Kundalini Awakening

What Is Kundalini Energy and How Do You Awaken It?

Your Kundalini is an infinite reservoir of spiritual-sexual energy that fuels all the passion, purpose, and aliveness in your life. It is the most highly sensually alive energy you can imagine.

Typically in modern society, it gets stuck and trapped or falls “asleep” at the base of your spine. This is where all mental, emotional, and physical dis-ease begins.

When you experience a Kundalini awakening you feel healed. You feel you can change anything in your life. You feel you have direct access to an unlimited source of energy, intelligence, and the feeling that you (the soul) will never ever die.

The instant a Kundalini awakening occurs, you see the grand spiritual truth behind everything. You perceive the world, yourself, and every person you meet as aspects of The Divine.

Because you realize God is in all, you are communicating with everything, understanding it is all super intelligent Conscious Energy that supports you in whatever it is you wish to create in this world. Everything you communicate with has this flavor and quality of an enlightened consciousness behind it.

Yet, perhaps the most amazing result of a full-blown Kundalini awakening is what happens when it moves through your relationships with others. It gives you the experience of pure trust, love, and connection because you experience the higher Divine intelligence in everyone.

Thus, you drop all the fear of intimacy, and all resistance to love. Your body lets go of any judgments, blocks, or unlovable parts that were there for perhaps decades before.

When the mind is consumed by Kundalini energy it feels soooo awesome and powerful inside you that your mind automatically is clear from any destructive or negative thought that was blocking you from knowing yourself and others as the Divine. You see God is in all.

A Kundalini awakening removes the veil that stops you from seeing the world as it truly is. It opens the door to your spiritual Self, the real abundance of love, and the sacred union with the Divine that is in all of us.

When your Kundalini awakens it rises up your spine, often it feels like warm tingling sensations exploding throughout your body. This is the spiritual power purifying you and bringing you into your highest state of consciousness.

An awakened Kundalini contains the most expanded states of energy, cosmic thinking, and blissful feeling of being loved imaginable. You’ll experience an unlimited comprehension of Reality, a taste of what total freedom from suffering is, and possibly what enlightenment is like.

Your body is constantly flooded with feelings of absolute ecstasy that it doesn’t matter what you do with your life, you always make the best decisions.

One of the most magical aspects of a Kundalini awakening is the level of healing energy that becomes available to you. You realize that you have the power to heal yourself and anyone who is open to being healed. The power of Kundalini is so fierce that it knows no limitations.

This spiritual energy inside you becomes extremely contagious to all human beings who come in contact with you, they walk away feeling happier, higher, and freer. You naturally enlighten the world by just being yourself. Now, this is something to really get excited about!!

I’ve found one essential secret to having a full Kundalini awakening is the depth of your commitment to your spiritual path. How devoted are you to finding, feeling, and seeing God within everything and everyone you meet?

How devoted are you to letting go of doubt and letting in trust? One way to see how devoted you are is to explore how relaxed and at peace you are around people who tend to cause you the most suffering.

When you are devoted, you are practicing great compassion towards everyone, including those who are closest to you. Your body relaxes deep enough which is what gives the Kundalini the space to move through you. In your total devotion to relaxing into this God connection, you will eventually and naturally awaken the most amazing power in the Universe…your Kundalini!

It’s good to know that the Kundalini is already inside you, she is just sleeping. If you shake her from her deep slumber without the right foundation it can disrupt your typical experience of “reality”. This can be positive or negative, it all depends on your perspective. Yet, if you have the spiritual foundation to support her, it will be a very enjoyable experience.

To begin your journey towards awakening your Kundalini today, practice your Kundalini Meditation daily. There are many ways to ignite her, yet the main one is to breathe golden light up and down your spine as often as you can all day long. While you’re driving, standing in line at the store, showing, cooking, eating, resting, watching TV, whatever you’re doing you are breathing and this is an opportunity to invite her deeper into your body.

To help you attune your body to the highest vibration of Kundalini energy I have a very special Guided Meditation to Awaken your Kundalini that will take you on an inner journey to ignite this awesome power.

The next key secret is to welcome whatever thoughts, energy, issues, or people you are running from and trying to avoid. These are your teachers and one who has a Kundalini awakening will always run towards these parts to explore the cracks and crevices where a deeper love and compassion is hiding. Kundalini is the great expander of happiness that knows no limitations of any kind. The next step is to ask yourself this deeply intimate question…

“What do I most need to let go of to be
100% at peace with myself today?”

Everything is an emanation of the mind. Whatever you believe that you need to change or achieve in life “out there” to arrive in life, is only another morsel of cheese that keeps you hooked into the rat race.

The only thing that will give you a feeling of total peace inside is becoming one with God. So, my suggestion is to stop running and completely turn your attention to your natural sensual connection with the God-Source within you.

The more can relax into the God Source that resides at the base of your spine, you will discover the Kundalini is sleeping there waiting for you!

You may want to know that a Kundalini awakening is an experience that can be the greatest blessing in your life if you are devoted to your spiritual path, or can be the worst curse you have ever encountered if you are not devoted to spiritual growth. It all depends on your reference point, is this happening to me or for me? This paradigm shift depends on how attached you are to your ego/identity.

To make that step beyond your ego is the golden secret to opening the 10,000 doors for Kundalini to flow through you. To drop your ego you must simply honor one thing. That you are an infinite soul that will never die.

You must know deep in your heart and soul that you are not just a physical body and that you are a spiritual immortal consciousness as well. Perspective is everything when it comes to handling a million watts of Kundalini energy pouring through you!

The bigger and more inclusive your perspective is on the spiritual being you are, the easier it will be for your body-mind to accept the divine Kundalini awakening experience and be healed by it.

Another factor in initiating your Kundalini awakening depends on two major factors. How sexually open and sensually alive you are, and how receptive you are to having a total spiritual life transformation.

When your sexual and sensual energy is fully open and aligned with the Source, then the path is energetically paved for the supernatural power to naturally flow through.

If you’re a woman, the Tantric Sex Goddess blossoms and spreads her succulent petals outward, and the men become an Enlightened Masculine presence to guide Shakti through the world.

It’s not just about your sex center. There are opening gateways of orgasmic energy all up and down along the spine. The heart is one of the biggest orgasmic centers, for you can feel like you’re being penetrated by Divinity and have a full-on Heart Orgasm.

When the main 3 chakra centers from the solar plexus down to the base of your spine are solid, relaxed, and still enough your Kundalini can feel safe enough to rise up to ignite the crown.

When you go through my Kundalini Awakening Program, it will pave a golden internal road for her to rise up inside your spine, creating an ecstatic, sensually healing, and spiritually liberating Kundalini experience.

The guided meditations in my Kundalini program will train your body to remain open, strong, and free in the face of challenging life situations. It will also clean up the blocked channels in your body so you can fully receive this amazing healing energy. You can instantly download this meditation now and I also have many empowering/healing manifesting meditations in my online shop.

Opening up your Kundalini ignites hidden channels of creative energy, and will inadvertently inspire you to become a more conscious, healed, and alive spiritual being. It will allow your life to become full of gratitude, love, and joy…more than ever before!

It’s good to understand that the Universe will not give you an experience unless you are ready for it and truly need it on some level. If your Kundalini is deeply blocked and sex is painful, it means there is trauma still locked in the cells and wounded memories in your body that are trying to be healed. Be gentle with yourself! This is the golden rule to healing all sorts of energetic and emotional wounds.

If you’ve heard any stories about how awakening the Kundalini has made people go “crazy”, there is a ton of energy in there, and feeling out of control, beyond your normal paradigm of thinking are symptoms of the ego melting away. The Kundalini is the cosmic orgasmic fire that burns away the ego and liberates you into your spiritual path and God-realized nature.

This is the way we all become purified from any past, present, or future suffering! The Kundalini is truly amazing, as she brings total healing and purification to your entire body and mind.

I feel that the most beautiful secret to having a blissful Kundalini awakening is opening your heart to love. With love all things are amazing. So move into your meditation slowly, respectfully, and consciously. Let love be your guide always.

The ego has this tendency to want instant results and rush into experiences to find immediate gratification. Be careful, this will only cause you to delay from truly awakening her, and creating a conscious communion with Her awesome power. If you are truly invested in your inner spiritual focus and are devoted to finding the spiritual adventure of your life, then love will find you….just surrender to it!

The Kundalini wants to rise up your spine and explode out the top of your head, giving you a direct download connection with God. It is designed to do this for you and will carve the spiritual path ahead of you so you easily can see where you need to go. By simply meditating on the Kundalini energy at the base of your spine, you will feel an expansion of energy and can invite up many tingling sensations into your spine bringing you waves of sweet enjoyable energy.

Making the decision to initiate a Kundalini Awakening in your life is by far one gift you can give yourself. You will enjoy everyday life soooooo much more. Every taste, smell, touch, and sight will have a deeper spiritual dimension to it. It is truly another level to living this life!

I invite you to check it out by starting with listening to my Kundalini Awakening Program below. It will help you take that first step inside yourself to discover what a divine spiritual being you actually are, and find the real adventure that your life truly is. Enjoy!

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