Mother Mary


The Divine Healing Presence of Mother Mary

One of the most loving and healing energy in the Western world is the energy of Mother Magdalene, or otherwise known as Mother Mary. Most people do not know that she was the main tantric partner of Jesus throughout his life and together they gave birth to many children. Explore the secret life of Mary Magdalene in the video below…

Mother Mary has the most calming, healing and expansive vibration you’ll find anywhere.  Just focusing on her energy, eventually you will start to feel her soft, soothing, mother loving energy seep into you. is all about your personal growth and healing. 

She is one of the world’s greatest feminine masters and guides showing us how to find peace and enlightenment within us again.  This spiritual awakening is why she gave birth to Jesus, and why she still remains the most adored, loved and prayed to female divine being around the planet today.  

To experience the loving healing energy of Mother Mary, simply meditate on any one of the photos here and find the one that “speaks” to you the most.  Hold your attention on her appearance and energy for at least 3 minutes.  Ask her to come into your life where you need her the most.

Call upon her with all your heart, mind and soul and remain open and aware, she will come in the way that you can feel her presence.   Be aware, as she can appear to people in form and many other unexpected ways.  Please feel free to explore other Divine Goddesses at this link

Explore the Divine Femine Within! She is here, ready to take you into the most healing, loving experience of your life!