Spiritual Adventure

Life Is A Spiritual Adventure

The Secrets to Experiencing your Life As a True Spiritual Adventure

By Jafree Ozwald

Life is meant to be an adventure. We come out of our mothers womb as a tiny baby, and in a certain amount of time our body no longer functions and we go through the portal of death. With this as our unavoidable destiny, how can everything that happens after we are born not be an adventure? From birth, we are destined to have an amazing wild ride.

When we realize this truth, that death is always coming closer with each day we are alive, we take our first step into this spiritual adventure. We start to truly appreciate each moment we are here, and get to be alive. We take more time to enjoy our heart beating, and our body breathing. We appreciate every sensation, feeling, thought and desire that passes through our body.

The only reason we stop seeing the beauty, feeling the appreciation, or enjoying the spiritual adventure, is because we forget that we are spiritual beings here for a very short time. Desires of the world become more important than enjoying this precious now moment of life. We live in the future and past, yet rarely surrendered to the now. When we are not being here now, we start suffering instantly.

If there is one thing in life that instantly will relieve us from any suffering we are in, its returning to the core spiritual truth of what and who we are. We are spiritual beings who are temporarily borrowing this physical human body. We are that which is aware of the body, watching the thoughts passing through the mind. This means we are the observer and thus must be separate from the physical forms.

It may be helpful to stop and ponder what it means to be a spiritual being. Have you ever thought about it? Exactly what is spiritual energy? Everyone has a different explanation, and yours is perfect for your life.

“Enlightenment begins the moment when you are not and God is. It is a moment of absolute harmony. A window opens and you can see the whole sky. You are no more confined within the walls of your body and mind. A lightening happens and all darkness disappears” – Osho

What is Spiritual Energy?

Through years of deep contemplation and meditation on this subject, I’ve come the the understanding that spiritual essence is not energy as we know it. It is beyond matter, energy, substance, feeling and thought. The spiritual realm exists, and is a real world (like this one) yet it exists beyond the 3rd dimension of this physical world. The spiritual realm exists in the 5th dimension. This 5th dimension is behind everything that we know to be time or space, and is precursor to all forms of consciousness. It is the wall that supports the blackboard which is the great Universal canvas of where we experience all of life.

If you dive deep enough into the spiritual subject, one cannot say that the spiritual realm is a type of “energy” since our scientists cannot see or explain it. There are no instruments to measure, find or detect spiritual energy. Spirit is beyond energy, form, matter and exists beyond everything that the mind can fathom. So if there is nothing to scientifically prove that the spiritual world is real, how can we know for sure that it exists? How can we know that anything we believe is true?

In my years of spiritual research, there is quite an overwhelming amount of evidence that our experience of life continues after the body is dead. There are thousands of people who have died and came back to share their NDE experiences, so we have considerable proof that consciousness and memory goes on after death.

In this TED talk by Anita Moorjani she shares her personal experience of dying and then going to the spiritual realm where she was told to come back to her body. Her case has documented scientific proof that she was dead, and she shares her miraculous story about how her spiritual essence contained the power to completely heal her physical body. The doctors could do nothing to bring her back to life after she was clinically pronounced dead in the hospital from stage 4 cancer. Her life is a great example of what it means to live life as a spiritual adventure!


“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” ~A Course In Miracles

The greatest spiritual masters have all said that, “I don’t live in the body, the body lives in me.” What this really means is that they know who they really are is something bigger than the body. Their true essence cannot be contained by the body. They understand that this physical body is an amazing sacred vehicle that gives them this temporary human experience of life.

When we remember this truth, we instantly return to the Reality that we are connected to an infinite eternal source which can take on any shape and form. We see that what we are does not die when the body is gone. The moment we realize that we cannot die we stop taking everything of this 3D world soooo ridiculously seriously and start enjoying the spiritual ride we are on.

How to remain on your spiritual path and transcend the experience of suffering?

If you’re willing to unlearn everything that you believe is true, you can remain on the spiritual path forever. In order to become enlightened, we need to let go of everything limiting. The mind is full of limitations, beliefs, rules, morals, and rigid social belief systems. All of these have to be renounced as lies that block us from our spiritual truth if we wish to dive into the experience of enlightenment.

When we are truly willing to let everything go then something miraculous happens. We cannot lie to the Universe. The Universe knows if we are holding on by a thread of fear or 100% surrendered to trust. It is only when we live at 100% trust does everything we do become a spiritual adventure.

The real spiritual adventure is about learning how to experience an amazing spiritual life within the ordinary life you already have. It’s not about getting rid of all your possessions and moving to a local ashram in India. Sure, not having any possessions of the physical world will give you more time to sit around and do nothing. You’d be forced to suffer or find some form of peace by diving into the spiritual essence of who and what you are, yet you can spiritually awaken in the life you have.

The secret to turning your life into the real spiritual adventure it was meant to be, is a very powerful secret, and so it is one that you may tend to be afraid of. You probably will try to avoid it because it will bring out a tremendous transformation and change everything about who/what you think you are. Are you ready?

The great golden secret is learning how to welcome every feeling, thought, emotion, and experience you cannot welcome. Allow yourself to experience whatever experience you are avoiding. Embrace who and what you cannot face, and explore every negative experience as if it was the winning lottery ticket given by the Divine Universe. There is a reason why the beautiful lotus flower blossoms only when its roots are deep in the mud.

The second secret here is even harder to find as it is contained within the first one. You cannot find peace in the experience of ONLY welcoming negative experiences. You must welcome the positive experiences as well. This life contains both positive and negative experiences to give us direction and dimension. When we allow for both to co-exist together, we find inner peace (the 3rd side of the coin) and our true spiritual nature.

The experience of Enlightenment is available to you, yet you may need a few weeks of training to get your vibration up high enough to taste it. Explore how you can transcend this dream, become the master of your reality and create a whole new world with my FREE Quiet Mind Meditation Download below. It is guaranteed to soften the walls so that a true spiritual experience can blossom inside you! Enjoy!



“The quieter you can become, the more you’re able to hear.”  ~Ancient Chinese Proverb