Orphan Indian Children

Donate Whatever You Can to Assist our Favorite Orphans in  India!!

Jafree Ozwald the founder
and creator of EnlightenedBeings.com

I have been to India four times, and each time I go I fall more in love with the homeless children that I met in a town called Tiruvanamali.  Since 2006 I’ve been helping them feed, clothe and shelter the orphaned unwanted children in this town.  It has been one of the greatest feelings in the world to see their happy faces when I arrive.  I had my 41st birthday party with them, you can see a few photos below! I’ve found such a great love giving to the people of India.  Just seeing the IMMENSE gratitude on their faces is life changing.  The past few years we’ve helped people donate thousands of dollars to these precious beings in need of attention.  I hope you can help as it is truly an amazing sensation to know that you are helping these orphans receive the bare necessities that most people take for granted. The man who runs the shelter goes by the name “Babu” and I stayed with him and we stayed at his house for 2 weeks when I was there for my birthday in February 2011.  I’ve seen the work and progress they are doing, and he is a very good soul as he has devoted his entire life to this children, so I am 100% of your money will go to the right place.  Here are a few pictures of these orphan Indian children and some other photos from my last trip. 



How did this Orphanage Indian connection happen?  In 2006 I decided to visit the town of Tiruvannamalai where my spiritual teacher Ramana had sat in a cave for 17 years inside the mountain of Arunachala in the early 1900’s.  One day near his ashram in town I was walking down the street and a man came up to me with his hand open and his eyes full of hope.  I didn’t think twice when I looked into his sweet humble eyes and  handed him 50 rupees (about $1) as he put his hand over his heart, looked me in the eyes and bowed in gratitude.  The tears started to flow as I realized this unknown person was giving me more love, gratitude and a feeling of sacredness than I had felt from anyone in years.Just a few hours later, the most wonderful surprise came when I went into an internet facility to check my email.  I started talking with the owner who was a young man and he was talking about how he just started a facility to house, clothe and feed the orphaned Indian children there.  My heart was sooo open that I could feel how HUGE his heart was, and how deeply he cared for these orphans who were either physically disabled or abandoned by their parents.


This was the day I met Shiva Nadanakumar (or Babu as he likes to be called) and he has provided a home where these orphaned children can sleep, eat and be cared for by adults who donate their time. He provides clothing, medical care, and enabling activities that help them to acquire an education.  Here’s a picture of the kids after receiving a few toys from someone with a loving donation!





How Can You Help Out?

Send your donation in via our paypal button!

 My trusted friend Ali Najafi is helping me get the funds to Babu and the children every month.

Once your contribution has been sent, please email a message to Babu atsnkumar123@gmail.com He will email you photos of the children and how they are doing and growing every year!!

To contact Babu directly in India, phone him at  0091-235686 or 237311 or his mobile  0091-9842836383 

Please remember that Babu’s English is not perfect yet please Feel free to connect with him for he would love to hear from you directly!  Please remember however that India is approximately 10 hour ahead of EST.  This is a tax-deductible gift that will change your life and theirs!


The Arunai Mission

To promote social & child welfare programs for children in Tiruvannamalai India. The primary focus is on the development of children, girls, and women of all communities, so they develop all-round character — physically, mentally and spiritually — regain their self respect, and become able to support themselves and live a life of dignity and respect in the mainstream of our society. Click here to see pictures and read an individual profile on each of these children.

For more information visit: Arunai Children

Sending many many m many bessings to you!