Enlightenment Experience

How to Experience Enlightenment

The 4 Steps to Experiencing Your Enlightened Nature


By Jafree Ozwald

The experience of spiritual enlightenment is something any human being can attain. It not just for the elite few who are special. The experience is available to all human beings who have a burning desire to be free.

Enlightenment is a very dramatic shift in perspective on life that creates a powerful life changing transformation inside. The experience can occur instantly at anytime. It can happen for you faster than the speed of light, and ironically make you feels as if you are light itself.

In the enlightened state, you feel like you can travel anywhere instantly, manifest anything you want instantly, and experience anything you desire at any moment. All the normal limitations you have had on yourself are gone. What’s left is a miraculous experience of life where it feels like a thousand doors of possibility and opportunity are opening for you in each new moment.

I was fortunate enough to have a samadhi experience (a tiny taste of what the enlightened state truly is) when I was 25 years old. Everything inside my mind went completely silent, and there was total stillness throughout my being that did not go away for a very long time. There was no “me” left to feel separate from the Universe in any way. There was only a constant state of perpetual trust, deep relaxation, immense love, and constant communication with the Divine Intelligence that is all around us.

For the next 3 months, my spiritual adventure took me deeper until I was totally immersed in a deep Samadhi Experience. This is about as close to “Enlightenment as one can reach. There are many higher levels of Samadhi that one can attain, yet just reaching the first stage is completely amazing. You can read more about these stages in the book How to Know God and I have a more personal detailed version of my experience in my autobiography.

Enlightenment is just not something that one can describe with words and do it justice. It is a perpetual experience of God inside you and all around you. There are truly no physical words that can describe the awe that is found in this state. You could say it is a state of pure being, that is free from the ego/mind. Your awareness is 1000% free from the chattering desiring ego and you are in constant connection with such a deep silence and stillness underneath the mind.

Stopping the mind is not easy, and takes tremendous focus, patience and persistence in learning the art of surrender. There are some tricks to getting the mind to stop which I’ve created this guided journey to help you bring your entire body to complete stillness.

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One of the ancient secrets to experiencing enlightenment is learning how to use the mind to transcend the mind, and drop into feeling deeply connected with the infinite all loving powerful Source inside your heart.

When you can keep your mind centered all day long (for many months) on the source of awareness, that space from which all your thoughts are arising from, you’ll find the mind gets quieter and quieter naturally. You feel a deep oneness with all life forms, and a perpetual feeling of peace follows you wherever you go. This is one of the first signs that you are about to have an experience of enlightenment.

When you’re in the enlightenment experience, there is this realization that the world, yourself, and everyone in it is absolutely perfect just as it is. You feel, see and know the divinity within it all, knowing the Divine Intelligence is behind everything.

When even for one moment you can feel, see, and experience the divine order in everything, there is such a great warm love in your heart, that feels like nothing else you’ve felt before. It feels like life will last forever. You realize there is no death. You see the truth that you are a soul who will never die, and that everyone is in the same boat as you!

When you are having an experience of enlightenment, every action in your life becomes very very easy because deep down at the core, your essence is finally at peace and completely at ease. There is no struggle with life, nor anyone you meet. You don’t try to push things to go faster or better. You simply accept everything exactly as it is.

Enlightenment occurs naturally when we deepen in our spiritual practice and are consistent with it. A constant focus towards the unlimited source of love, consciousness and power creates a more enlightened, empowered, loving state of being in you.

When you have raised your vibration enough, your mind will relax and see the blessing in everything. This relaxation is a state of emptiness where you are surrendered to the vastness of this infinite Universe.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the experience of enlightenment is…below are 4 simple steps that you can take today to begin moving into it this week…enjoy!

kundalini yoga

The 4 Steps to Experience your True Enlightened Nature

To prepare yourself for this massive paradigm shift and drop into the experience of enlightenment, take 5 deep breaths into your heart and open it as wide as you can.

STEP #1 Lay down or sit in a very relaxed position and start requesting (and perhaps commanding) your body to relax. Tell each part of your body from head to toe, to let go and trust the experience of life to come in fully. It is essential that you learn how to totally relax and let go of your entire body for several minutes BEFORE you go to the next step.

STEP #2 With your eyes closed, imagine you are millions of miles up deep in the infinite empty space above Earth. There are billions of brilliant stars all around you loving you, yet you feel this deep infinite vastness all around. Totally let go of your body, mind, beliefs, desires, thoughts about everything who you think you are on Earth!

STEP #3 Become this vast emptiness! As you are letting go of your sense of self you will naturally start merging with the empty vastness. Listen to the silence as if it were coming from between and beyond the stars, inside the void of empty space. Take as many minutes as you need to fully experience this vast silence and emptiness. Here you will experience the enlightened and unlimited potentiality of your very being.

STEP #4 Explore who and what you truly are. Deeply explore the possibility that you are an infinite soul who exists within an unlimited body of matter, consciousness & energy. You are a drop in the Ocean AND can become the entire Ocean itself.

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“In a single moment, in one stroke, you can become enlightened. It is not a gradual process, because enlightenment is not something that you have to invent. It is something that you have to discover. It is already there. It is not something that you have to manufacture. If you have to manufacture it, of course, it will take time; but it is already there. Close your eyes and see it there. Be silent and have a taste of it. Your very nature is what I call enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something alien, outside you. It is not somewhere else in time and space. It is you, your very core.” ~Osho

IMPORTANT NOTE: To fully drop into this enlightening state we must be able to let go of all forms of mental clinging to this world. Meaning that we have prioritized our spiritual journey, and the material world comes second.

To experience deep profound states of meditation you must realize that who you truly are is pure conscious creative loving energy. Here you have no boundaries on what is possible in your life, and feel truly unlimited and free! There is nothing you cannot do, have, or become in this space. With much patience and practice you will come to know that this vastness is who you really are, and discover how your heart is your real home.

This is our natural state of being, where we are free from all mind chatter and any attachment to the mind. The bliss you experience here is beyond words. As we become more present to this Infinite presence living inside us and all around us, we reclaim our spiritual awareness, real truth and discover a real spiritual life.

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Experience Enlightenment by Meditating on These Thoughts…

You manifest everything that happens to you in life.

Notice how you’re the soul creator of your reality.

Great power comes from letting go of everything.

Who is creating this moment now?

What is really happening right now?

Relax…all the information you need is within.

Your life may be dry like an old well. Just dig a little deeper, you will open up a wellspring of new energy.

The more you relax the less Life withholds from you.

Look inside, who is experiencing this moment?

All good experiences start as positive thoughts.

Wisdom is intelligence with awareness.

Motivation happens the moment you replace “I have to” with “I get to.”

There are only opportunities in your life.

Your life is the opportunity.

Forgive yourself.

Enlightenment happens the moment you are fully here now.

Happiness is your natural state of being.

The Conscious Energy exists in all things.

You are always the center of an infinite Universe.

Who is the master, you or your mind?

Thinking creates unconsciousness creates, while being creates consciousness.

Bliss is a choice.

Within every experience is the perfect response.

Keep one agreement sacred in your life…

love yourself all ways.

Freedom is to love & accept every decision you make.

No one is more aware of your next step in Life than
the silence between your thoughts.

Every emotional, mental & bodily process is here to awaken you.

Everything you need for enlightenment is being presented to you right now.

Sacred agreements create self-confidence.

Sooner or later you will have a peak experience in your life.

Unconsciousness is a form of resistance.

Silence is the best medicine for the Soul.

Now is the only moment time exists.

If God gave you the choice every moment
to be right or happy which would you pick?

Self-forgiveness ignites the power to claim your life back.

Boredom is a lack of imagination.

Apathy is anger without enthusiasm.

Fidgeting is the mind’s way of not being in the body.

Every situation has a message & teaching for your Life.

The moment you fully accept yourself, everyone else will.

Unworthiness is the game we play to make others love us.

Everyone will accept you exactly as much as you let them.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you to let Life in.

A heart is filled the moment it is shared.

All you know now is everything you need to know.

Gratitude is the foundation of abundance consciousness.

It’s not what you say that’s important, but the essence between your words.

You can never escape from spiritual growth.

To connect fully with someone, vulnerability must be present.

Here & Now always where & when you’ll be.

Right now is the source of your awareness.

You are either a master with an EGO disguise, or an EGO with master amnesia.

The Universe rewards pure consciousness, not thoughts of it.

Be aware what you speak of in this Universe, something is always listening.

Listen to your body, it’s smarter than you are.

The only constant in this Universe is change & the awareness of that change.

Changing your perception of the world simply creates a new & improved illusion.

Look within for bliss, & the outer world must give you ecstasy.

The world is conscious energy & information in temporary physical form.

This day is already good, just allow yourself to feel it.

Every moment you are conscious you are exploring God.

Everyday Enlightenment lacks worry & concern.

Suppression is the fear of expression.

Love is the expression of no fear.

Resentment is the avoidance of feeling hurt by another.

Your inner child is the main guide for your inner master.

Relaxation is the only way we can prove we are trusting the Universe.

Trust is the Universe’s way of saying, “I am with you”.

Desires are the souls expectations of the future.

How you think creates what you feel…& vice-versa.

All pain, tension & dis-ease naturally dissolve in relaxation.

Deepen & soften your words to the wisdom that’s beneath them.

Life is energy vibrating with an attitude.

True power comes from finding stillness in eternity.

Deep thoughts uplift your very soul…so make one up.

Bliss is seeing God everywhere you are.

The biggest love is to do it all for God.

Do what you love & you’ll love what you become.

A genuine smile will think happy thoughts.

Self-love is the only thing you need.

The heart speaks the language of fulfillment.

All that surfaces from inside is connected with infinite depth & meaning.

True power comes the moment you discover your true Self.

Freedom happens with an easy & effortless way.

Life gives us exactly what concerns us.

Imagine you already have what you most desire.

Emotions are the weather report of your soul.

To experience God, connect with all that is in you & outside of you.

Give what you want to deserve.

Enlightenment happens in a moment of eternal patience.

Stop, breathe & listen to your soul.

Hope is taking baby steps to having Faith.

Your biography is a reflection of your imagination.

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The Experience of Enlightenment Happens…

When you let up off the gas & just coast down the great internal hill of relaxation.

When you stop trying to make it happen.

When you get really easy on yourself.

When you care more about God’s agenda than your own.

When you can fully relax into any space inside yourself.

When you stop selling yourself & start sharing it.

After Un-enlightenment.

Even when the most traumatic events are happening.

On a very subtle yet powerful level of experiencing your being.

When you detach from all thoughts & allow yourself to truly experience nothing.

When you let go of everything that’s creating inner conflict.

When you step into pure vulnerability within each new moment.

In this moment whether you think it does or don’t.

Even on the other side of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Even to those few people who you deem unworthy of the experience.

In the most simple yet profound ways.

To erase all this unconsciousness.

To whomever can trust the infinite process of life & death.

If you ask & believe it to (sincerely).

When you live from the realization that experiencing

is better than thinking of an experience.

When you are always present to (yet not attached) your thoughts & emotions.

Everyday. To someone somewhere in this Universe.

When the time comes for you to truly awaken.

To people who really practice loving themselves & others.

When you discover who is really running the movies of your mind.

To those who are ready & willing to understand the complete truth of their life.

When you let go of planning & pretending.

When you live for each moment & know the

“Future” exists only as this unbounded unlimited potentiality.

Every time you release something “un-enlightening”.

After you identify your Ego & relentlessly love it until it melts away.

When your Ego is resting & totally at ease.

When you can speak & think only positive words about yourself.

When you least expect it.

After the struggle.

In every culture & religion on the planet.

To normal people like you & I who just decide

to wake up from the illusion of the dream.

In the path of least resistance.

For people attending to their infinitely conscious being.

When you do self-inquiry, deeply asking…Who am I?

So that you can release the past.

Just cause it feels better.

When you’re happy no matter what happens.

When you don’t have any more problems, only opportunities.

When you realize that “the Law of Cause & Effect” stems from your own personal imagination.

When life becomes whatever you want it to…all the time.

“Do not try to bend the spoon, that is impossible. Instead only realize the truth, there is no spoon. Then you’ll see that it’s not the spoon that bends, only yourself.” ~The Matrix (movie)



When you are ready, you will naturally take the ultimate step towards mastering your mind and moving into the experience of enlightenment. This happens when you totally stop whatever you are doing, thinking, and trying to achieve in your life. Right now, realize that if you want to become enlightened, you have to surrender everything. Yes, to give up your entire ego is the only way you can create enough space to let a drop of the enlightened experience to come in.

The divine experience of enlightenment is too big for the mind to create. It is not anything you can “achieve”. It is found through letting go of all these ideas about what it is and what it is not, and surrendering to that which is beyond all of your ideas. When you are free from all thought, then you start to experience the infinite soul you truly are.

Once you realize and know in your Heart that you are an Infinite Being who will never ever die, then the experience of enlightenment automatically finds you. You cannot let go 99% and expect it to be enough to experience enlightenment. You must surrender 100% of your ego. When you truly allow for this one simple truth to manifest a dynamic shift in your consciousness forever!

To reach the point of 100% surrender, it is very good to know that each experience you have in life is the “right” experience. Every challenge, opportunity, desire, love, and stuckness is a lesson that you are here to learn and transcend. This is why you came to Earth! To evolve and grow as a spiritual being.

Do not get caught up in the multitudes of illusions and distractions of the outer world. Sure, enjoy your taste buds, and all the wonderful pleasures your senses provide. Yet, always know that life is a grand play and you are merely an actor on the stage. Your body is here to provide you with an outrageously fun exploration of life, yet know that the greatest enlightenment of your life is when you can find total peace with everything.

To find this divine peace you must discover that there is a vast nothingness within everything. As the wise masters say, “In emptiness is form, and in form is emptiness.” Quantum physicists have proven this today in there research. It is only through letting go of your mind’s attachment and association with everything that you can discover this all powerful nothingness. The Universe is constantly guiding you home, giving you assistance to discover this bliss within

The loving Universe is a safe place to live and is supporting you all the time to awaken your greatest potential. Yes! There exists a divine energy that loves and accepts you more deeply than anybody you know or possibly can.

Look deeper inside and you’ll

find your Infinite Nature…

When you have found the experience of this emptiness inside, you have found a very enlightening place to reside in. Here you can ask yourself, “What issues in my life do I need more clarity, vision or understanding in?” If you get stuck in fear or cannot see your issues, just rest in this emptiness. Your personal issues will fade away, for they are like particles of sand between our toes. Depending how you walk they either grind at us or massage your feet.

The personal experience of enlightenment occurs in this relationship with total emptiness. Only here you can deeply understand how you are permanently and intimately connected with an All-Intelligent Universe. Yes, all your problems are your greatest teachers in disguise, so explore your life with a childlike curiosity. Life has a greater wisdom for you than you can conceive of because the entire World is designed to awaken, enlighten, heal and empower you.

Enlightenment happens very fast and will instantly occur when you continuously realize all day/week/month long that every thought you have is connected to a cosmic intelligent web of energy, love and information. Your mind is not in your head, it is found in between every atom in this Universe. You are connected with the Universal Mind.

This is your true enlightened mind and an exponentially increasing flow of transformational enlightening insights will happen to you the moment you let go and dive deeper into trusting this Infinite Source of Intelligence. When you do you’ll notice your body becomes very relaxed, empty, soft and open to almost every possibility that comes its way.

Supreme states of Bliss are happening right to people ALL OVER the planet…right now.

As you become more curious and patient with yourself in life, you’ll become wiser, sweeter and more powerful. With deep introspection you’ll evolve very quickly. The more time you spend looking within, you’ll naturally discover that you have even more time to explore your inner world.

It’s good to sit very still, like a stone statue for 5 minutes a day, to start quieting your mind and practicing meditation. In the beginning it may seem like you’re not making any progress whatsoever. Just keep diving deeper into your being. Truly explore your heart, mind and soul. If you feel you’ve already done this, you haven’t. The inner world is an infinite exploration. Once we have an idea that we “know it all” we become imprisoned in the Ego’s realm of illusion.

Notice everything that is working, right and true. Forget about everything that is not the way it “should” be. That is simply ridiculous!
If a certain problem or issue keeps arising in you and will not go away, sit with it. Face it directly. Write about it. Talk to it, then talk about it with someone else. Listen to the mental chatter that’s constantly in your head. It is pointing towards the answers if you follow with curiosity. They are re-occurring because of unlearned life lessons from ignored past issues that were there to awake you to realizing the infinite being you really are.

Nothing is by chance. Every atom in the Universe is highly intelligent and conscious.
As you spend more time in meditation, you’ll start to experience degrees of enlightenment. You’ll see that your inner blocks and personal issues slowly fade into the background of this vast stillness. You may notice in deep meditation that you naturally drop into a state of stillness in the body and there is a certain depth and non-movement to your breath. This is a sign you are going deeper. Do not worry, you will not die. You cannot die, you are an infinite soul! Your body will breathe for you when you need it! Simply observe the stopping of the breath as you drop deeper inside to your core. Do not judge anything that occurs (especially yourself). Learn to simply be with what is happening on the inside, on the outside and witness.

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A Galactic Fairy Tale
by Michael Lightweaver

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there were all of these little light beings just hanging out enjoying life in that joyful & timeless dimension.

And then one day a very large, magnificent angel came to them. He had a very serious look on his face. He was looking for volunteers for a very important cosmic mission.

“We have this small – but very special – planet out at the edge of the Alcyon galaxy called Gaia. It is quite unique like a beautiful garden and it is teeming with hundreds of thousands of different life forms. It has been something of an experimental station in the galaxy and it has a most interesting humanoid life form that incorporates the very highest and lowest frequencies known in the cosmos.

It is in fact the very epitome of dualism. On the one hand it is an incredibly beautiful life form and is capable of carrying the highest frequencies of love, light & joy known throughout the whole Universe. On the other hand it is capable of carrying the densest and darkest frequencies the cosmos has ever experienced – frequencies which the rest of creation evolved beyond eons ago.

Here is the current situation. Within the domain of time, this planet goes through periodic cosmic cycles. It is now coming to the end of two major cycles – a 2,000 year long age of Pisces and the 25,000 year long cosmic year in its journey around Alcyon, the central sun of the milky way galaxy. With the completion of this cycle, many things are coming to an end and many things are about to begin.

But most importantly, the planet is experiencing an infusion of light that is dramatically increasing it’s frequency. As during any major time of transition, there will be a certain amount of turbulence.

Some of this will be geological, for Gaia herself is a living planet and is also evolving. But much of it also involves the hominoid species that dominates the planet.

This will not be a particularly easy time for the species – especially for those who are sleeping and those who are vibrating at the lowest frequencies. As the frequency changes it will create insecurity which in turn will create fear.

The first era of evolution on this planet was the physical era and the key word was survival. The second era, which is now ending, was the mental era and the key word was logic.

The third era, which is now beginning, is the era of the heart and the key word is love. This is the highest frequency.

Those who currently hold the reign of power on the planet are of the old order of the physical & mental. To the extent that they can make a graceful transition to a heart centered and divinely guided life, it will be an easy transition. To the extent that they are unable to do this, they will experience much turmoil.

So this is the current situation of Gaia. The reason I am here is to seek volunteers who would be willing to incarnate in humanoid form on the planet at this time to help make this an easy and smooth transition.

We have sent prophets and teachers in the past. Very often they were brutally persecuted or killed.

In other instances they were set up as “gods” to be worshiped and these humanoids built elaborate religions and rituals around them and used these religions to control each other. They did everything except follow the simple teachings that were offered.

So this time we are trying a different approach. No more prophets, saviors & avatars that they can use to create religions. This time we are sending in thousands – actually hundreds of thousands – of ordinary light beings with only two assignments:

1) Stay in your heart. Regardless of what happens, stay in your heart.

2) Remember who you are, why you are here and what this is all about.

Now that seems easy enough, right? Unfortunately, No! As I have said, duality has reached its peak on this planet. This species has perfected the illusion of good and evil. The greatest challenge you will experience is to remember Who You Really Are, Why You Are Here and What This Is Really All About. When you remember, you will be able to stay in your heart, regardless of external events.

So how will you know when you are forgetting? It is easy. Watch your judgments. The moment you notice that you are in a place of judgment you will know that you have forgotten Who You Really Are, Why You Are Here and What This Is Really All About. That will be your signal.

Now here is the challenge. Life on this planet will require a great deal of discernment – wise evaluation of what is true, what is appropriate and what is for the highest good, both for yourself and for the planet.

In many ways discernment is similar to judgment. However, you will know when you are in judgment and when you have moved out of your heart when you are in a place of blame.

We know how challenging that this planet can be. We know how very real the illusions on this planet appear to be. We understand the incredible density of this dimension and the pressure you will face. But if you survive this mission – and it is a voluntary one – you will evolve at hyperspeed.

We also should say that we know that some of you who will go to this planet as starseeds, will never germinate – never awakened to the remembrance of who you really are. Some of you will awaken and begin to shine, only to be choked down by the opinions and prevailing thought-forms around you. Others will awaken and remain awake and your light will become a source of inspiration and remembrance for many.

You will incarnate all over the planet; in every culture, every race, every country, every religion. But you will be different. You will never quite fit in. As you awaken you will realize that your true family isn’t those of your own race, culture, religion, county or even your biological family. It is your cosmic family – those who have come as you have come on assignment to assist in ways large and small in the current transition.

True brotherhood and globalization in its highest form will come only in remembering Who You Really Are, Why You Are Here and What This Is Really All About. It will come as you return to the true temple of Divine Presence, your heart, where this remembrance takes place and from which you are called to serve the world. So, are your ready? Good!

Oh, and by the way, there are a couple of other minor things I should mention…… Because of the density, you can’t operate in that dimension without a space suit. This is a biological suit that actually changes over time. There are many things we could tell you about this but our orientation time is short so I think you can just jump in and experience it.

You should be forewarned, however. There will be a danger that if you forget who you really are, you may think you ARE your space suit instead of the fact that it is simply your vehicle in that dimension.

Once there, you will notice that there is an infinite variety of space suits and a great deal of attention given to these. However, in spite of the infinite variety, because this a planet of duality, they all fall into two basic categories called ‘genders.’ Again, we really don’t have time to go into this now. But you will find your relationship with your own space suit to be most instructive and interesting.

The other little thing is this. In order to operate in that dimension, you will also receive a microchip called a ‘personality.’ This is like an identity imprint that, along with your space suit, will essentially make you different from everyone else. This will allow you to participate in the hologram there – something they call ‘consensus reality.’

Once again, there will be a real danger that you will become so engrossed in the holographic personality dramas that you will forget who you really are and actually think that you ARE your personality. I know it sounds rather unbelievable right now, but once you get there…..

Again, there is so much more we could tell you by way of orientation, but we think you can learn the rest experientially ‘on site.” The only thing that is important is to remember Who You Really Are, Why You Are Here and What This Is Really All About. If you can do that, everything else will work out fine.

But take note: So few really DO remember this they stand out as ‘different’ and others called them ‘Enlightened” or ‘Awakened” and similar terms. Strange isn’t it?

Well, Good Luck & Bon Voyage!!!

(for a more self expressed and joyful human race)

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There is a global wave of enlightenment already in progress. The world is simply waiting for YOU to join! How to dive in? Sit still every day. Become the center of your cyclone. Be sooo quiet and very still that you rest deeply in your innermost being. Then, get curious about the Source of WHO you are. Open yourself to this God-Source that is everywhere around you and within you. Welcome this within you at the innermost core, and know that you are an eternal being who is infinitely connected to an unlimited Source of unlimited intelligence, power and potential energy! Return back into this deeper understanding and higher awareness all throughout your daily activities and truly enjoy your life!! ~Sending sooo much love to you! ~Jafree

“There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you experience is a direct manifestation of where you focus your attention and hold your vibration. You can attain a higher vibration by relaxing deeper…and resting in your essence (your Divine Presence) as MUCH as you possibly can…” ~Jafree



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