The Samadhi Experience

samadhi-experienceThe Samadhi experience is one of the most mind blowing powerful spiritual experiences anyone could have. I was blessed to have a taste of samadhi in my travels through India in 1995 at the young age of 25. It literally took me by surprise, wiping clean any attachments I had to my ego/mind or limiting identity in a matter of seconds.

It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in life before. I felt complete oneness of the Divine all around me and through me. There was nothing but an open hearted connection to everyone and everything all the time. This short Samadhi experience I had lasted only a few months, yet it was so huge and such an enormous shift in consciousness.

I received a download of information from this samadhi experience I had, which came in the form of 8 essential steps needed to enter the Samadhi experience. Each one is powerful and life transforming…enjoy!

The 8 Steps To Having a Samadhi Experience

Written by Jafree Ozwald

1.Live as if everyone and everything was put here just to enlighten you.

Surrendering to the deeply wise and divine teacher within everyone and everything awakens that very aspect within yourself. When we are open to receiving that which we are most needing to hear, see and experience, our highest and greatest learning has room to grow and blossom in our everyday lives.

2.Release all concern for what others think of you.

Be independent of everyone else’s opinions and judgments. Don’t take any judgments personally. Be centered in who you are and listen to others points of view without being defensive or entangled by their perceptions of their world. Be clear and independent in your thinking!

3.Honor the infinite power behind your word and thoughts.

Know that everything you say and think actually contains a sacred powerful manifesting energy from an Infinite Source. Be impeccable with what you think and say. Respect your thoughts and words as if they came from the most powerful and greatest loving being you can imagine in the Universe. Honor every moment and be aware when you are consciously arrogant or ignorant about the way you approach other beings. Your word and your thoughts are the golden key to creative infinite power.

4.Be Fully Awake To The Now.

Being fully awake to what your experience is now (in this moment) is a sign that you’re paying attention to the whole Universe. Everything is happening now. To miss this moment is to miss your entire life and everything in it. Abundance is ONLY happening right now. Being present means not thinking about being here, but really being here, now. Experiencing the body, the breath, listening to the mind and its thoughts. Being centered in your heart and the breath is the ultimate way to reach the core of this amazing enlightening experience of inner bliss.

5.Trust Your Experience.

Trust will automatically happen to you when you give yourself a special time each day to be still, quiet and connect with the ever present consciousness within you. This is the most sacred experience of all. Being in a peaceful, meditative and completely still space inside, we notice that an ever-present consciousness is always happening inside. Let your mind take a rest and observe the witnesser of this experience, watch the watcher, and notice who is aware of these thoughts and experiencing these feelings now. Be still and know that you are God.

6.Reveal and Heal Your Shadow Side.

Expose, engage and transform the emotions and thoughts inside you that feel heavy, sticky, and unhealthy. Consciously explore what it is that you don’t want to face or talk about in your daily life. Uncover reveal and discover what are you in denial about and release it. Let the light of consciousness shine in. Let your dark side be seen and fill its place with forgiveness peace and love. Let the goodness fill your entire body and mind.

7.Respond To People Consciously.

Stop reacting to life in the old way, with the attitudes or emotional programming that deaden you. Respect the divinity in yourself and in others. Responding to them with your fullest presence is letting them know that you are truly alive! Let them feel the real power of your passion and purpose here on Earth. You are a beautiful consciousness. Let random people intimately into your life!

8.Let Go, Love and Laugh!

Love and appreciate who and what you already are! Play and laugh at yourself everyday!! Do funny things that inspire you. Let the pure joy of being alive pour through you every morning and evening. Appreciate everything in your life and everyone in your life. This gift of life is the greatest blessing you have. Below is a powerful meditation I’ve created to help you step into having an amazing Samadhi Experience. The secret as always with any spiritual exploration is to enter with an open mind and heart. Notice your experience and continue opening yourself up to a higher state of peace.

Inner peace is a choice and it is always available at the core of your being.

“The Samadhi meditation is great! I have been meditating for about thirty years using various techniques but have not found one that would take me into the ‘silence’ as quickly and deeply as yours. I ran a small meditation group of fourteen last evening and introduced them to your Samadhi meditation, and without exception, all of these ‘wannabe’ meditators claimed that they had not been taken so deep before.” ~Bill Ellis, Wrexham, United Kingdom