How to Heal Self Hate

Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. — Louise L. Hay,

Article written by Jafree Ozwald creator of

The following healing exercise I’m about to teach you is the fastest, most effective, powerful, life transforming, and deeply healing technique I’ve come across in the past 25 years of doing research on healing modalities.

Depending on how much healing work you’ve done in the past and how deeply wounded you already are, it will take a few weeks, months, or years to complete this exercise. Yet each time you fully dive into this healing experience, it will manifest the highest vibration of consciousness, love and freedom in your life that you could ever imagine.

The deeper a tree can dig its roots into the soil, the higher its branches extend into the heavens. When you dig into the roots of your past, feeling the negative beliefs, emotional wounds, traumatic core issues that you have with the people, family and friends you’ve met throughout your entire life, you will then be able to expand up into your soul’s highest levels of joy, love, abundance and consciousness.

The goal here is to be deeply curious, and dig deeper into yourself with pure acceptance and vulnerability. Explore your wounds more than you ever have adventured anywhere in your entire life.

Once you integrate this healing technique into your life and are applying it daily, you’ll turn into a warrior of the truth who is willing to be totally honest, authentic and shift any unhappiness inside yourself. This is the most empowering self-healing experience you’ll ever find that will create balance, equanimity, deep inner peace with everyone in your life.

Stop hating on yourself for not being perfect. If God wanted perfection, He would have made you an angel. ~Yasmin Mogahed

The first thing you’ll want to do is feel into whatever past core beliefs, projections, judgments and assumptions about yourself, your mom, dad, siblings, friends, enemies and God which have caused you pain. For example, you may have inherited a negative belief from your mother that perpetually shows up in your emotional body which feels something like, “I hate me because of xyz…” (fill in the letters xyz with whatever information is closest to the most amount of pain.) Then be vulnerable with the emotional pain in your body, breath slowly and deeply into the bodily sensations until it shifts.

The next step is to feel into how this belief was projected onto everybody else in your life ie: your mom, dad, siblings, extended family, friends, enemies and God. Notice how you made them responsible for your self hate. Your job here is to feel into this projected pain by replacing your name with theirs.

So for example you would say, “Mom hates me because of xyz…Dad hates me because of xyz…My sister hates me because of xyz…My friend hates me because of xyz…Dad hates me because of xyz…My cousin xyz hates me because of xyz…My friend xyz hates me because of xyz…God hate me because of xyz…”

Breathe into each of these statements slowly and with deep vulnerability, until you feel it shifting out of your body. Do not align with any belief, instead be completely vulnerable with the painful sensations, breathing into where it shows up in your body. Notice whatever memories that arise for you with each belief without aligning with its sabotaging story that caused you pain.

If you had a person in your life treating you the way you treat yourself, you would have gotten rid of them a long time ago. ~Cheri Huber

Again…your goal here is simply being deeply vulnerable with statement until all the hateful energy towards anyone in your past has been completely released from your body. Do not align with or agree with the belief, it’s all about releasing energy from your body.

Your next step is to feel your hate which you projected onto others, and did not take responsibility for within yourself. Perhaps in that heated moment you had so much of hate boiling up inside that you could not own it, so you threw it on whoever was emotionally close to you.

So for this exercise, you would be vulnerable with each of the hating statements, “I hate mom because of xyz…I hate dad because of xyz…I hate my sister because of xyz…I hate my brother because of xyz…I hate my friend because of xyz…I hate my cousin because of xyz…I hate this group because of xyz…I hate God because of xyz…

Now it’s important to be creative with us exercise and not limit your imagination. Allow all your painful memories to rise and be released. Find out what beliefs are still trapped inside you causing you pain today. If any emotionally stuck energy is felt anywhere in your body, then you know there is more healing work to be done and there are more issues in your tissues to be released.

It can be very challenging to access our traumas and painful emotions because there’s so much protection and resistance to feeling them. A massive amount of our subconscious energy is often tied up in keeping unconscious core wounding and traumatic feelings away. We feel that we wouldn’t be able to function successful people in the world if we were constantly triggered. Yet if we don’t clear these triggers they will continually keep us operating at the bare minimum level of success in our lives.

Self-hatred is self-imprisonment. Self-forgiveness is self-liberation. You have the right to suppress yourself, oppress yourself and depress yourself. You have the right to impress yourself too. Feel happy. — Israelmore Ayivor

My big enlightening secret for locating your core wounding that is deeply hidden inside you is this. Start with the beings who created you, raised you and programmed you from the very beginning. Meaning, make the time to judge your parents and write those sentences down. Why should we consciously judge them?

When we were little kids, the judgments that we formed about our parents basically have been projected onto ourselves and everyone else in our lives. By judging your mom and dad you’re bringing awareness to the belief systems that exist deep within your being. Once you are aware of it, you can step through it and liberate yourself from its eternal grasp.

Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others — it only changes yours. — Shannon L. Alder,

So the goal here is to judge mom and dad as individuals, as a parental unit, and/or for anything that you can think of. Write each judgment down, and then flip each statement so that it reflects on the other parent, yourself, important people in your life and then your relationship God.

So for example, “Mom doesn’t really care about me, dad doesn’t really care about me, I don’t really care about me, my lover doesn’t really care about me, my best friend doesn’t really care about me, God doesn’t really care about me.” Again, feel into each of the statements and how energy shows up in your body with total vulnerability until it releases from your body forever.

The pain and negative pattern will not return into your body ever again unless you start aligning with the belief or memory of the pain. We can always generate fresh new pains anytime we are not conscious, vigilant or being sensitive to our own emotional body. The moment we align with a negative belief it becomes trapped in our system and a pain that needs to be cleared.

After you have cleared some deep negative beliefs and childhood trauma from your body, notice how your experience of life, others, yourself and God shifts over the next few weeks. It may be slow and subtle, but it is deeply profound. Notice how you may suddenly stop reacting to certain people in your life who always push your buttons. Watch how the same situations which normally triggered you to instantly hate yourself, someone else or God, now have zero impact on you anymore.

The more pain you shift out of your body each day, the more your body will normally feel lighter and freer. It will feel like there’s more space inside you and everyday you naturally have a deeper quieter more peaceful mind. You will discover how your consciousness has more room to play, be creative and be in love with your life!

You’ll also have extra energy as well to be able to manifest all the things you desire to have, and the dreams you always wanted to achieve. You will start experience yourself as they vast unlimited spiritual being, and be able to step into your life purpose, experience your own Divinity, and truly access the 5th dimension which is available within you and the Universe.

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Enjoy your journey!

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