overflowing with gratitude over the sacred information you shared with me today. I am overwhelmed with joy and am so grateful to be connected to their energy and transmissions. Thank you so much for sharing this information with me! It was blissful to hear your reading on my computer this evening. So much came through I didn’t hear the first time. I think my ego completely freaked out during the session. So much divine information to integrate and it is just what I needed to recommit to my Sadhana. Your gifts are beautiful and amazing and my blessings to you. My friends will all want to connect with you, and you deserve it. Thank you for your dedication and developing your skills to benefit humanity on our ascension and path of enlightenment. It’s also wonderful that you are so well versed in the different modalities and languages of consciousness. Your awareness is definitely expanded, and I felt safe asking my most intimate questions about who I am and why I am here with you. With overflowing gratitude.” ~Stefani, Park City, UT

“Your teachings are very much in alignment with my beliefs about spirituality and universal power. Thank you very much for your help!” ~Michelle Ruiz, Madera, CA, Nurse

“I was wanting to practice my gratitude, so here it goes. I Thank-you for who you are. I Thank-you for the world putting you here Jafree. I Thank-you for the knowledge that you share with us. And most of all Thank-you for doing my Akashic Record. Thank you Jafree!!!!!!!!” ~John Schulze, Texas, USA

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