Kundalini Yoga

“There is nothing good, nothing bad; thinking makes it so. All is God. In the worst there is God; in the best there is God. Beyond God there is nothing.” ~Yogi Bhajan

What is Kundalini Yoga? 

There are over 22 different types of Yoga in the world and they all have one thing in common. Their essential goal is to bring about a spiritually enlightening experience of deep peace, a vast understanding of the Universe and an unstoppable energy in your life. All this occurs through awakening your Kundalini. This is your gateway to unlimited energy that can ultimately assist you in transcending the ego.

Mastering your Kundalini is mastering your life. It is an ancient science long forgotten and is now returning to enlighten the planet again. The ancient yogis believed that once you’ve mastered all 21 different yogas, then you’re ready for Kundalini Yoga. In this day and age, if you’re not on some spiritual path, and significantly raising your vibration and consciousness everyday, you’re just creating more strife, struggle and stuckness than is necessary.

Kundalini yoga is one of the greatest practices you can do to increase your vibration and consciousness daily. Doing so, you’ll get out of the rat race and hop on the train to Nirvana.

Kundalini Yoga is an experience that takes you straight into your highest peak as well as deep into the core of your being. It is one of the most empowering experiences you can do for your body, mind and consciousness. The practice of Kundalini Yoga prepares your body so it can fully receive this awesome power of Kundalini energy. This Kundalini energy is soooo incredibly powerful that it can “short-circuit” your bodymind if it is not already strong, flexible and sound physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Doing Kundalini Yoga you are opening your body’s chakras (energy centers) as well as strengthening it on each of these levels. Once your body is strengthened and the mind is at ease, this unlimited reservoir of pure energy can move safely up your spine and through your body. A strong, open and receptive bodymind allows the Kundalini to become a part of your daily activities and transform your life in the most miraculous ways!

Igniting the Kundalini through yoga will eventually give you the understanding of how to attract and manifest anything you want in the Universe. We say “eventually” since it is a tremendous amount of energy, that doesn’t always come with understanding.

So there is a definite balance of allowing the energy in as well as maintaining a state of presence with it. The more you understand yourself, the easier it will be to access the Kundalini energy in your life.

kundalini yoga

Yoga is actually an ancient Sanskrit word that means, “Union with Source” and not just stretching your body into bizarre postures. Yoga is a 5000 year-old scientifically based system of breathing and relaxing the mind within a particular posture (Asana).

Yoga can actually slow down or reverse the aging process, and has thousands of other health benefits that you can research online. A true daily yoga practice allows you to harness the power of your mind by finding your connection with Source. This puts you into the most empowered state of being so that you can live that unimaginable life you always dreamed of!

How To Start Doing Kundalini Yoga?

Different Kundalini Yoga postures will yield different results physically, mentally and emotionally. Each Asana has its own unique posture and energetic path for you to reconnect with the Universe and quiet the mind. The Asanas are more than putting your body into a certain posture, they are an alignment and synchronicity with your breath, body and Presence… allowing yourself to slip into higher states of consciousness. Kundalini Yoga is famous for something called, “The Breath of Fire”. This is a powerful technique which blends an Asana with very deep and fast breathing and will clear out the cobwebs in your mind, energize your body with oxygen, and prepare your body to receive the Kundalini energy.

There are literally hundreds of yoga postures to learn in Kundalini Yoga, yet if you just start practicing a dozen or so, you’ll reap the benefits easily. To try to explain each posture on this page would be a major injustice. The ultimate way to learn Kundalini Yoga is to go to a class where the teacher has had years of experience with previous Kundalini Yoga masters. If you cannot find one of these classes then you may want to purchase a Kundalini Yoga video (below) and do them from your own home. These videos will guide you through many Asanas, as well as bring the mind and emotions into a higher connection with Source.

5 Kundalini Yoga Videos 

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Great for beginners to Kundalini Yoga!This one is my favorite!

Kundalini Yoga - Level 1Kundalini Yoga - Level 2Kundalini Yoga - Level 3

It is my experience that the goal of Kundalini Yoga is to ignite this amazing power inside you AND experience this truly magical and all-powerful cosmic God-being you already are. This happens only in the depths of stillness and silence within and after each Asana. Once the body becomes relaxed while holding each Asana this causes the mind to become very centered, still and calm. When your mind is calm, your life feels like it’s on track again and everything becomes more clear. This inner calm also provides the space for the Kundalini energy to start moving up your spine.

Many experiences may happen when you tap into this infinite source of Kundalini energy. If you forcefully try to awaken the Kundalini while you are in a very unstable mental and emotional place, it will intensify this instability and make you feel you’re going physically, emotionally and mentally insane. This insanity is temporary and can be relieved through many hours of deep meditation. When you gently awaken the Kundalini and are strong and flexible mentally, emotionally and physically amazing positive experiences will arise. You may experience a great feeling of being at peace with everyone in your life, find your body naturally healing from a major illness, being divinely inspired and creative about a project you once resisted, or even the sensation of being “one” with the entire Universe.

Why I love Kundalini Yoga is that it produces more profound results faster than any other type of yoga. The founder, Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the west in 1969 was a profound man. The number of people who have been impacted by Kundalini Yoga is reaching the hundreds of thousands around the world, and is bringing a greater consciousness, health and empowerment to people’s lives. Even if you aren’t interested in raising your Kundalini, Kundalini Yoga is one of the most health benefiting exercises you can physically, mentally, and emotionally, It has transformed my life and I know it will do the same for you.

If you’d like to experience high states of bliss daily start with learning how to raise your Kundalini with your mind. I highly suggest doing this specific Kundalini Meditation which focuses your attention on each of your Chakras, opening up the energy centers in your body and aligning them together. Doing this internal alignment combined with awakening the essential Shakti power at the base of the spine, you will find her awakening in a short period of time.

If we simply realize we are responsible for the divine creation of our life exactly the way it is this awakening will begin to occur. If we stay stuck in our mind, and are unconsciously choosing everyday to live a life that we do not want or love, the Kundalini snoozes away, patiently waiting for us to wake up.

To become totally conscious and realize that we are NOT just this ego-mind who is identifying with thoughts while feeling trapped in a body, is what the beginning of a spiritual awakening is about. In fact, if for minutes or hours you can stop being so busy up in the head with ideas ( past and future) and remain ONLY in the now, you can feel the Kundalini awaken inside you. As she rises up our spine she lets us know WE are this divine all-powerful intelligence and awareness itself. Siddhi powers are a side-benefit that come from an awakened Kundalini.

A few examples of Siddhi powers are having supernatural strength, sight, hearing, the ability of levitation, bi-location, instant manifestations, etc… Basically anything you can imagine beyond the everyday world is instantly possible when your Kundalini is fully awakened and your relationship with it has matured. Like the Kundalini, these Siddhi powers are actually natural abilities that each of us contains, yet through years of societal conditioning they have been suppressed and we have been programmed to believe they are malicious or wrong. They only become dangerous when one gets wrapped in their ego and believes they are separate from the divine God-Source. Siddhi power is as natural as the light, heat and energy from our sun above.

“There wouldn’t be such a thing as counterfeit gold if there wasn’t real gold somewhere.” ~Sufi Proverb

Kundalini: A Sexual Ascension

All our senses are MUCH more awake and alive when the Kundalini is aroused. Because she is sleeping around the sexual region of our body, when awakened often the first thing you feel is more SEXUALLY ALIVE! Thank God! The sexual energy is a beautiful divine feeling and is nothing to be ashamed of. All creation has come from sexual energy. Every human being you meet was created with an orgasm. Everyone!


When your Kundalini is active she heightens sensual feelings as much as creativity, inspiration, passion, new ideas and total aliveness! This all flows from a sexual-sensual feeling that is located not just down below but ALL OVER our being. It’s what makes you dance, sing and laugh spontaneously and yes even come to the point of releasing orgasm. Kundalini is a wild, dynamic sensual energy that only sleeps when repressed and suppressed. She awakens as an awesome and powerful abundant river of pleasure and bliss, that is always available when you give yourself permission to be sensually free! Especially when you are not consciously engaged in having sex. An awakening Kundalini comes from you letting go, and opening up to the freeing feelings inside you. She is the eternally renewal of energy that completely energizes your being, loving this world, and opens your mind to new levels of being everyday.

“For peace of mind, we need to resign as general manager of the Universe.” ~ Larry Eisenberg

Kundalini: The Greatest Healer

Kundalini is the source of all healing. All mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing comes from her rising up the spine. An awakening Kundalini can cause life-threatening diseases to miraculously disappear overnight! People who have spontaneously been healed from terminal diseases have been labeled as “the placebo effect” of certain sugar pills, are ALL from the radical healing powers of their Kundalini rising. Your Kundalini is the core life force in your body responsible for your whole healed state of being.

The most amazing benefit discovered from awakening the Kundalini is the profound experiences of healing on the body and the mind. She opens an energetic channel through each Chakra from your infinite source, which constantly fills your body with waves of bliss. No disease, negative feelings, poor attitude, or even undesirable situations will ever happen for you. Nothing that is even remotely painful that was hidden or stuck in your body has a chance of survival with her present. She brings to you the ultimate experience of Life, letting you experience yourself as the greatest height and depth of God’s being surrounded by an infinite eternal river of bliss.

“Remember that every new second is a fresh start, for you are never chained by the past of ten seconds or ten years ago.” ~Vernon Howard

How To Raise Your Kundalini!

If you continue to stay in the present moment, you will slowly dissolve the deepest of illusions our mind has been constantly re-creating about a true/false reality, and start seeing The Reality of an ever-present energy of divine bliss in everyone and everything. If we buy into the illusions of the mind at any moment, the cosmic Kundalini falls back asleep. She will do this until we are completely present again to the Reality of Existence found only within the Here and Now.

Staying consciously awake in this eternal moment, the phenomena of psychic abilities, paranormal powers and magical manifesting capabilities will naturally begin to appear. She will give you the ability to attracting anything in the Universe you desire. Because you are merging with the Kundalini’s infinite power, the body will no longer have ANY experience of having mental, emotional or physical pain. The experience of being bathed in an ever-present Source of divine peace and awesome power will be your new way of living.

If you are open and willing to step into your destiny as a divine being of God, read on. Awakening this incredible power is a very delicate and gentle process. We are connecting with the greatest energy in the Universe. It is so powerful we need to be very tender with it, to allow it in.

When each of the seven major Chakra centers in your body are ignited, you will step completely out of the time-bound world of the ordinary and into the most extraordinary super-natural realm of your being. The God and Goddess within you will become very apparent to all, and you will absolutely know without a doubt, the truly magical and all-powerful cosmic God-being you truly are. This is the ultimate goal of the human experience.

“It is difficult to live in the present, ridiculous to live in the future, and impossible to live in the past. Nothing is as far away as one minute ago.” ~Jim Bishop

“This morning I woke and was nudged to download your Kundalini Awakening Meditation, so I did. WOW is all I can say! My body was so ready for this… The wow part for me was that when I was done with the meditation and I stood up. I swear I was a foot taller (no pun intended but maybe it is) \My left foot has been bothering me for months, with burning tendons and painful when I would sit then stand up (the pain recently had me hobbling like an old woman) yet when I stood up after this meditation, there was no pain, not in the tendons and not in the nerves burning as I step…nothing but perfect balance and support. I LOVE IT! I also want to comment on the amount of excited energy that I feel coming from the 90 day program How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration. It feels like a cellular effervescent. When I hold the material to read it, the atmosphere vibrates with excitement, a truly blessed experience.” ~Victoria Page, Prescott, AZ

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