Enlightened Beings

What Is An ‘Enlightened Being’?

Below are the 7 Essential Signs that Describe what an Enlightened Being is, and the Secrets of How to Become Enlightened.

1. Enlightened Beings live in a state of God-like awareness that’s free from the chattering fear-based limiting thinking patterns of the mind.

The mind has become deeply purified because they’ve completely purified the physical body. From this crystal clear state, their consciousness merges with the highest spiritual reality.

2. An Enlightened Being knows (without any doubt) that anything is possible.

They can be 100% certain of this truth because they’ve fully realized their infinite spiritual nature. The spiritual clarity inside their consciousness allows them to see everything and everyone in life as different vibrations of energy, frequency, and consciousness.

3. An Enlightened Being knows they are a living breathing embodiment of God.

They have a deep sensual embodiment of their spiritual clarity. Enlightened Beings are open to feeling into every experience, knowing that Divinity will never lead them astray. There is a deeply intimate connection between their mind, ego and physical body. They know their body is the body of God, as they feel the Infinite Source of intelligence all around them at all times. Their clear understanding of life allows them to love every person as a unique form of pure Divine energy.

4. Enlightened Beings do not rely on the mind for knowledge or liberation.

Every Enlightened Being has a deep visceral moment to moment experience of merging with Divinity. They know they are already liberated, so whenever they have a question, they simply open up to higher states of consciousness to receive the answer. They can quickly and effortlessly tap into the Akashic Records to retrieve any information they want about anything. There are no limits to their understanding of anything, and no  identification of being separate from the highest intelligence anymore.

5. All Enlightened Beings were once asleep and not self-realized beings, so they are constantly in a process of awakening from this original dream of Maya.

The individuated self they experience may be as subtle as a tiny hair-width of ego that they may carry, yet they are perpetually realizing that all beings are underneath one unified being. They know they are always connected to the same multi-dimensional omnipresent God Source as everything, so there is no motivation to form any judgment of oneself or others.

6. An Enlightened Being radiates unconditional love, acceptance, and appreciation from their heart everywhere they go.

When a person is fully enlightened, they are so deeply immersed and surrendered in their connection with Divinity that there is only the vibration of love radiating from their body. You will feel lighter, happier, and more liberated just being in the room sitting next to an enlightened being. They do not even need to speak any words of love, the frequency their body radiates is so palpable, you can feel the tension in your body melt as soon as you’re within the energetic radius of their heart chakra.

7. An Enlightened Being never tries to achieve anything. 

Their complete merging with the God Source is so deeply fulfilling that there is no more desire to reach any goals or achieve any higher spiritual realization. The surrender of their ego into the source of Divinity is all the joy and fulfillment they could ever yearn to experience. An Enlightened Being simply lives fully in this now moment, experiencing the entire infinite multi-dimensional Universe all around them and unfolding inside of them. 

Enlightened beings live sooooo fully in each moment because they are experiencing how everything originates from an All-Powerful, All-Loving, Divine Consciousness made up of the purest Light. There is no more believing in the lies of separation and seeing every human being as a reflection of their Self. From this profound awareness, they exist in a state list of bliss and peace all the time wherever they go whoever they are with, and whatever they do.

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What Are The Secrets to Becoming Enlightened?

This is the greatest question every human being must ponder. What does it mean to wake up spiritually and become ‘enlightened’? In my personal experience, enlightened beings are unquestionably the master of their mind, emotions, and body, whereas unconscious beings behave like slaves to their ego’s drama.

The awakened enlightened mind can bring itself into complete stillness at any moment, where there is no movement of thought at all. There’s a perpetual state of stillness inside, and a deeper spiritual opening to the Divine Source of pure consciousness.

A new age seeker might say enlightened beings are living in the 5th Dimension which is why they feel, see and unquestionably experience this divine spiritual quality inside everything and everyone.

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How to become an enlightened being

How Do You Know When You Are Enlightened?

You will know when you are an ‘enlightened being’ because there will be a great warmth radiating from your heart towards everyone the time. Every word you speak and every action you take will come from love, peace, and connection to Divinity because you are always connected with your infinite spiritual essence which is always at ease.

You could say that you’re on the path to “enlightenment” when you can remain in a relaxed heart-felt authentic loving caring communion with everyone. Meaning, no matter what happens in life, you remain at peace. No matter where the conversation goes, no matter how stressful the situation becomes, you feel connected to this sacred presence and sensitivity to the infinite Light and Divine Love that’s eternally bubbling up from inside.

You can practice by being aware of your mind, and not buying into the thoughts running through it. Watch your breath to calm the mind, and relax deeper into your body with each moment.

Focus the mind on what’s peaceful, grounded, healing, compassionate, and forgiving. Give your ego over to Divinity, and be compassionate with yourself on the journey. Try to be unconditionally accepting of everything you discover inside you.

Take risks to break free from the matrix to have emotionally liberating experiences. This will provide you with the energy needed for the long journey ahead. An enlightened being jumps into life and lives totally for this moment. There is no hesitation or half-heartedness about life whatsoever.

 This enlightening spiritual awakening experience happens because your ego is fully surrendered to existence. In other words, you are trusting 100% in your spiritual connection to the higher Universal Intelligence.

How to Know You’re on the Most Enlightened Path

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You know you’re on the path when you naturally wake up with warm loving energy radiating from your heart. This kind of loving energy is deep and powerful enough to melt everybody’s ego (including your own!) You feel an infinite reservoir of peace inside yourself that follows you everywhere you go and everyone you meet. There is this perpetual knowing and experience that there’s only one unified God consciousness that exists behind it all.

Every word spoken and every action taken by an enlightened being stems from unconditional love. The healing presence of an enlightened master can send waves of deep peace to everyone nearby. In this peace, everyone can viscerally feel their connection with Divinity. The enlightened soul is always 100% at peace with life because they feel connected with their infinite spiritual essence in the heart which is always at ease.

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