Tantric Love Life

Tantra Love

The Secret to Creating a Tantric Relationship that is Spiritually Awakened and Sexually on Fire!

The heart opening worlds of Tantra and Love always go together. You cannot have tantra without love, nor love without tantra. There cannot be a pure tantric experience without an open loving heart connection. Tantra and Love are the the blood and bones for creating a sensually erotic heart based spiritual connection with your partner.

To find out what real Tantra is all about, you’ll have to explore what it means to let down your defenses, quiet your judgmental mind and actually from the heart make love with God. This means creating a sensual spiritual approach to experiencing everything in life, opening your body up to being extra sensitive so you can be intimately touched by everything in this Universe.

Making love with God is not about having an orgasm wherever you go, 24 hours a day. This is an opening of your entire chakra energy system to initiate a full Kundalini opening to the deep cosmic merging with the Divine.

Creating a Tantric Love Life is an experience that reveals what real oneness with life feels like. The heart, soul and sexual being take flight together into the spiritual realm. Getting grounded in a long term enlightened Sexual Spiritual Relationship is the key. This takes life a giant step deeper into loving yourself, your partner and this world.

Tantra Love is the energy that radiates from the natural sensual spiritual connection within our body. It comes from an understanding that spirituality and sensuality are rooted in the same source. The Divine orgasmic energy we were each born from inside the womb.

When we return to our spiritual root and core, and open up our heart, soul and sex center to God, we discover first hand what the real bliss is in being human. Every sensation we have opens the door to exploring a deeper divinity in ourselves and our partner.

When one is devoted to Tantric Intimacy with the Divine, naturally you come into a profound deep intimacy with yourself. You know who you are, what you are and why you are here. There is no more doubting mind. You don’t question what you’ve done, where you’re going, and have found peace with everyone in your past and future, there is nothing left to fear anymore.

In this space you create the foundation for a real soul based partnership. You’re able to feel at one with your partner. They yearn to always find deeper peace within themselves, because you are truly at peace within.

Real passion in relationship can only be born out of deep peace within yourself. As long as there is anxiety, tension, fear or doubts hidden beneath the surface we cannot truly relax. Only through real authentic communication with others and radical honesty with ourselves can we rid our minds of all fear hidden inside. We can see the roots of each fear, knowing their purpose is only to give birth to a deeper trust in life.

Through this deep tantra love connection, we are able to be engaged with the highest loving presence and connection in the Universe.


  • Experience a truly satisfying loving relationship with your partner!
  • Experience unlimited acceptance and love with your partner!
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your partner!
  • Discover how to have a long-term relationship that really works!
  • Have an unconditionally intimate relationship that provides the love you deserve!

The Steps to Create a Tantra Love Life with your Partner

A deep tantric relationship all begins with love, trust and a willingness to be vulnerable. Only when we experience profound intimacy can the magic happen. When we are willing to step on into the practice of spiritual vulnerability and allow the other to see into our soul (into-me-you-see = intimacy). Shifting into this paradigm of thinking initiates the path, creating experiences of letting go of ego-protection-control and receiving that one thing we all desire yet often pretend we don’t need…love.

Intimacy allows us to love life deeply. Yet many are deeply afraid to be seen, heard and acknowledged in this world. Intimacy melts all fear and frees you from the judgments of others. It liberates you completely from your constricted, restricted, contracted self.

Most of us were conditioned by the Western tendency to be strong and tough when you needed a hug. We were unconsciously taught to be colder and not to “need” an emotionally intimate connection. Intimacy channels all the warmth and connection you’ll ever need. It is a personal mirror and deeper connection with The Universal Source. The more we open to others, the farther we can look and see our true self.

Through ancient Tantric Loving techniques, you will be learning how to open your heart to a completely new dimension. Tantra is about merging with the Divine, and to do this we must become the living master our mind, body, emotions and life. When we are surrendered to the Divine, we naturally will create the profound spiritual connection and partnership we want and deserve to have.

Tantra is the most emotionally, physically, and sexually integrated path to your spiritual awakening.


If you are alone, or just feel alone, you may just be repressing your desire to open your heart to others and create more intimacy. If you don’t have a partner no worries, you can manifest one! Our Tantric Connection and Tantric Manifestor Workshops will focus you to attract him/her into your life quickly!

You don’t need a partner to be happy in life. God is already within you. If you love yourself unconditionally, that perfect person will find you! Just make the decision right now that the Universe never makes mistakes and that perfect person is going to show so prepare to be surprised!


The Tantric path will help you to recognize when you meet this divine mate that this is The One you want to stay with. Tantra is the new container to help the mind relax, so you can get in touch with your heart which already knows the way.

If you’d like personal support in taking this first step into a tantric healing life, I am here to love and guide you.

To start learning how to practice a few sacred Tantric techniques in the bedroom, reserve your spot in our next Tantric Workshop coming up!