How to Naturally Increase your Financial Frequency

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How to Naturally Increase your Financial Frequency

Written by Jafree Ozwald

 “Your prosperity consciousness is not dependent on money; your flow of money is dependent on your prosperity consciousness. As you can conceive of more, more will come into your life.” ~ Louise Hay

Have you ever wondered why some people attract money quite easily, while others work 12 hour shifts every day and barely make ends meet? The big difference between these two groups of people is the financial frequency they are sending out. This frequency is a real live measurable field of energy, which is created by the thoughts, feelings and consciousness you have whenever you think about, speak about, or interact with money.  People with a high frequency can attract money easily, while people with a low frequency have to struggle for money to flow their way…it’s that simple.

To increase the amount of money you can receive, it’s important to first understand what money actually is.  Simply put, money is energy, and they call it “currency” because it was derived from the root word “current”.  This current is a flow of electrons that produces a natural electrical magnetic field. The stronger the electrical current, the more intense the magnetic field becomes. The income you make each month is a by product from the electrical current you’re radiating out. The higher the income you receive, the stronger your magnetic field is and the easier it becomes for you to attract more of it. This is why rich people seem to effortlessly grow richer. They feel a higher financial frequency inside themselves, as they see what is physically in their bank account.

The good news is that you don’t need to acquire a massive pile of cash to increase your Financial Frequency. All you need is to learn how to think, feel, and interact with others in a consistently abundant way.  Feel the magnetic field of energy around you now, this is what will start attracting real abundance to you. As the great law of attraction states, like attracts like.  When you are living from a state of abundance consciousness for many consecutive weeks on end, the physical manifestation of more money will start materializing around you, through you, and eventually get magnetized into your bank account!

“Life is full and overflowing with the new. But it is necessary to empty out the old to make room for the new to enter.” ~ Eileen Caddy

When you are accessing what I call the “millionaire mindset” you’re not just thinking like a millionaire, you’re FEELING like a zillionaire!  You’re excited about your future, feeling the possible abundance that is beyond your comfort zone.  This opens you up to receive the unlimited possibilities available to you.  By stepping into the zillionaire mindset every day, you will mysteriously begin manifesting more abundance into your life. You can do this through listening to my Money Manifesting Meditations below. This super charged abundant feeling allows you to truly relax, let go of all financial worries, and feel safe because you know you have the power to easily manifest whatever you need even if you should lose it all. This higher state of abundance consciousness is where wealth is generated and is truly what creates financially freedom.

The reason this works is because we are bio-electric magnetic beings deeply connected to an electric conscious alive Universe.  Your physical body has a subconscious mind, which controls to a large extent the frequency of energy you’re sending out.  The Universe does NOT know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  When you imagine yourself to be completely rich and you’re FEELING this richness in every cell of your body, you actually turn into a money magnet. As you grow and evolve with this higher monetary frequency, you will consistently attract this greater level abundance throughout your life.

“It is not only my right and my privilege to walk in the abundance God has for me, it is my responsibility… just as it is my responsibility to live the rest of my truth.” ~ Jan Denise

My essential goal for you is that you completely transcend all impoverished thoughts hovering around your current financial situation.  To do this you’ll first need to step back and view all your financial problems as opportunities in disguise.  This will get you operating at a higher vibration instantly!  Seeing everything in your life as an opportunity for your growth, you’ll naturally give birth to positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs about your current financial situation.  As each of these positive thoughts build upon the other, you will begin feeling an unstoppable positive flow of positive energy towards your financial future.  This highly empowered positive energy is what becomes your fuel to manifest the level of income you feel you truly desire.

The actual monthly income you made last month is deeply related to what you feel you deserve.  So the question to ask yourself is, “How worthy are you to receive the financial freedom which you’re dreaming of?”  Your financial worthiness relates to your self-esteem, yet is not solely dependant on it.  As your self-worth grows, and you increase in your feelings of financial worthiness, you will feel more magnetic and financially capable of receiving this abundance. The more you understand how powerful and real this field of electric currency is, and start becoming super sensitive to it, the easier it becomes to control it, increase it and magnetize the income you truly deserve.

“Since money is energy, our financial affairs tend to reflect how our life energy is moving.  When your creative energy is flowing freely, often your finances are as well.  If your energy is blocked, your money does too.” ~ Shakti Gawain

Lastly, it may shock some people to know that true financial freedom doesn’t always come from having a million dollars in the bank.  The more funds that one person acquires, the more often they become cautious, fearful and less free.  Real financial freedom is all about your relationship with money, and if it is coming from a place of trust and freedom rather than a feeling of need, greed and possessiveness.  The secret to making this shift is stepping into an enlightened relationship with money.  I will take you on a guided journey in one of my manifesting meditations below, where you will get to meet your inner financial guru and experience the highest level of financial intuition inside you!  You’ll get to experience what it FEELS like to effortlessly manifest an abundance of money, and naturally increase your financial situation with my money mantra meditation that creates real abundance in your life. This is a life changing experience that truly works and is here for you to instantly download right now!!

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Sending great abundance your way…
Jafree Ozwald

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