Kundalini Meditation

This Kundalini Meditation Program will IGNITE the most Powerful Manifestation Energy In Your Life!

What you will experience…

  • A complete guide to awakening your Kundalini
  • Deep healing experience of the body, mind and emotions
  • The technique how to let the most powerful cosmic healing sensations enter your mind and body.
  • Profound spiritual inner peace and complete quietness of mind chatter.
  • A possible full blown Kundalini awakening that will manifest the most amazing enlightening experiences throughout the rest of your life!

In this enlightening program you’ll receive:

  • Jafree’s special video containing ancient secrets about the Kundalini
  • The essential instructional video teaching you how to awaken your Kundalini
  • A detailed PDF guide containing the foundational steps how to awaken the Kundalini
  • A 30 minute guided audio MP3 meditation to open your chakras and awaken the Kundalini


 A few side effects of an awakened Kundalini Meditation include:

  • The full realization of your Infinite Nature
  • Deep mental, emotional & physical healing
  • A dramatic increase in consciousness
  • Feeling whole, centered, and truly alive
  • An empowering state of being
  • Ability to manifest desires easier and faster!

“To tell you the truth, I loved the Kundalini Meditation. I like the ‘gentle’ emphasis, and I absolutely love the voice, tone, and flow!!!! It was very relaxing and hypnotic. If that was you on there, it was fantastic. Perfect.”
~Jamie Denson, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Why Explore Having a Kundalini Meditation?

Have ever felt like you were missing something truly amazing and magical in this world? Do you ever feel bored, or that every day is basically the same and your life tends to be going nowhere special? These issues are caused by a lack of spiritual connection to Source and a “sleeping” Kundalini”.

Most of us have been trapped in past programming from childhood, parents, society, and emotional experiences deeply embedded in the subconscious mind. When you ignite your Kundalini and start to awaken it, a profound understanding of your entire life and the world instantly comes through. You are no longer “dead” to the world. A bright, joyful, conscious awareness of every person, place, and thing around you shines through!

“Thank you! I just listened to the Kundalini meditation and something amazing happened. I suddenly started to cry, yet had no thoughts, and no judgments about it. Then an image of a small child came to me, sitting at the sea shore on a high mountain and suddenly the next picture was this story of a ” star-money” little girl, who appeared in front of me standing in the night with her dress flowing in the wind. I felt like very good things were coming to me from the Universe. It impressed me greatly and am looking forward to doing it the next 90 days! I’m really enthralled about this meditation and the voice you have Jafree. I wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face!”
~Kerstin Warkentin, Dusseldorf Germany

In my personal experience of awakening my Kundalini in 1994 there was a cosmic understanding of the Universe that put everything into divine perspective. It INSTANTLY eliminated the dramatic and painful illusions that have been running my entire life in seconds! It provided a spiritually whole feeling and deep connecting experience within myself and the entire world.

I have brought my personal knowledge and Just peace to your mind and can alleviate years of potential future suffering and inner struggle. This guided meditation will help you to relax and give you more understanding of how to feel peaceful, powerful and truly healed in your life.

“While browsing for a Kundalini meditation one day, I came across a face I intuitively know, a soul I clearly recognize whom I can best describe in this lifetime as Jafree the Great. Jafree is a very old and very wise soul who has incarnated at this critical transitional time on Earth to aide suffering mankind in his constant struggle for Higher Truths and ever greater personal achievements. Jafree is a true blessing to mankind, a divine instrument able to brighten even the seemingly darkest paths with his proverbial magical wand, his gift of Higher Truth to all those who seek it. Through Jafree’s sweet, soothing energy which he emits through his carefully articulated yet simple words if you are actually ready for rebirth, that is precisely what you will receive.”
~A.B. Rome, Italy

This guided Kundalini meditation produces a gentle relaxation in the body, and perhaps a powerful rapid transformation in your life. A Kundalini awakening helps you to understand who you are, and the amazing power within you. It will teach you how to relax, and the more you know how to relax, the less fear you have in your life. Awakening your Kundalini can help you to manifest exactly what you heart desires!

Learning how to awaken your Kundalini is one of the most powerful and life-transforming experiences we can have here on Earth. It is an amazing spiritual awakening and true healing gift you can give to yourself. Your body-mind is the greatest playground you have for experiencing life… you might as well learn how to truly enjoy it!


“This morning I woke and was nudged to download your Kundalini Awakening Meditation, so I did. WOW is all I can say! My body was so ready for this… The wow part for me was that when I was done with the meditation and I stood up. I swear I was a foot taller (no pun intended but maybe it is) \My left foot has been bothering me for months, with burning tendons and painful when I would sit then stand up (the pain recently had me hobbling like an old woman) yet when I stood up after this meditation, there was no pain, not in the tendons and not in the nerves burning as I step…nothing but perfect balance and support. I LOVE IT! I also want to comment on the amount of excited energy that I feel coming from the 90 day program How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration. It feels like a cellular effervescent. When I hold the material to read it, the atmosphere vibrates with excitement, a truly blessed experience.” ~Victoria Page, Prescott, AZ

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