What is 5D Consciousness?


“You wander restlessly from forest to forest while the Reality is within your own dwelling. The Truth is here! Until you have found God in your own Soul, the whole world will seem meaningless to you. ~Kabir

5D Consciousness is one of the highest states of consciousness available to humanity. It is what we would think could be Christ Consciousness, the Mind of Buddha, the Heart of Krishna, or discovering the Kingdom of Heaven within. It is a state of being in which there is no more identification with thoughts, the thinker, or the objects of the mind.

In 5D, you realize that you are the highest Source of Consciousness creating reality itself and you remain as this witness to this awareness 24 hours a day. It may be similar to a psychedelic trip (if you’ve had the courage to take one) yet this divine perception is independent of any substance to remain in tact.

In 5D consciousness, your mind reaches far beyond any experience one could have through any mind-altering substance. It is an all-natural total merging of your soul with the Divine Intelligence of the Universe.

My first experience of 5D consciousness was on a meditation retreat in India in 1995. It was one of the most mind-blowing spiritual experiences I’ve ever been blessed to receive in my life.

At the ripe young age of 25, my mind was open, eager and on an adventure to know God. I started this deep spiritual search for Truth after my father committed suicide, and was studying and practicing meditation religiously since his death. I connected with a woman named Gangaji in Maui who later introduced me to her guru Papaji in Lucknow India. I didn’t understand much of what was happening at the time, yet the transmission of energy acted like a match to ignite the massive woodpile I had built from all the hundreds of hours of meditation.

The 5D experience literally blew ‘me’ away, as it truly felt like an atomic bomb went off inside what you’d call your ego identity. In a few seconds, it had burned completely clean any previous concepts I had to my ego or what I thought was my mind. All my limiting beliefs about reality disappeared and who I thought I was had vanished and I was seeing life through a completely clean slate.

This instant satori threw me into a deeply mystical and highly magical 5D Experience of the world that perpetuated for many months afterward. Life was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. There was no reference point to describe who I could become anymore, or what I believed reality actually was.

All I knew was that I was beyond time, beyond energy, beyond space, undefinable, untouchable, and there was simply an absolute state of bliss in EVERYTHING that I did. Every single moment was a deep intimate connection with the highest love and consciousness in the Universe. I was one with the God Source itself.

In 5D consciousness, everything you experience as a normal or ordinary experience is highly expansive and sensually tantalizing. I was listening and communicating with everything that was around me. The animals, trees, the people we were all deeply psychically communicating with me. I was in complete oneness with the Divine Intelligence, which I felt everywhere and within me. This intimacy with life was pouring through my body with every millisecond and there was nothing I could do to stop it. 

I was not so closely attached to my thoughts, my ego or my mind anymore, so I was simply not in the way of divinity. There was no analytical, critical, doubting voice inside my head anymore. That loud harsh voice was gone, which had always blocked me from realizing that I was the source of love itself. I stopped doubting, projecting, and analyzing every thought and experience I had because I was constantly realizing that this ordinary source of consciousness IS the divine God Source of life itself.

In 5D consciousness, you are returning to your soul’s natural state. It is your most pure state. The state of the real you, who is soooooo completely free, unlimited, and sees that all things are possible to you. It’s not just that they “seem” possible, you are deeply connected to unlimited omniscient power and omniscience, so you KNOW that anything is truly possible. Your mind-body’s vibration is soooooo ridiculously high that you can FEEL this physical ability to manifest whatever it is that you want, and you know God is behind you, beside you, with you, inside of you so you truly feel unstoppable.

5D Consciousness is a new age scientific term for what you might understand as Christ Consciousness yet without the stigma of blasphemy association. You’d call it samadhi consciousness if you were of the yoga mindset. Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word that literally means “the bliss from transcending the mind” and 5D is this exact state of perfect “clear seeing” that recognizes Divinity is within yourself, in everything around you, and in every person you meet.

5D Consciousness is our most natural state as well as a profound moment to moment spiritual experience. You are constantly exploring expansive feelings of lightness, love, and connection to the Divine.  It is what most people would call enlightenment.

“Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light, but making the darkness conscious.” ~Carl Jung

5D Consciousness is unique from other paths on the spiritual quest in that it goes directly to the Source of pure consciousness and you remain there. There is no more searching for anything to fulfill you and your ego’s desires anymore. 5D is truly the highest spiritual experience you can have. It opens you up to your most enlightened self who is free from worry, fear, and any attachment to this world.

One who is living their life in 5D Consciousness feels only love, oneness, and peace within every experience they have. When you receive your first taste of 5D there is a deep knowing that all is one, and that “oneness” is at the core of who you are.


In the realm of 5D, there is a subtle yet perpetual feeling of bliss arising inside you, simply because there is no inner judge or discriminatory mind present. There are thoughts that still pass through the mind, yet you are no longer clinging to them because you realize the truth of who you are (pure awareness).

One who has entered the state of 5D discovers a deeply personal, intimate merging with the Divine Being within everyone they meet. There is only Love and reverence for everyone. The ego within others is easily seen, accepted, and understood.

Ego is completely transcended in 5D Consciousness. There’s no trace of a small separated me in ‘them or you’ when you realize that you are one with the ocean. You are truly unified, connected, and at peace with everyone in the Universe on every level.

In 5D Consciousness, you experience an eternally expanding realization that this world is not permanent so it’s not exactly ‘real’. You understand that the real you (the soul, spirit, and divine essence) is who you truly are and this will never change or die. So essentially you have nothing to fear anymore.

To reach 5D Consciousness takes a profound state of constant deep surrender to the Divinity within everything. By relaxing into each and every life experience you’ll discover the pure consciousness is relaxed and at ease naturally because is not attached to any thought, memory, or emotion. By surrendering purely to your consciousness, letting the mind dissolve into it, you will eventually arrive at this eternal 5D state of bliss.

I had my second 5D awakening experience in 1996 during an intense 6-week meditation retreat in Bodhgaya India, which coincidently was the place where Gautama Siddhartha (the Buddha) became enlightened. People were constantly praying a meditating under this giant tree 24 hours a day. It is a very powerful place to explore. I remember sitting near the great-great grandmother tree that Buddha sat under, and was just relaxing into myself and allowing everything to be as it is. This allowing meditation brought me back into 5D instantly!

I remember then leaving the tree as it was a very sunny blue sky day, and I decided to lie down on the rooftop of a man’s home. I was staring at one small puffy cloud floating in the distance. I asked the cloud if it would form a donut around the Sun. I relaxed into this one-pointed focus of my attention and within 10-15 minutes, I opened my eyes the cloud has formed a perfectly shaped circular donut that moved directly into the center of the sun! Have you ever seen a cloud in the perfect shape of a donut before? Me neither!

I then realized that whatever I wanted to create or manifest, could happen! It was amazing. I could feel the deep divine communication and connection with everything around me. I went across the street to a cafe and in the adjacent field saw a lonely cow hundreds of meters away. I asked this one cow to come to visit me and within a short time, she was 2 feet away looking me in the eyes.

Life is truly amazing in 5D consciousness. Anything is truly possible in this divine spiritually enlightened connection when we realize that WE ARE ONE with the Universe.

“You have the power to create. Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

I am a personal testimony that 5D Consciousness can happen to anyone who is devoted to finding the Truth of who they really are. The divine spiritual essence is within you now at this moment, behind your ego. The mind however can be very addicted to patterns of seeing yourself and the world a certain specific way, do you may require the intense awakening awareness and laser focus of a Guru, a spiritual teacher, or anyone in deep inner devotion to self-inquiry to retrain your ego. The path to freedom is long and hard to unravel the ego, yet the reward is this permanent state of freedom.

Think of the untrained mind is like a wild animal who has been caged. This amazing beast paces relentlessly back-and-forth inside its small cage so it eventually feels completely unable to relax. It is unable to trust, feel safe, and remain at peace for even 10 seconds.

Reaching 5D Consciousness, the mind is trained to see through the bars of the cage and realize that you are not imprisoned by any limiting belief or thought. You see how all thoughts come and go but what is real is what remains always ever-present here and now.

In the beginning, there is much inner chaos and mind chatter. Your mind needs to learn how to be completely at ease with life again. It will fight you and say that he does not want to leave it small comfortable cage of the known. Yet if you fully live in the present moment, you will find peace with the unknown.  You will naturally free yourself from all worry and concern, seeing all your problems are illusory issues of the mind. Once you realize this was your cage and now you can step through it, the mind simply frees itself from the appearance of its grasp.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive! And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are truly alive.” ~Harold Whitman

The 5D experience can be such an enormous shift in consciousness that you may not know how or if you could ever come back to the normal world again. All of your relationships change, your understanding of your life purpose can completely transform itself and you may not even identify with your given name or friends and family anymore.

After spending many months in 5D, I remember making the decision that I would need to lower my vibration and ‘fall down’ into ordinary human consciousness again if I ever wanted to have a wife, family, or close human friends on any human level. What happened over the next 25 years was like having one foot in hell and the other foot in heaven and trying to find the middle path between these two worlds.

If I could give you any personal advice on your spiritual journey towards experiencing 5D Consciousness, the most important secret I could give you is this.

Approach this spiritual exploration with a perpetually opening mind and heart. No matter what, do not let your heart or mind close. It takes tremendous courage to surrender to the realization that there is only the Light of God all around you. There is only higher love, and the most blissful ecstasy you can imagine all around you right here right now. If you try to reach for it, contract in fear, feel doubt about anything or protect your ego from anyone, you’ll miss it and remain in the normal 3D tic-tok world.

If you find yourself like most people, living off and on in semi-contracted states of fear, desire, longing, hope, and hopelessness, just keep diving deeper within. Notice your experience and continue opening yourself up to whatever it is.

Let this deeper state of relaxation, acceptance, and inner peace move through each experience you have. When you make the commitment to ALWAYS let go of fear the second it arrives, inner peace becomes your natural way of being.

5D Consciousness is a choice and it is always available at the core of your being. This ever-expanding state of 5D bliss is available within you right now. If you are open to exploring what this magical state is like, my Guided Meditation into Samadhi will introduce you to my experience of it. I will personally take you on a guided journey to drop through the mind chatter so that you may get a taste of this highest state of consciousness.  The more often you listen to it, the more it will sneak into your body and take over your busy mind. It will help you to surrender to the divinity within you…enjoy!!

“Your Samadhi meditation is great! I have been meditating for about thirty years using various techniques but have not found one that would take me into the ‘silence’ as quickly and deeply as yours. I ran a small meditation group of fourteen last evening and introduced them to your Samadhi meditation, and without exception, all of these ‘wannabe’ meditators claimed that they had not been taken so deep before.” ~Bill Ellis, Wrexham, United Kingdom

Guided Meditation to Enter Samadhi!

A Powerful Journey to Experience 5D Consciousness! 



What It Will Take For You to Shift
3D into 5D Consciousness??

I believe we are each responsible for creating this collective global shift into 5D consciousness that will transform the way humanity lives forever. This new way of being is a very special Spiritual Awakening Process that we all have incarnated here on earth to experience at this time.

Whatever spiritual or religious path you’re currently on it does not matter. The experience of 5D is available for everyone. It is a direct experience of God that we are all here to explore. I find it is deeply important to learn how to use everything you can for your awakening, including the fearful, controlling doubting mind. Shifting into 5D consciousness is not usually a very comfortable experience. It’s like we are taking off an old worn-out pair of shoes that are 3 sizes too small! Yet once we get them off, we are going to feel soooooo much better!!


Your journey to 5D can occur at a very slow or fast rate, depending on the day, and your resistance to assimilating and integrating the higher frequency and accepting true mastery over our minds, and our lives. If you want to see the 5D Consciousness open up inside of you quickly, you’ll need to learn how to Quiet your Mind, keep your heart open (as much as possible), allow your Kundalini to Rise, and remain relaxed and Grounded in the Source at your innermost presence.

The voice inside you that drives you crazy when you sit in silence too long, this voice needs to come to a state of silence before 5D can fully enter. You can shift your relationship with your inner voice by being aware of it. Pure awareness is always the key to awakening, and truly there is no other secret needed. You might need practical pranayama (breathing) techniques to help you meditate and remain connected to a single source of awareness, as the mind is easily distracted by a million thoughts and desires.

Awakening to 5D begins with the deep understanding that your physical body is an extension of the Universal body. Your brain, blood, breath, everything inside you is energetically connected with every atom in the Universe on a quantum subatomic level that the mind cannot comprehend. It doesn’t need to, especially if your main task it to let the mind go!

Start remembering as often as possible that the Universe you see outside you is always reflecting the level of consciousness that is currently occurring within you. If you can change your thinking, open up your perspective, expand your paradigm on reality, then you’ll see the entire Universe presents a whole new set of lighter higher experiences that are more sacred than anything you’ve seen in this world.

It’s also highly important to feel that there is only one consciousness that permeates everything and you are that! You cannot escape from it. No matter how hard you try, you always always eventually return to this present moment where the ONE consciousness is at. Sure, we have individuated minds (that are also deeply interconnected) yet we are that one consciousness that is always behind the scenes. It is the light from the projector creating the entire movie you see on the screen (your life). 

The next step is to ask for higher help from the unknown realms to break through any misguided information or low vibratory programming which you received growing up in your childhood. We all were deeply misinformed about these higher truths, and the lies we still believe are true need to be purged from your DNA memory. You’ll need to drop any old preconceptions about what you think the Universe is, and ALL the limitations of who you believe you are in order to make the leap into 5D.

Our stubborn old egos have to drop in order to make space for 5D consciousness. So I find it is essential every day to allow yourself to access feelings of humility, vulnerability, and the state of absolute nothingness. To access a true moment of nothingness, it helps to open the mind up simply by focusing upon how massive our galaxy and the Universe truly is. 

For starters, scientists know that there is a black hole that exists at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy that is millions of miles wide in diameter! Now, imagine stepping into that. A void of nothingness that is millions of miles wide in every direction. There is great energy here because this void is what is responsible for infinitely fueling all 500 million Suns in our Milky Way!

 The Milky Way’s black hole acts like a cosmic womb and is so magnetic that it alone is responsible for keeping the entire Milky Way in perfect balance with its gravitational pull. Can you see how a powerful spiritually awakened human being is similar to this black hole configuration?

The absolute nothingness that exists within the center of our being has a spiritual magnetic pull to it. When we reach this zero point of stillness of mind (through meditation) we access the very innermost center of our existence.

This stillness is what keeps us centered, sane, and is the great door to access our 5th-dimensional consciousness. By tapping into this vast spacious stillness all throughout your day, it will offer you the incomprehensible feeling that everything is already revolving in Divine perfection.

Imagine this. If your mind was like a computer, you could say this shift into relaxing into pure nothingness is like a massive update to your entire operating system. You are upgrading from Human Consciousness 3.0 to Galactic Consciousness 5.0!

As you sit in the void, you’ll be forced to move through feelings of your 3D reality. Relationships, money, physical desires, and needs will arise as they mainly keep you in the lower frequencies of lack, fear, and doubt. In order to reach 5D, you’ll have to go through the 4th dimension (the 4th chakra – the heart) before you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven within. 

The 4D frequency is like a purifying healing frequency that frees you from fear. It is the realm of the heart that we truly come to know the higher experiences of love, compassion, forgiveness, and unity. When you reach 5D Consciousness you discover the frequency within yourself of Christ consciousness, a cosmic consciousness that is truly magical and connected with the multi-dimensional reality. To assist you in this transition, I recommend these 4 Steps to Discover your Enlightened Reality 

On a more personal note, these 4 steps come from my own personal journey towards the enlightened state. If find there is no fixed set of steps, rules, or procedures to reach 5D consciousness. If you are willing to let go of fear, and open your heart to TRUSTING IN LOVE, as you SURRENDER to your HIGHEST SELF, you will naturally ascend and open yourself up to experiencing the 5th Dimensional being you naturally are with effortless ease. 

The shift into a 5D humanity is the welcoming party to The Aquarian age. This means the next 2000+ years we will be living on this planet together as one unified harmonious world working together as one whole. We will each have our own individual experiences of life (of course) yet the collective consciousness of the planet will expand exponentially.

In my personal research of my inner dimensional worlds, I have had much assistance from my spiritual guides to reach deep states in meditation and cosmic awareness. In this inner exploration are 7 Signs that You’re Entering the 5th Dimension.  

The fascinating aspect is that these 7 signs of awakening to 5D are not exclusive to one small group of people, they can happen for anyone and everyone! These multi-dimensional mind-blowing experiences naturally occur when you choose to open up to this shift from 3D to 5D, and these 7 signs below are guaranteed for everyone across the board.

Lastly, the best advice I’ve ever received about this awakening process is this. Do not take anything in life too seriously! You are in a human body temporarily, so learn how to have fun while you’re here, and enjoy the ride!

Remember this is all a massive play of consciousness for our individual and collective awakenings. Your job is to enjoy this grand spiritual adventure because it truly is a divinely sacred and amazing journey!

My Guided Meditation into Samadhi will take you on
the Journey to Experience 5D Consciousness!