Enlightening Interviews with Jafree

In 1993, Jafree’s father committed suicide which caused him to dive deep into his spiritual search at a very young age. He sat in silence for hours a day contemplating the meaning of life and death.

In 1995, he was guided to India and had a profound spiritual awakening upon meeting Papaji (disciple of Ramana Maharshi) and for months Jafree fell in and out of many experiences of Samadhi.

Jafree woke up and instantly began existing every day for many months in this transcended state of consciousness. He experienced how Divine Intelligence is constantly speaking through everything and everyone, and how through enlightened thinking we manifest our reality much faster and with way less fuss.

Jafree realized the amazing mystery that exists on the edge of life and death, fantasy and reality, the infamous 3rd and 4th side of the coin. In this profound shift in consciousness, he ignited the birthing of the Enlightened Beings healing web portal and access to his amazing 5D Awakening Program!

Jafree’s passion is teaching others how to break free from their limitations and experience the Divine truth of what/who they really are. Since 1997, Jafree has personally coached thousands of people on how to transcend all human suffering and manifest the life of their dreams.

He believes we are all Gods and Goddesses and we can have it all. Jafree works on emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical levels (in a very down-to-earth practical way) with people.  Jafree has awakened many beginners on the spiritual path as well as brought new revelations for the advanced yogi.

His goal is for the average person to know his Secret Manifesting Formula they need to manifest their life’s destiny and reach their highest state of consciousness.

Jafree’s previous work also includes having given several thousand Akashic Soul Readings, workshops on enlightenment, psychic readings, manifesting, spirituality and tantra. He has written 8 books, including a 257 page Manifesting Manual, recorded 50+ Manifesting Meditations, 2 Manifesting ecourses, and 100+ enlightening videos.

This is a proven Super Manifesting Technology that is 100% guaranteed to effortlessly magnetize your greatest desires and life dreams in 90 days or less. Jafree sees the future we are moving towards is amazing and there is nothing we need to fear…the only task is learning how to say YES to it all.


Below are the Live Radio Interviews that Jafree has recorded through the years. They are FREE for your personal mind-expanding education and spiritual enjoyment. This will help you to dive into the depths of the metaphysical mind and take a step forward on this enlightening exploration of what it means to be human. If you feel like giving a contribution listening to these free downloads you can donate below.


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“There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you’re experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you’re focusing your energy, attention and consciousness.” ~ Jafree Ozwald


Below is the transcript from a LIVE interview
Jafree gave in Bulgaria in the Summer of 2012!

Hello Jafree, Thank you for sharing your experience with the Bulgarian audience. It is our first closer contact with you. We have heard a lot about you, but how would you describe yourself? Who is Jafree Ozwald?

Those who are close to me say I am brave, willing, caring, sweet, cozy, and loving everything that lives. I would describe myself as a fun-loving, playful, sensitive, gentle being who has a heart-awakening spiritual approach to life. I have a very futuristic Aquarian outlook on life.

It thrills me to bring in a love, lightness and laughter into peoples lives who are ready for something new… a new way of looking at life and reality. I feel an extremely intimate connection with God and the Universe as I’m deeply driven by my spiritual path in life.

I feel this life is about always moving closer towards my deepest internal state of love and acceptance with what is, loving who I’m with, and relaxing into the deepest parts of my being. The purpose of life for me is about realizing the divine infinite spiritual being who I truly am, who is naturally and effortlessly opening to deeper access of unlimited levels of love, joy, abundance and freedom. I believe we are here to celebrate this life, enjoy this world, and welcome everything and everyone as a teacher to help us heal and ascend to higher levels of consciousness.


What is the purpose of your work? What is your mission on individual and collective level?

My purpose is to empower, heal and awaken humanity. I’m here to teach people how to raise their “manifesting vibration” by helping them discover the divine all-powerful manifesting being hidden within themselves. This is done through teaching individuals how to quiet their minds and open their hearts where they instantly can find a deep personal intimate connection with their God Source. When this occurs, people get really excited about their lives again and start to experience the sensation of being unstoppable in creating their dreams. My purpose is to help instigate the “100th monkey effect” where enough individuals on Earth are truly awake, inspired, empowered and living on purpose that it creates a mass spiritual awakening throughout humanity.

I love showing people how to tap in and access the true manifesting power through the simple connection with their divine presence. I am here to help people look deeper inside themselves, go beyond their blocks and limiting beliefs and awaken the awareness of this Divine Intelligence within. This is the only way we can raise the consciousness of this planet, by educating each individual we will create a global awakening.

When people are spiritually awake, their unbounded potentiality opens up and naturally they will find themselves effortlessly manifesting everything their heart desires in their everyday life. My work is about healing your life from the inside out through raising your vibration sooooo high, creating so much joy, love and ecstasy inside you that you have to create a life overflowing with these qualities. The secret I feel is integrity and doing the work yourself on your inner world.

My goal is to help make this enlightening process very grounded, real, and integrated on a deep cellular level where it truly heals the individual from their old sabotaging patterns and negative belief systems. This grounded approach is the key to truly instigate a mass collective awakening. As each individual experiences this divine infinite manifesting being inside themselves, then all their friends and family will see this amazing energy and joy inside them and contagiously catch on. It will spread like a wave of light all across the planet! This great love and manifesting vibration within each of us is soooo powerful and inspiring that you cannot hold back from sharing it with others.

I feel this is a time when our society is finally ready to shift and the pendulum is swinging to the other side to create a planet of Enlightened individual beings. I believe we are all here to assist each other in this awakening process, by giving our love and support to each other. When we open our minds and hearts to love we can work together to enlighten ourselves and this world.


Have you ever felt different in a way from the other people?

Yes, always. From my very first memories of childhood I remember feeling like I didn’t fit in with the rest of the sheep. I wasn’t very good at manners, obeying orders or following the rules unless they fit into my paradigm of understanding. My mom always said I was a pokka dotted fish swimming in a sea of striped bass. At 16 years old I realized I had a highly empathic emotional intelligence that allowed me to psychically know and feel exactly what issues were going on inside the person I was speaking with. I have always been a sensitive “new age guy” and not your typical macho male, even though I did play American football for 10 years.


What and when was your first glimpse of a “spiritual awakening”?

There were many “glimpses” of the truth in my teenage years and early 20’s, which now I understand that these were mini Satori experiences. Then in 1995 when I hit 25 years old, I was drawn to India and had my first true awakening there where I experienced self-realization. This was a much different experience than any of the mini Satoris as it lasted for many months. Life was clearer, brighter, more surreal, and I could hear God talking through everyone and everything. There was nothing that was separate from the God Source. I knew we were all intimately connected. My life shifted so profoundly after that point as I was only seeing the spiritual aspect of life. It was as if the first 25 years of my life were spent sitting in a small dark frustrating little room with a dim candle flame, getting a few glimpses of the light from the flame now and then Then, all the sudden God steps in and removes the ceiling walls and floor of this room and I’m sitting in the middle of an infinite field of massive brilliant sunlight with eternal energy intelligence and power pouring in from everywhere! My entire life since has been spent integrating the experience and realizations that happened from the time I was in India.


What was Papaji’s role in your spiritual awakening?

He was spark that ignited the self realization flame inside me. A better description would be he was like an intense laser-beam of energy that I trusted enough to let in my heart and burn through my ego to help me see the truth of who I really was. When I look back at how the whole spiritual awakening happened, after my dad committed suicide at 23, I went into a very deep cave inside myself. I spent the next 17 months after his death questioning all of life, doing intense self enquiry and practicing daily meditation to find peace inside. I see that this work had become the sticks, hay, and wood needed for Papaji to spark the fire and burn through my dense thick ego. After the fire burned up my ego-mind that day with Papaji there was such a profound stillness and silence inside. It literally felt like an atomic bomb went off inside my mind wiping out all my thoughts, fears, desires…everything…and leaving nothing behind but the pure unbounded awareness that we all are.


Did you go to any different depth and integrity using the hypnotherapy?

Yes, for me my hypnotherapy training was essential for healing the deeper unconscious layers of my childhood traumas. The 3 month training was like being surrounded by a sea of amazing natural healers who were using a fine tooth comb to move through the deepest layers of my unconscious wounding. Hypnosis is amazing tool to learn how to meditate deeper as the person guiding you gives you special permission to trust and relax deeper. This helped to deepen and integrate where I was at in my meditation practice. It also served in my practical life, giving me tools on how to be a grounded spiritual being, where I could live with integrity in this world dealing in a sane way with others emotional traumas and limiting belief systems.

The alchemical process that I learned in hypnotherapy later became the foundation for my entire healing work with people. To know how to turn your inner “lead into gold” is vital to empowering yourself in life. It helped free up the stuck patterns I had in my relationship with my family, love life and work. They say our issues are in our tissues, and its really true how our body’s cell memories hold onto some very old belief patterns. I feel that my Samadhi experience that I had at 25 in India was like a blast of light from Heaven, and the hypnotherapy helped ground that light into the Earth, giving me roots and branches to reach out into the world. Through these few months of cellular release work in hypnotherapy I shifted some dark unseen parts of myself, and had a powerful vehicle to help me assist the wounded people of this world.


Did you manage to understand what people need the most?

Through my awakening experience in India my mind became soooo quiet that I could hear exactly what people were thinking and feeling inside. I could sense what they were afraid to experience and most needing to process deep down inside, in their innermost wound. When the veil (ego-mind) is lifted there are no psychic walls in between your mind and others. After India I was completely at ONE with the Universe, and my connection to the God Source was soooo strong that it was impossible to ignore it. I just listened to where the strongest source of love and light directed me. It was so natural and effortless, always trusting the natural flow of divine intelligence that is always speaking through us all.

The more quiet your mind becomes the more you are able to hear. This quietness is a very simple yet powerful place to live your life from. All of the knowledge and wisdom you need is available to you in this silence. Once you can bring the mind chatter to rest in the source of your infinite being everything will be revealed to you. You will be able to hear your higher self or personal spirit guiding you on your life path. Just being open to listening to a deeper intuitive wisdom inside you will guide your life without fail. Everyone has this potential intuitive gift and once you learn how to trust it, it will become even stronger and more clear.


You have developed amazing manifesting programs. Are they based on personal experience? How did you figure out the way they work?

Yes, all of my manifesting programs were “downloaded” to me from the spiritual awakening in 1995. After I came back to Colorado from India, I went through many challenging times as I needed to become more grounded to manifest enough money to buy food, pay bills and live my life. My physical world quickly became the testing grounds for the first manifesting program. The first version of the 8 habits manifesting routine came to me after laying my body down in complete and total surrender to one of darkest depressions I’ve ever faced. I applied the information I received and very soon after I manifested $20,000 cash in one weekend. I just knew that I was onto something HUGE and started to fine tune the manifesting program. I was constantly listening to what the Universe wanted me to add on to it and tested every manifesting meditation out on myself and others to see its effects. As is everything in life, the manifesting material I received was definitely a co-created experience.


How do you manage to help people to light up the manifesting power in their lives?

First we start with where they are at in their journey. What is the experience they are facing and feeling right now? From there we move forward into what will give them a sense of being grounded in their highest joy vibration. This often entails helping them find the most exciting peak experience they’ve had in their entire life and FEELING into that experience, letting it move through their heart, blood and brain and turning up the volume on it! When their vibration is increased then we move into clarifying the vision that they want to create for their future. What they most want to manifest in their love life, relationships, health, money, career, home etc. Then we breathe and mix the clear vision WITH the feeling of the manifestation together into their body.

Breathing this into the body is the secret to grounding the experience into their DNA cellular memory. Then, we bring this new exciting feeling and vibration into their heart, gut, sex center, base of the spine and all the way up and out the top of the head and circulate it back down through the body into the Earth. The key is using your body as the vehicle for merging heaven and earth. When you bring the peak experiences of your past and merge them with your ideal future in this present moment, it fills the body with intense joy and love. When we start opening up the feelings of ecstasy in the body, miracles start naturally occurring in their daily life.


How can we deliver ourselves from the slick and crafty traps of the ego?

The secret is knowing that you are pure awareness. This pure awareness that you are is like a fire which cannot get stuck to or attached to anything. Is there anything that can get attached to the fire blazing off of the Sun? You are just like the sun, and when you realize this, then nothing can hook itself into you. No thoughts, no ideas, no identity, and especially no ego trip. When we try to hold onto a thought OR resist a thought, we are getting attached to the identity/ego and you will feel some form of suffering. Suffering is how you know you’re living from your ego and not Source.

Simply keep a vigilant watch for anytime the mind gets attached to thoughts, beliefs, feelings or ideas. Notice when it happens without concern, and relax back into the fire of pure awareness that you are. If you suddenly get emotionally triggered about something, there is an attached ego trip awaiting you to be explored. Look deeply into it! See what deeper beliefs you have hidden unconsciously inside. This is the gift we are here to utilize for our spiritual awakening. There is nothing to fix, simply use your feelings of being upset to push you deeper inside to unravel yourself, discovering who you truly are.

Be always alert, always watching when you are up in the head. Notice what your game plan is. Are you trying to get ahead of everyone else, trying to achieve something great, trying to manipulate, control, dominate, be superior, or perhaps pretend to be inferior, play the victim role, think you are less than whole, or trapped in playing any particular role or small minded identity? Whatever your ego game pattern is, its your pattern and there is nothing good or bad about it. Just see your pattern and you will already be beyond it. The fire of pure awareness burns through everything…effortlessly and naturally.

Whenever you do find yourself stuck and realize that you are over-identifying with playing a role you want to get beyond, simply drop it like a bag of heavy bricks you’ve been carrying uphill for years. Don’t pick it up again! Sometimes we must feel the agony and pain of all the years we’ve been carrying this heaviness before we stop picking it up again and again.

It helps to be sensitive and be open to feeling what is happening inside your body at all times. Notice if the body is carrying any heaviness in the shoulders, back, neck, stomach etc. Investigate the cause of these feelings and see what story is attached to these deeper sensations. We are always carrying something and the more sensitive and aware you can become the easier it is to find and free yourself from the smallest fraction of suffering. Inside every feeling you have is the gateway to freedom. The ego will create every distraction possible to get you to continue staying small, stuck and limited. Notice your patterns, be gentle with yourself and let this lifetime be a constant release, a deep let go, into the God Source of who you truly are.


How can you motivate someone, who has very daily and conventional thinking to turn to spiritual awakening, higher awareness, and enlightenment?

It really depends on where people are at in their spiritual journey. I look at it as making popcorn, some kernels are ready to pop instantly into their biggest lightness while others would rather come out smaller burnt and charred. You can lead a horse to water yet if its not thirsty there is nothing you can do to make him drink. The biggest motivation I find for the conventional thinker is letting them know that they will be able to easily and effortlessly manifest all their hearts desires when the spiritual awakening comes in. When people realize that the spiritual path and the manifesting path are one of the same road home, then it truly becomes an exciting journey.

I find that some people who have had a mini-glimpse of the spiritual path often need a gentle reminder to re-ignite the light of awareness within. Your awareness never dies out, it just often is clouded by the mind’s thick conceptions and fabricated illusions. Other people may simply need a small kick in the pants to get them jumpstarted and excited about their life again, while others may need a really long vacation from their typical life, doing absolutely nothing and then suddenly God will find them. I find that almost everyone simply needs to learn how to relax deeply and completely into their body. When this happens the spiritual experience naturally finds them. So this approach is not so much about “motivation” as much as it is about learning how to let go of control, and release the many things that the mind is chomping on in the inner world.

For the common conventional thinker who desperately wants a spiritual connection as soon as possible, its best to go through a “spiritual boot camp” which means doing absolutely nothing but going for walks in nature, doing gentle yoga, sitting still and fasting on raw fruit/veggie juices for 10 days in a row. By becoming like a lazy slug in a puddle of warm mud, doing absolutely at little as possible, you are bound to relax deep enough inside yourself and drop into your innermost spiritual nature. If you allow yourself to get distracted by certain thoughts, or food, books, the internet, TV, your phone, friends, desires, or anything at all… it may take 20 more years before this natural spiritual awakening process steps in. Yet, I find that doing nothing gives you the doorway to everything. This simple procedure is by far the quickest and cleanest path to discovering the spiritual being you are. It is also perhaps the most rewarding too because you have to acknowledge that you are the master of your reality, that YOU are the one who created this experience and found this spiritually divine awakened being who was sleeping inside you!

For those people who want to take the longer route, the practice of sitting and observing silence for 20 minutes a day is a great place to begin. They will want to start with relaxing their entire body from head to toe, and then following the rising and falling natural movement of the breath for several minutes. This is essential for the boot camp path as well, as the key here is to really relax everything inside, and have no agenda about what should or shouldn’t happen. Just let the mind become totally “unfocused” and bring your awareness to that which is aware.

This is not about using the mind at all, its about letting go of the mind. When the mind stops, the spiritual journey begins. Awakening means the mind has found stillness. Some people try to meditate for 25 years chanting mantras and doing prayers, japa etc to stop the mind, yet as long as the mind is still engaged you cannot find God. The mind has to be freed for God to find room into your life, so this is a deeper letting go…of your entire life, identity, desires, dreams, and trusting the awakening process. As long as you make your spiritual exploration filled with wonder and childlike curiosity, you’ll be successful. Just keep allowing yourself to experience whatever shows up and totally dissolve into it. The Universe will show you the way and let you see what is left when the mind is gone.


Can anybody achieve deep connection with their Divine self? I’d help you if I reframed the question to say can anyone relax into the connection with their Divine self that is already here now?

The answer is YES, anyone and everyone has the power and ability to relax and let go. It’s really just a deep letting go process. The depth and divinity of your divine self has qualities that instantly come through when you spend time relaxing into who you already are. Its like coming home to your best friend who’s already at your house, waiting for you on the porch. It may take you some time for them to reveal their deepest secrets and most profound life experiences to you, or they may show them to you right away. It really depends on your listening, your courage to be real, and your willingness to turn your attention consistently towards their deepest divine nature.


What is the connection between the manifestation of joy, abundance and health in our personal life and raising the consciousness of the entire Planet?

These are one of the same. When one person shows up in their highest most enlightened self, it gives everyone permission and guidance to do the same. We are all intertwined and interconnected with each other on a deep psychic, spiritual and metaphysical level. No one mind is separate from the Universal Mind. This is a wonderful thought to meditate on. Think about your own personal connection to the greater whole, to the Universal Mind, and notice when your mind expands what that feels like in your body.

The moment a person becomes spiritually awake, they feel a deep peace inside their heart and this impacts everyone around them. It’s the spiritual awareness of the individual that adds to pool in raising the consciousness of the planet. Awareness is the fuel for ascension, and it comes flooding with ecstatic feelings of joy, abundance, peak health, love and freedom! Anyone who is sensitive will catch onto their vibe and increase their own vibration and consciousness naturally. As long as everyone understands that there is no finish line in life, nor an end to the higher levels of love, bliss, joy, and abundance then nobody will get caught in some deluded spiritualized ego trip.

My guidance says that when just 10% of the people on this planet are fully opening their “joy valve” everyday, and living a super conscious healthy loving life, the entire consciousness of the planet will catch the wave and within 6-7 months escalate every being on the planet to an entirely new level. Now that may be a bold statement, yet I feel its very believable. Happiness is contagious, and when you’re spiritually awake you are deeply happy about every little moment of your life. Do you notice how contagious it is to be in the same room with someone who is authentically happy? When they are bubbling with gratitude or truly living a life they love, they have a simple positive feeling about life. When you see this in them, you then either have to either join them, criticize them, or you leave the room. The vibration is that powerful. If you’re in the center of a huge room filled with 1000 people who are authentically happy about their lives, for your own sanity you cannot criticize or leave the room, you have to go deeper inside yourself and move through your negativity and convert to this higher frequency. If you leave the room you inner world will become even more confused, stuck and challenged before you fall asleep that evening.

When a person is physically close to someone living in a state of true authentic happiness their aura picks up the others bio-magnetic frequency and that subtle energy raises their consciousness whether they are aware of it or not. Our bodies act like radio towers, constantly broadcasting signals out into the world. We can feel and create changes within the minds and hearts of other people we are connected to on the other side of the planet. How many times have you had your mom or a close friend call you the moment you were thinking about them? This happens because we are deeply metaphysically interconnected with each other. If you’ve heard of the hundredth monkey effect, I believe it is a real phenomena, yet the big question for you is, “Are you that 100th monkey?” and if you are what are you doing this week to create this spiritual awakening in your life?

I find that if you want something bad enough you just have to ask the Universe for it from the bottom of your heart and it will come. If you’re living in integrity with yourself, it will come faster and easier. Those people who live a life devoted to love, trust, good deeds, gratitude, laughter and lightness will always have their basic physical needs met (such as clean water, food, air, shelter and community) and they naturally have a doorway to higher consciousness. They make their connection with the God Source their priority, because they know they are here to grow spiritually. Their life is a perpetual dive inwards into the exploration of their connection to the God Source and its higher consciousness. The bigger the group of people who are doing this, the easier it becomes for everyone to be living in joy, gratitude for life and appreciation for each other. There’s often this domino effect where when one person is deeply inspired, everyone else falls in line, tending to create a more joyful, abundant, positive, free existence.

Humans are not much different than the fish in the sea who all turn and move together as one consciousness simultaneously. It may appear that there is an individual “leader” of the group, yet it is the collective consciousness that is steering the pack. On a social level, as the wave of spiritual awakening sweeps across the world, people are realizing that living in suffering is totally ridiculous and unnecessary. It’s like in the 70’s when enough people on the planet came together accepting the fact that racism was some ridiculous low vibration attitude filled with judgment and prejudice. Soon after this it became a common understanding throughout the entire world where everyone rejected racism and accepted equality as a common fact just because it felt good. I believe we change to new levels of consciousness because it simply feels better. When enough people wake up to realize the infinite joy, power, and divine manifesting power that is naturally available inside them, everyone else will see this, catch the wave and ride along.


Can anybody become a master of manifestation? Is it necessary people to have any training in advance in order to visit your seminar?

Only the people who believe that they can master manifestation will be able to. You’re thoughts create your reality. If a person is willing to do the work; meaning they are willing to let go of sabotaging limiting beliefs, AND get super excited and clear about the dream life they want to create, then yes anyone can do this. It’s not necessary to have any past training to attend my seminar. My only criterion is that you show up with an open mind and heart and be willing to look inside at who you think you are, and be ready to move into an unlimited unbounded experience of who you really are.


What will the people learn and achieve from your workshop in Bulgaria?

People will learn how to raise their vibration, get clear on what they want to manifest in their life, how to remove their blocks in the way, and how to use a few of the manifesting techniques in my manifesting manual which will help them attract their dream life with effortless ease. I’m going to give the group my special personal secrets to manifesting and all the practical tools they need to start creating the life they truly desire. Everyone will get a copy of my super manifesting program so they’ll have a huge toolbox of techniques and actual audio manifesting meditations they can listen to which will help them raise their vibration and manifest their desires.

When you look at what people will learn on an individual level, it really depends on what their soul is needing to learn at this time in their journey. If you try to push yourself too hard and are not relaxed enough, you will miss one of the most important lessons which is all about trust and letting your desires come to you. Or perhaps if someone is too lazy to look inside at their issues and do their inner work, and choosing to be in denial instead, then that person will not manifest many results. This workshop is all about a deep life transformation from within, and it includes a deep honesty and integrity with yourself where you are willing to put all your cards on the table, let go of the ego, and trust the learning process.


Do you know anything about Bulgaria? What attracted you to our country?

Honestly, I know very little about Bulgaria. My guidance told me to go to Europe this summer and so I did. When I told people on my facebook what I was doing, I was suddenly asked by my friend Maya if I would give a workshop and it felt right so I did! She then volunteered to organize everything to make this workshop happen for the people here…so you have to thank her, she is amazing!


We all look forward to meet you soon in Bulgaria. What is your message for the Bulgarian people? Thank you so much!

My message is simple. Just be open and honest with yourselves and with each other. Remember that you are always connected to the God Source so you have nothing to worry about. You always have access to an infinite source of love, wisdom, knowledge, power and bliss! So share this information with others, talk about that which you cannot speak about, let go of all your limiting ideas about yourself and be truly free. For some practical advice, when you’re with family and friends, truly be gentle and kind. Stop drinking, smoking and doing any drugs as these limit you, dull your mind, and make you unable to tap into your infinite manifesting power. Do a 36 hour fast, a cleanse, and drink raw green veggie juices.

Your consciousness is deeply impacted by what you put into your mouth, so alter your diet to eating 70-80% alive raw foods in the summer and root veggies and soups when its cold in the winter. Eat as much green alive food as you can, this is the fastest way to instantly raise your consciousness and vibration. Check out all the pages on my manifesting webportal for more enlightening insights and information. I’ve got an enlightening email list you can join for free. You can sign up for my FREE Enlightened Messages email list and receive my weekly enlightening articles and 30 days of free enlightening emails by Clicking Here. Thank you and have fun!!

Interview done on August 1st 2012, questions given by Martina Genkova-Ivanova of Sofia, Bulgaria. Click Here to view his Bulgarian Manifesting Playshop!


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I hope that you learned something about yourself from reading my interview. If you have something enlightening to share, please feel free to contact me as I am open to any feedback that you have.

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