Samadhi Yoga

The Ancient Yogic Secrets to Experiencing Real Bliss!


The videos and written instructions below are your guide on how to do Samadhi Yoga and reap the benefits from this highly effective ascension practice. Enjoy!!

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The Secret to Bliss

What is Samadhi Yoga?

To truly understand what Samadhi Yoga is, one must first comprehend what Samadhi is. Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word that is several thousand years old. It literally means the bliss from transcending the mind. The word Yoga means Union with God. So you might conclude that Samadhi Yoga is what happens when you transcend the mind and are unified with the Godhead.

Samadhi Yoga is a powerful and practical path to ascension. It is unique from other types of Yoga in that it is continuously arousing, awakening, and connecting with the Kundalini. The Kundalini is our vital life force which will naturally transport the body and mind into experiencing profound states of bliss.  Anyone who does it consistently can increase their vibration and experience profound states of bliss, joy, and eventually Samadhi Consciousness.

The difference between Samadhi Yoga and any other yogic practice is that the emphasis is on reaching Samadhi (bliss) through awakening the Kundalini. Your Kundalini energy is aroused by a deep focus within the Sushumna channel (center of the spine) through conscious breathing (Pranayama) and heart-opening yogic postures (Asanas).

As you open up your sensual and sexual energy centers, the Kundalini channel is lubricated enough to easily and naturally rise upwards without pain, trembling, or involuntary bodily shaking. You must have a firm intention to continue opening yourself up to the sexual aspects of God in order to reach the highest states of Samadhi consciousness.  


How Samadhi Yoga Initiates Ascension into 5D Consciousness

Samadhi yoga is not geared toward pushing your body into long painful stretches of physical exertion. Rather, it’s more about slowing down the mind and body until they release into your deepest complete stillness. In this deep feminine receptivity, the mind will naturally merge with the flowing breath.

This extreme depth of stillness can instantly awaken your Kundalini. When your body is sensually open and sexually receptive it lubricates your channel. When the kundalini at the root chakra is stirred and awakened, a profound God-like awareness pours through you. Here you can easily notice how your sensual/sexual energies already are merged with your spirituality. 

After this great merging occurs, you will enjoy the blissful sensations exploding throughout your body. Don’t try to stop any wild liberating unintentional bodily movement. Just enjoy them and try to remain completely focused on the stillness in the Sushumna channel.

The more that you can surrender into deep stillness and silence inside this explosion of creative juicy energy, the more mastery you’ll have over your body and mind. The mind/ego is dissolved into bliss at this point of deep stillness. This stillness is the foundation of the ascension practice into 5D consciousness.

“Like the state of space, the mind transcends thought. Set it at ease in its own nature, without rejecting it or maintaining it. When the mind is without objective content, it is Mahamudra. Through familiarisation with that, supreme enlightenment is achieved.” ~Tilopa

Samadhi Yoga is Breathing in Kundalini Consciousness

When we become aligned with our sensual body and awaken our sexual power within, the Kundalini feels free to rise. When she moves up the spine every breath can feel like ecstasy. By continuously following the rise and fall of the breath, we can tap into bliss all day long.

As you are doing the yogic asanas, your mind’s attention is completely on opening up your Kundalini channel with the breath. The channel can be aroused through shaking, undulations, breathwork, and grounding. Once the body feels an erotic tingling up the spine with each inhalation the initiation into Kundalini Consciousness, and where your Samadhi yoga journey begins.

The breath is our golden passage to find the experience of the Divine God Source that is here now. Through a very slow, conscious movement of the body in harmony with the breath you’ll soon find the mind naturally dissolves and what’s left is pure awareness. This is the Divine flow state. It arrives only through a complete lack of effort to strive, reach or try to attain any higher state.

Great inner peace and stillness are found when the Kundalini is active and we rest in the silence core center of awareness in it. If we cannot root ourselves in a deep stillness within our center, the Kundalini can spin the mind out into hysteria and mania. The deeper the root goes, the higher the expanded experience of consciousness your body can maintain.

Samadhi Yoga Requires your Deepest Sensitivity, Sensuality, and Sexuality

Most strict yogis are unable to allow themselves to feel their sensuality, sexuality, or loving sensuality. The yogi’s guru or religion is often based on deeply embedded misinformation passed on through many generations. This tradition of misinformation states that your sexuality must always be kept separate from your spirituality. This one core belief is what breaks their connection to their highest Kundalini power, and prohibits every yogi from reaching the highest Samadhi.

The Tantric Path to Enlightenment is by far the fastest path to Samadhi. The core belief rooted here is that your sexual energy and spiritual energy are the same life force energy. When you start applying this realization to your spiritual practice, the results can be astounding! Your consciousness can quickly become soooo expansive, that you may need deeper spiritual grounding roots in your sexual core to contain the massive energy that comes through.

To integrate bliss into your body requires a light diet, solid physical health, open emotional connection, a healthy social environment, mental clarity, sensual/sexual arousal, and a fierce laser-like focus to initiate a full-body Kundalini Awakening.

We must naturally open up all of our senses, igniting our deepest sensual sexual energy to fully discover the realm of 5D Consciousness. Through a deep surrender through the body, you are relaxing the mind and unifying with this Source. You’ll soon find that this awesome state of Samadhi finds you!

The more frequently you play with pulling your Kundalini up your spine with every inhalation, the more expansive your consciousness will become. By allowing her to rise up the spine often, in any social situation, you will then fully open yourself up to uncover the real bliss of living in Samadhi. Everywhere you go, all you see, feel and experience is deep freedom, ecstasy, and bliss. This is the greatest journey in life and the highest spiritual peak of human consciousness.

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