Kundalini Awakening Program



Kundalini is the most powerful spiritual awakening force in the Universe. She instantly loosens the grip of our ego and brings a glimpse of enlightenment into our world.

Kundalini is the cosmic energy responsible for all healing, creativity, manifestations and orgasmic experiences in life.  Her job is to awaken the most awesome Super Manifesting Power inside of you, and make your life soooo much more than you could ever imagine! 

Your Kundalini is always residing inside you, living at the base of your spine, deep at the core of our spiritual essence. When she is awoken from her slumber, you will see all life through spiritual eyes.

You will feel a sense of deep calm inside you and see all your current problems and situations from a relaxed perspective. Everything will become crystal clear. You’ll understand exactly what your soul is here to do, and you’ll experience the Divine within everyone and everything. 

Side effects of an awakened Kundalini can include:

  • Complete mind-body healing from all disease
  • A dramatic increase in psychic abilities
  • Feeling aligned with your life mission and purpose.
  • The sense of being whole, empowered and deeply alive
  • The natural ability to manifest your desires faster and easier
  • The realization of your Divine Infinite Nature!

“Thank you! I just listened to the Kundalini meditation…it impressed me greatly and am looking forward to doing it the next 90 days! I’m really enthralled about this meditation and the voice you have Jafree. I wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face!” ~Kerstin Warkentin, Dusseldorf Germany

Awakening your Kundalini can be one of the most healing and life-transforming experiences of our lives. It will catapult you into the manifestation of your dreams. The deep spiritual experiences we receive from Kundalini are a healing gift from our soul.

The feeling one gets when the Kundalini energy is rising up the spine is quite amazing. It might be one of the most blissful expanded states of consciousness a human being can access. You naturally come to know the divine all-powerful spiritual being you truly are!


In my Kundalini Awakening Program, you’ll receive exact instructions and essential foundational secrets how to awaken your Kundalini.

You’ll discover how easy it is to access this amazing power and uncover the ancient mystery behind her energy. It’s time to experience life from a much more expanded enlightening perspective and really start enjoying the ride!  

In this enlightening program you’ll receive:

  • Jafree’s special video containing ancient secrets about the Kundalini
  • The essential instructional video teaching you how to awaken your Kundalini
  • A detailed PDF guide containing the foundational steps how to awaken the Kundalini
  • A 30 minute guided audio MP3 meditation to open your chakras and awaken the Kundalini

awakening-your-kundaliniIgnite your Life to the NEXT Level…

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Get Ready for a Massive Kundalini Awakening Experience!