The God Source Meditation

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This 15 minute guided meditation takes you to the deepest spiritual core inside yourself where you’ll meet the essence of the God Source itself.

This powerful experience was recorded outside an ancient meditation cave in Rishikesh India. The thick rich energy from that healing cave is embedded within the frequency of this meditation.

As you are gently guided on this journey to meet your connection with the God Source inside yourself, all the tensions of the body and mind melt away in its Presence.

This powerful inner exploration naturally reveals the spiritual Light within you. You’ll be letting go of all of your thoughts and any efforts to achieve anything or reach anywhere.

This sacred space allows the God Source to come into you in a very amount of time. It’s a completely different journey inwards than any other meditation I’ve created as it was recorded out in the wild nature and was spontaneously channeled without editing.

I think what makes this meditation special for people is the energy you feel afterwards is extra spacious yet grounded.

We have a special spiritual sale price today of $11.11 just for you! (which is also such a synchronous number…😊)

Get ready to become deeply reconnected with the Spiritual Source of who you truly are…enjoy!




A powerful and deeply relaxing inner journey where your mind/ego can let go and surrender directly to experiencing the God Source itself.

Perhaps what makes this experience soooo powerful is it was recorded after a deep meditation with a powerful healing group in a cave in India.



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2 reviews for The God Source Meditation

  1. Jafree Ozwald

    Best meditation ever!! ❤️

  2. Jafree Ozwald

    I listen to this channeling if I ever feel disconnected and brings me right back to source.

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