How to Stop Being Negative

The 4 Secrets to Transcending The Negative Mindset

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“The bee came to suck the honey, but his feet got stuck in it.” ~Indian Saying

Generally, the mind tends to fall into a negative perspective about life. Why is this? Our mind has this natural defense mechanism inside it, to protect ourselves from any potential harm. Harm can come in many forms these days such as, financial poverty, relationship issues and emotional stress, health issues and physical pain. The mind believes that as long it aware of these negative possibilities, it feels it is less likely to fall into them. The only issue is that it keeps thinking thoughts it does not want, instead of focusing on the thoughts it does want.

Thinking positive about life can feel like a hard gruesome exercise to a mind that is accustomed to thinking negatively. It may seem dangerous to the protective mind who believes if we let our guard down for one second, horrible things will come our way. As long as the mind is too afraid to take the risk to ignore the negative thoughts, and think positively instead, it continues to dwell in worry, anxiety and fear.

The solution to this confusing problem is simple. Learn how to stop the mind completely through meditation. Once you can stop the mind from any movement whatsoever, and become completely still, a magical thing happens. The fire of your brilliant awareness pierces through the negative illusions presented to it. You naturally stop protecting yourself from getting harmed, because you realize this fire of awareness (who you truly are) cannot be harmed at all.

“Nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists.” ~A Course In Miracles

With the fire of awareness leading the way you stop getting sucked into believing these thoughts are true and those thoughts are true. The inner battle within the mind seems to dissipate on its own. You are left with mere curiosity about where the mind tends to go and why is it going there. You are left in a state of wonder, not defending or protecting anything. Just simply staying open as a calm witness to what is going on.

Below are 4 powerful secrets to practice which will help you transcend the habit of negative thinking.

big_purple_omThe 1st Secret to Stop Being Negative all begins with looking into your personal relationship with the negativity.

How do you react when your mind becomes negative? Do you try to avoid it but reaching for food or drugs? Do you try to ignore it, pretend its not there or attempt to push it away? These are common habits that most people use as a way of dealing with an overly negative mind. My advice is to try something radically new the next time your mind starts becoming negative.

Let yourself switch from trying to get rid of the negative energy to being curious about it and wondering why is it here? What is your deeper mind trying to teach you about life? Start talking with the negative parts inside you and ask them what do they really want and need?

You might be surprised to hear what they have to say can be very enlightening. When we can actually listen to the pain, feel where its coming from in the body, and be curious as to what this pain is really all about, we can help heal it with loving kindness. Gentleness with ourselves is the best healer of them all. Love heals all, and especially defuses any kind of negativity that we may be facing. You’ll be surprised how powerful and effective this first secret truly is.

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move on to higher levels.” ~Albert Einstein


big_purple_omThe 2nd Secret to Stop Being Negative is Changing the Information and Content that You Allow into Your Brain.

We are what we think about, and Whatever we focus on grows. If you are always filling your mind with negative information from the news, horror movies, negative books, and the thoughts of negative people, your brain will become a massive garbage dump that reeks of old poo! What goes into the brain is what comes out of it, crap in, crap out.

Never go to bed watching the news as this will rape your subconscious mind of any peaceful relaxing safe feelings it could have had throughout the night. Give your precious attention and time on earth to only focus on those information sources that are uplifting and inspirational. After 21 days of this practice you will clean out your garbage dump and purify the top layers of your subconscious soil. You will retrain your brain to look at the brighter side of things naturally.


big_purple_omThe 3rd Secret to Stop Being Negative is to stop putting Dead Food into your Mouth.

This practice may be the hardest one for you to do, yet this one has the most powerful, long term and effective results! The secret here is when you only put raw food into your mouth, your brain is more nourished and tends to be in a relaxed state instead of a contracted one. It will not think negative thoughts so easily or get stuck in being negative. On an alive food diet the mind is lighter, the heart is more open, and you have 10x more energy. You are simply more creative because you have more energy and this encourages more positive thoughts to flow through you. Believe it or not, as long as you are eating dead (cooked) food, you will feel quite dead when you go to bed at the end of the day. Yet if you only eat raw veggies/fruits/nuts you will feel sooooo alive when you lay down in bed that you’ll be relaxed, calm, and ready for a deep long restful sleep. It’s truly amazing!

If you decide to go for it and clean out all the toxins lingering in your organs and brain, the one thing you want to be aware of is there will be a detoxification process that you’ll go through. It normally takes 5-7 days to completely free the body from all “negative thought producing toxins”, depending on how toxic you are. The body needs lots of relaxation and quiet time to process out all the old stored stuck energy and feelings. The feelings that arise are often the greatest challenge, because all the demons seem to come up at once. So you’ll want to warn all your loved ones and tell them to be extra patient and compassionate with you for one week, and then you’ll be a new person!

Once you release ALL the years of negative chemicals stored in your from hard heavy feelings, you will feel truly light, energized and the totally AMAZING. Life will never be the same again. This is a real reboot for your entire health and mental/emotional system. There is no more powerful guaranteed way I’ve found to become a super positive energized deeply empowered human being!


big_purple_omThe 4th Secret to Stop Being Negative is Knowing The Secret to Mastering your Mind.

This journey starts with knowing and living the Truth that who you are is not your mind. You are the one listening to your mind. You’re the observer watching your mind. Notice that there are two aspects here, the thoughts and the observer of the thought. They are separate. Thoughts come and go, and you remain. You are the eternal witness, the pure consciousness itself that is behind the mind witnessing everything.

When you have taken your attention OFF the mind and placed it back on the real source of who and what you are, you will experience true inner peace. A brilliant scintillating spark of divine God-like pure awareness will protect you from everything in the Universe! When you are able to realize this sweet little secret all day long, inner peace will follow you wherever you go. A loving happy positive mind will find you no matter what you’re doing, or who you are with!

“The quieter you can become, the more you’re able to hear.” ~Ancient Chinese Proverbs

One of the greatest long term practical advices I’ve ever received for learning how to stop the mind from being negative is making time to learn how to meditate. Take 15 minutes everyday to be still and quiet. Meditation is simply a practice of relaxing your body and allowing the mind to become very quiet and peaceful.

When negative thoughts arise we can welcome them, and say “thank you” for its negative input then refocus our attention back on being still. This stillness will open us up to the spiritual source of our being. When we can relax into the pure presence inside us the mind will relax as well and this is when we discover deep inner peace. If we meditate consistently for 21 days in a row we will relieve ourselves from the pull of a negative mind.

On this journey it’s good to remember that a positive mind will help you attract the experiences and results in life your heart loves and enjoys. Whatever it is you most crave to experience in this lifetime can be yours and is easily found through mastering this negative mind.

To completely stop being negative forever and acting out on negative self sabotaging desires, requires a major shift in perspective. If you follow these 4 secrets above on a daily basis for 21 days, you will create this new shift in your consciousness.

You will realize that we are here to enjoy life and each day is a very precious opportunity to journey into higher realms of bliss. You’ll naturally be in a state of harmony with the Universal Source, and the negative mind just falls away. The best part is that whatever dreams you wanted to manifest in your life now has the space, creativity and energy to come through you!!

Meditation is that bridge to bringing our very dreams and desires into physical form. It is the manifesting portal where all things are conceived of first. It’s the link we’ve been missing our entire lives. It is the gateway to an eternal river of inner-bliss that naturally unfolds successfulness in everything we do.

If you need some extra motivation to realize this truth, it’s good to know that a quiet mind is 1000x more able to find bliss inside and manifest its desires than a non-meditative mind. Maybe its more happiness, money, success, love, and or health that you desire. Whatever it is that you want, a calm centered meditative mind is always more effective and efficient in manifesting your desires than an incessant chatterbox. I’ve created a FREE guided meditation that will help you below…

Freedom from all negativity begins with learning how to quiet your incessant chattering mind…

flyingdove“Thank you for who you are. Thank you for the world putting you here Jafree. Thank you for the knowledge that you share with us. Thank-you Jafree!!”

~John Schulze, Texas, USA

flyingdove“My heart is overflowing with gratitude over the sacred information you shared with me today. I am overwhelmed with joy and am so grateful to be connected to their energy and transmissions. Thank you so much for sharing this information with me! It was blissful to hear your reading on my computer this evening. So much came through I didn’t hear the first time. I think my ego completely freaked out during the session. So much divine information to integrate and it is just what I needed to recommit to my Sadhana. Your gifts are beautiful and amazing and my blessings to you t in all ways. My friends will all want to connect with you, and you deserve it. Thank you for your dedication and developing your skills to benefit humanity on our ascension and path of enlightenment. It’s also wonderful that you are so well versed in the different modalities and languages of consciousness. Your awareness is definitely expanded, and I felt safe asking my most intimate questions about who I am and why I am here with you. With overflowing gratitude.”

~Stefani, Park City, UT

flyingdove“Your teachings are very much in alignment with my beliefs about spirituality and universal power. Thank you very much for your help!”

~Michelle Ruiz, Madera, CA, Nurse


“There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you experience is a direct manifestation of where you focus your attention and hold your vibration.” ~Jafree

Spiritual Extra Credit…

Expand your Ultimate Positive Mind

Give yourself 15 minutes each morning to formulate a positive mood for your day. Think only positive thoughts for these 15 minutes. If you think one negative thought, then take a deep breath and think the opposite of that negative thought immediately afterwards.

Allow yourself this time/space to build up, root and relax into the strongest positive attitude that you can find inside yourself. This is one of the greatest secrets to creating mental, emotional and physical health and wealth!

As long as you are exploring the mind with a consistent curiosity, you’ll find this can help you create a spiritual life that empowers and liberates you on every level you can imagine!

Every moment has the potential to become a profound spiritual experience!

Freedom from all negativity begins with learning how to quiet your incessant chattering mind…

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