The 3 Steps to Having a Heart Orgasm

The 3 Sacred Steps to Having a Heart Orgasm   

By Jafree Ozwald

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi

There is nothing more satisfying to the soul than the deep profound feeling of unconditional love. When you open up your heart and allow yourself to receive this divine experience, something very magical happens. All your problems go away instantly!  All you see is how beautiful and amazing your life actually is.  Unconditional love naturally bubbles up from within us when we stop defending and protecting our ego.  When the ego is guarded, it’s living in fear of someone or some experience happening, and then you miss out on seeing and experiencing God.  Like the old saying goes, “If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all.”

When you can remain emotionally open long enough to experience deep unconditional love, you tap into one of the most sensitive aspects of human nature and discover that your heart opens so fully you have a “heart orgasm”. Personally, I’ve only had a handful of heart orgasms in my life, yet each one was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  My body was completely filled with bliss to the point that I literally could not move a muscle.  It felt like my heart expanded 3 feet larger, extended outside of my body, and the entire room seemed to be filled with a tremendous light. I felt more healed, whole and at peace on every subtle level of my existence! A heart orgasm is definitely one of the most amazing experiences you can have in life, and I’d like to show what you’ll need to do so that you can have one.

Start by mentally preparing yourself for an orgasmic experience, so that it can enter you emotionally and physically.  It’s similar to a sexual orgasm in the sense that you’ll first need to decide you are open to receiving one first, before you can relax enough to physically let it occur.  You certainly cannot force a heart orgasm to occur, this would simply limit its expansive effect.  Just give your heart permission to experience more love than it can contain.  This means you’ll need to release any protective shields around your heart, which are keeping your heart experience small and limited.

If you’ve been hurt in any relationship in your past, by your mom, dad, sibling, lover or friend, there’s a 99.9% chance you have some shields or walls around your heart. You cannot have a heart orgasm if these walls are up.   Decide to take them all down, because having them up (even though you’re probably extremely used to it) it feels like a heavy weight sitting on your chest!   It may seem very risky to let down these protective walls, yet its even more risky to live your entire life behind this emotional prison.

In the beginning, it may feel very wrong to let down your shields.  You might feel like you are naked, and that anyone could hurt you easily.  When your heart lives behind a wall, you’re the one missing out on the real freedom and joy of life. It is the person who is afraid of feeling a certain emotion who’s tied up and living in a real prison.  Fear exists only in the mind.  What was at one time in the past a needed shield of protection, now has become an emotional prison.  Life is filled with paradoxes.  The scary feelings you once had soon become the gateway to experiencing more love.  The one thing you were once running from, suddenly becomes that which you are running toward.

“That which is real cannot be threatened. That which is unreal does not exist.” ~ The Course of Miracles

Most people in society have learned to keep their shields up in public and even in private.  They live as an ego that feels deeply insecure, so they need to pretend they are strong, resist being vulnerable and emotionally exposed.  The ego is constantly afraid of losing control, being crushed, or taken advantage of.  It is quite ironic, yet when it comes to true empowerment in life, it actually takes a stronger person to let go of control and feel something they are afraid of feeling.  You’ll need to radically go against the beliefs of society if you wish to have a heart orgasm, as their fears will only keep your walls high and strong.  Keep trusting letting your guard down, allowing for any insecure feelings to arise as each one is temporary and will soon pass.

You’ll know when the heart is no longer guarded, because a truly amazing phenomena occurs.  The people you once believed should be avoided at all costs, suddenly becomes your life’s greatest opportunity to grow, love and experience a higher state of bliss.  You realize that an open heart is the Divine Gateway to exploring an entirely new world!  You’ll create vulnerability so that you can have a much juicer, touching and enriching experience of ordinary life.  The typical trip to the store becomes an adventure in how profound you can let yourself feel your heart’s true aliveness!  You’ll naturally reach out and let people in to feel you and see the real you.  You’ll let them touch you so deeply that your heart becomes overwhelmed with tears of happiness you cannot contain. This all starts by allowing your heart to be more sensitive, open and receptive to the God Source which is within everything and everyone!  This divine level of love is bigger than anything you have ever dreamed of.

The individual who is always expanding their limitations on love, who is constantly in the act of giving and receiving love, is the real master. The other person who is constantly hiding, protecting themselves from possible pain, is living behind a wall of a great misunderstanding.  Who is it that needs protection anyway?  This is only your ego, an illusory limited idea of who you are.   Be curious as to exactly which specific experience your shields and walls are protecting you from having again.  What would happen if you let yourself dive through this experience to the other side?  When you let down your guard you can be deeply touched by anything.  A flower, a small tree, a bird on the branch, anything can move you.  From this place you’ll gain a profound strength that allows you to enter into the experience of true orgasmic bliss.

If you cannot tell if you still have walls around your heart, look towards the most intimate people in your life (past or present) and notice if there is any fear, anxiety or tension that arises.  Notice how you feel when you’re with them, and what your walls are protecting you from feeling.  Write this feeling down, and then write down what the opposite experience would be for you.  For example, if you’re protecting yourself from feeling sadness, then your walls are also blocking you from feeling joy.  If you’re shielding yourself from confrontation or anger, then you’re hiding from feeling empowered and able.  Notice what your pattern is, when it started, who it came from, and what it will take to be free from it.  Don’t judge yourself or this process for it is imperative that you be super gentle with yourself at this stage.

After much melting practice, eventually the walls will get in the habit of remaining down. When the heart opens enough where tears of gratitude can swell up inside you anytime during your day, you are ripe and ready for your first heart orgasm! It takes a true warrior to trust in this heart opening process, yet the levels of ecstasy you’ll experience are guaranteed to be nothing like anything you’ve ever experienced before!

Below are 3 powerful heart opening techniques that will take you directly into the having a heart orgasmic experience.  Enjoy!

Step #1 In bed every night before you sleep, communicate directly (inside your mind) with your walls and shields.  Acknowledge how they’ve done such a great job at protecting you, and thank them for keeping you safe from harm in the past.  Tell the walls that they have served their purpose, and can now let go!  Let them know you are ready to trust the divine intelligent unconditional loving God Source is here now, which will provide ALL the real protection you need for your heart.  Let these old shields know you deeply desire to be free from them so that you can feel the greatest heart orgasmic experience of your life!  Tell these walls that you are completely safe from all people in your past, present and future.  Thank them for protecting you and bid them a farewell goodbye.

 Step #2  As often as you can throughout your day, focus your attention upon your heart, let your heart open to feeling unconditional love.  Practice relaxing your heart completely and let your body relax with it.  Unconditional love feels very similar to receiving the eternal light from the Sun after a long cold dark winter.  The warmth from the Sun shines inside you, and is never ending.  It keeps on flowing, giving you more and more especially when you cannot accept it.  Imagine that inside your heart is the most beautiful flower, that is opening it’s petals to the Sun, receiving the golden rays of sunshine.  Let this warm light into your heart and spread throughout your entire body!

Step #3  Be patient with this “unguarding” process. The level you’re willing to feel the prison your heart is in is the same level of freedom you’ll attain.  It may take hours, days or months before you feel any real shift.  Continue everyday practicing Step #1 and #2, letting your walls know they’ve done their job, and its safe to stop protecting your ego. The more you can trust that who you truly are (the God Source) needs no protection, the faster and easier your walls will come falling down!  The more often you practice unguarding your heart, the sooner you’ll start feeling a great lightness build up inside your chest.  This is a good sign you’re ready to receive your first heart orgasm!  Know that it can happen at anytime and with anyone, especially when you least expect it!  If you’d like more personal inspiration and insights how I experienced the first Heart Orgasm of my life please visit my Autobiography.

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Sending lots of expansive heart energy your way,
Jafree Ozwald

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