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Any donation you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Please know that whatever amount that makes your heart sing is the exact right amount. 

Thank you sooooo much for supporting my mission of awakening this planet into 5D Consciousness!! 




Send loads of cash, big checks, or fun happy gifts to my Colorado address at:

Enlightened Beings
22672 E. Long Dr.
Aurora, Colorado 80016

My Life Mission: The Awakening of Planet Earth

I am here to help facilitate a new era of conscious enlightened manifestors that reign the earth.

I see exactly what is needed to assist humanity in the assimilation of the 5th Dimension and how to bring the collective together to enlighten this planet and upgrade the consciousness of humanity.

My vision is by 2023, we will have raised the vibration of the Earth and ignited a spiritual awakening for 51% of the population.

My plan to do this will be from igniting the Kundalini Consciousness of billions of people into the realization that we are all God Beings manifesting our individual realities through this human form.

Thank you for any support you can offer to assist me in this mission…

Energy Exchange for Enlightened Beings Products

Everyone deserves to be able to experience my enlightening materials. If you like any product I sell and feel that you cannot afford this enlightening experience, then you can donate the amount you feel in your heart is right for you and your conscience.

After you’ve sent your donation then contact me and let me know which products you’d like to me to email to you!!

NOTE:  It’s best to never feel guilty for any energy exchange especially for not being able to afford whatever I am charging, just know that whatever money you can contribute which opens your heart, relaxes your mind and makes you feel abundant inside, is going to be the right amount to gift.

Think of life as a “spiritual investment” in yourself and know that whatever FEELS good for you is enough.

As the law of abundance states, the more we can give, the more abundant we feel, and the more abundance we manifest in return.

It’s all fuel for the quest to realize that deep down you are an all-powerful magical manifesting being at the core.

Even though this material 3D world doesn’t look spiritual, it is.

Everything isn’t based on the 3D laws of karma, cause and effect, because you are an infinite eternal soul whose value is priceless beyond it all.  Enjoy!

Sending $920,000 in blessings to you!