Samadhi Sessions with Jafree

Would You Like to Have a Transformational Healing Spiritual Experience?

After my first Samadhi experience in 1995, I knew that this was something the world deserves to experience. I realized that ANYONE could experience a taste of this absolute freedom and divine state of bliss. With the right guidance, actions, awareness and understanding, the state of Samadhi simply has to occur for you.” ~Jafree Ozwald

What Is A Samadhi Session?

Our meeting will be over zoom video conference so you can more easily receive the transmission of information visually and energetically. You’ll let me know any blocks or challenges you are having before the session and I will meditate on them before we meet for higher guidance.

The conversations we have are focused solely on a deeply spiritual and personal level on your consciousness and elevating you to tap into Samadhi. We may discuss anything that is happening in your relationships or personal life, yet the main focus is about giving you a taste of Samadhi Consciousness.

My job as your facilitator is to help you to pierce through all the clutter of your mind which is full of distractions, fears, insecurities, and mental blocks. Once these are set aside the doors begin opening and this is one of the first steps to reach Samadhi. The only way I can do this is because I have had a taste of it myself.

As your personal Samadhi coach, I am devoted to helping you discover a divine state of bliss that remains within you. We will work together as a team to bring you into the highest state of joy, freedom, bliss, and enlightenment. My job is to provide you with the most loving, honest, and consistent positive focus in the direction of having this divine realization.

In just one session you can open the gateway and experience for yourself that state of bliss which is our most natural state. It is much easier to access than you might think!

How does a Samadhi Session Work?

A Samadhi Session is an experience of having a quiet and calm mind that is overflowing with the God Source. You will naturally receive a transmission of the energy, knowledge, and understanding from my experiences of Samadhi. In just a few minutes you can find the deepest stillness and silence you’ve ever had in your entire life.

It may sound like a very simple thing to be still and silent, purely immersed in the here now, yet the mind contains deep belief systems and unconscious programs making you confused as to who you truly are. You are a divine infinite being, a soul who can never ever die. Once you know this, can feel this, and are walking around with this knowledge all day long…then you are truly free.

There are many limiting feelings, thoughts, and habitual patterns that need to be released to step into Samadhi. We will be finding and releasing these as well. This type of session may contain several deep enlightening conversations that help you to stop focusing on the past and future and assist it in surrendering into this AMAZINGLY awakened being already inside you now!!

The experiences and exercises given during our sessions will allow you to relax and enter a more enlightened space in your mind, body, and being. It’s good to remember that Samadhi Sessions are a personal exploration of your soul.

It is about discovering the Truth of who and what you truly are. It is not about fixing yourself of making a spiritual experience out of a non-spiritual experience. It’s about seeing that each experience truly is divine. Through our work together you will have the tools you need to reach this heightened state of consciousness.

Can Anyone Have A Samadhi Experience?

Yes! The Universe does not exclude anyone from the experience of divine bliss. We are all candidates for discovering absolute freedom and divine intelligence within ourselves. The amount of time it may take for you to experience Samadhi all depends on how much you can let go, trust each experience and be receptive to this state of absolute joy, freedom, and bliss.

Some people are ready to step into Samadhi right now and just do not have the tools for bringing their minds to understanding what Samadhi consists of. Depending on how ready you are for a spiritual experience and inner transformational change depends on how open-minded you are. If you are ready to “unlearn” the experience of suffering, you are ready to learn how to step into Samadhi.

What is Samadhi Consciousness?

Samadhi consciousness is vastly different than anything you’ve ever experienced, yet somehow feels completely natural, as if you were coming home to yourself. There is a constant state of opening, sensing an infinite presence inside of you and all around you. The Source of your energy seems to have a specific location and feels limitless. There is only a crystal clear awareness that is adventurous and open to experiencing everything and anyone in this Universe.

Samadhi occurs when your true infinite Divine Self is realized and you continue experiencing yourself as this divine infinite source through everyone and everything. It’s the most profound realization possible as a human being. All the veils are removed and you see the Reality exactly as it is. You are in a constant state of enlightened awareness and physical bliss that can last several days, weeks, months, or even years.

In Samadhi, there is a profound communication with a higher divine intelligence guiding you everywhere you go. The normal everyday doubts, insecurities, and fears are non-existent. The typical daily suffering that you were used to tolerating has dissolved completely. You are continuously experiencing a state of “Oneness” and deep inner peace.

In Samadhi there’s no clinging to life anymore or to the fear of change. The veil of illusion is destroyed and there is no more fear in your life period. Each moment is a new heart opening exploration of the Divine. There is sooo much peace within you that NOTHING can disturb you which massively increases your ability to attract what you want in your life! Even tasting Samadhi for a few seconds can transform your life forever.

“Your Samadhi meditation is great! I have been meditating for about thirty years using various techniques but have not found one that would take me into the ‘silence’ as quickly and deeply as yours. I ran a small meditation group of fourteen last evening and introduced them to your Samadhi meditation, and without exception, all of these ‘wannabe’ meditators claimed that they had not been taken so deep before.” ~Bill Ellis, Wrexham, United Kingdom

Get Ready to Become the Master of your Mind and Your Life!

“When all mental distractions disappear and the mind becomes one-pointed, it enters the state called Samadhi.” ~Patanjali

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