Enlightened Sex Secrets

Enlightened Sex Secrets That Create
a Long-Lasting Loving Tantric Relationship

Written by Jafree Ozwald

These Enlightened Sex Secrets will awaken your spiritual connection with God!

Below are my 3 Personal Sex Secrets which are an erotic spiritual invitation for you to open your heart, enlighten your consciousness, and liberate your soul from our society’s sexual suppression.

From the very beginning of humanity, sex has been the most natural way to discover our spiritual connection with the Divine. The natural endorphins released after 2-3 hours of sensual touch and lovemaking catapult the body into a deeply euphoric state of bliss. In this enlightening space, the fear-based clingy ego no longer has any rulership over your mind or your life.

Through a deep tantric connection and multi-orgasmic release, the importance of achieving, scheming, or attempting to fulfill the ego’s desperate demands is forgotten. We instantly experience this natural spiritual communion with the Divine. The deepest state of trust, love, and relaxation is immediately experienced, and we find a true feeling of absolute unshakable inner peace.

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” ~Joyce Meyer

I suppose if sex was supposed to have a ‘goal’ in your life, the main purpose would be to learn how to have Sacred Tantric Sex. In my world, this is the highest human experience easily available to all humankind. This type of sex comes naturally when we relax deeply into our bodies and access our full spiritual nature. At this level of relaxation, you are not bound by the normal limitations of the body. As the orgasms multiply, you assist each other to ascend into the highest states of consciousness.

This divine meeting of each other’s bodies, minds, and souls, beckons a spiritual awakening in your lovemaking. As you and your partner ride the waves of your exquisite sensual experiences together, your hearts merge and melt as one. Every breath you share deepens your relationship and heart connection, forming a tantric bond containing the most sensitive love and healing intimacy.

If you have any form of sexual invasion, betrayal, or abuse from your past, it can be challenging to imagine initiating this journey into Enlightened Tantric Sex. My suggestion for you is this. Breathe, speak, and move very slowly and be extra gentle with yourself and your partner. Breathe much deeper than normal, and invite in the most courage and trust into the process. Everything heals with time, love and patience. Anything is possible if you remain open in your mind and heart.

“If you could only keep quiet, clear of memories and expectations, you would be able to discern the beautiful pattern of events. It is your restlessness that causes chaos.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Enlightened Sex Secrets to ignite a spiritual awakening in your life!

Enlightened Sex Secret #1

Learn how to communicate from a place of deep vulnerability,
radical honesty, validation, and devotion.

Enlightened Sex is a gift you give to yourself. Once you can give it to yourself, then it will spill over into your partner. This is the essential key to opening the door to the Divine. These sacred qualities are not hard to find, they are our natural state of being when we are relaxed about who we truly are.

Only through a process of being truly open, vulnerable, and revealing what’s holding you back from feeling at one with your beloved, can you deepen your heart connection to reach this higher multi-orgasmic enlightened state. It is only through deep vulnerability that our heart feels safe enough to open up with our partner, where the walls soften and naturally we step into the divine experience of real love.

The practice of reaching out to your beloved with an open honest vulnerable heart allows the Divine to enter and the spiritual connection to come flooding in. The egoic walls start crumbling down when you choose in each moment to dive deeper into intimacy and release this over-protecting habit of defending and upholding your ego.

Vulnerability is about extending yourself beyond what you feel is your “comfort zone”. This means you must go beyond the neediness of your ego and come from the real confidence of your relaxed, surrendered, cosmic soul. It’s about opening up all the doors with your partner.

Talking about whatever you cannot talk about, as this will open the door to real intimacy with each other. If you cannot open up to your beloved, who can you truly open up to? When a couple can experience total honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability on a verbal communication level, it causes all the deeper doors to open on the sensual, sexual, and orgasmic levels.

“The wound is where the light enters you.” ~ Rumi


Enlightened Sex Secret #2

Practice Tantric Exercises on date night to increase
your energy, connection, and consciousness.

These are deep, heart-opening, exploratory fun ways to discover the Divine within yourself and your beloved. Practicing tantric breathing together begins with allowing yourself to totally relax, and release all your stress, problems, and concerns with each exhalation which can dissolve many mental stresses and bodily symptoms. In a few minutes, you can be transported into a state of absolute bliss with your partner.

The process starts with surrendering through the stuck emotional energy happening between you both while feeling into your vulnerability. As you continue to relax and breathe deeply together, you reconnect with the original love that your souls have for each other. It’s a sacred bonding experience where you both consciously devote yourselves to discovering the Divine connection because you start seeing each other as the Divine. 

A simple tantric exercise you can do right now is this. Sit or lie down as close and cozy as possible with each other for 15-20 minutes, and practice deep breathing, releasing sounds on the exhale while gazing into their eyes. You’re looking into their spiritual essence, having soft eyes, a gentle open heart, and touching each other’s skin in a way that allows you both to melt any discomfort or boundaries between you. On the exhalation, you are making an emotional sound of letting go of any resistance, fear, or any energetic stuckness that your body is holding onto from your past.

The main practice is to look beyond the physical form, through their personality and into their soul. Soul gazing is by far the fastest way to create a long-lasting loving tantric relationship. If you do this one practice for 15-20 minutes every day for a few weeks, and even if you were just about to have a horrific divorce, you can turn it around and manifest the most amazing reborn alive, and deeply connected tantric relationship that you can imagine!

If you and your partner are unable to do this exercise together, you’re most likely caught in a deeply stuck ego-based relationship. The power struggle between egos is the main cause for all breakups. If you’d like to know if you are in an ego-based or soul-based relationship, check out my article about Soul-Based Relationships.

“Being content with what you have is priceless” ~ Buddha


Enlightened Sex Secret #3

Move as slowly and deeply as possible,
melting into a highly Tantric sensual experience.

The slower you can go, the more juicy, rich, and ecstatic the experience can become. Slowing down is the best way to create the safest and most loving space with your partner and also within yourself. When we are rushing through any experience in life, we are missing out. We cannot fully taste the succulent depth of life if we are hurrying through it.

Slowing down starts with choosing to be emotionally, physically, and mentally relaxed, allowing everything to be as it is, and choosing to explore a state of timelessness inside you, or feeling that infinity is all around you. Only when you feel that you have all the time in the world, can you find God.

This slow conscious approach to connecting in intimacy with each other allows for full creative expression. This allows you to explore your sexuality in any way that you choose. As you adventure into new territory always practice accepting and appreciating yourself just as you are, no matter how your partner reacts.

Whenever we are fully self-expressed, there may be some things that might initially shock our partner, which later will turn into excitement. So be patient with your partner and always come from a place of vulnerability, authenticity, and honesty. With these 3 pillars, you cannot fail.

Lastly, it’s good to know that the more we can let go of our past, honor and respect our partner for who and what they are, and never hide anything from them, in time we will naturally dive deep into each other’s soul and rise in the greatest love, joy, and ecstasy. The path of enlightened sex is an amazing one to follow and it requires a fierce love that is like none other. Enjoy your journey and as I mentioned before, always always always be gentle with yourself.

Are you ready to Dive into your first Enlightened Sexual Experience?

With or without a partner, you can begin having an exotic erotic experience today. The first step is to start activating your Kundalini Shakti energy at the base of your spine.

This ancient divine energy will bring you into direct connection with the Goddess within her and the God within you. Many Tantra techniques will awaken your Kundalini and allow you to experience yourself (and the whole world) as the Divine Loving energy it truly is.

One of the most powerful techniques can be found in this guided meditation to awaken your Kundalini (below). This gentle flowing experience will allow you to open up your charkas and truly explore the energy within you.

You will discover this powerful sexual aliveness when your Kundalini becomes activated! The energy can transmute all pain into pleasure and all sickness into healing. It is the key to unlocking the door to your greatest possible enlightening experiences in this life. Yes, it is possible to Manifest the Great Cosmic Orgasm with your partner this week!

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What you’re about to experience below is an entire program devoted to awakening your Kundalini. I’ve personally created this 21-day program which contains the essential key needed for having a Kundalini awakening that is a positive, healing, and spiritually uplifting experience.

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When the amazing power of Kundalini is awakened, you will see clearly and start experiencing the Divine within everyone and everything. You will feel a sense of deep calm inside you, and look at life from a much more spiritual perspective. The more you practice these unique Kundalini awakening exercises that I’ve personally discovered through my own body, the more magical your life will become. I personally guarantee it!!


How to Handle Sexual Trauma, Limiting Fears, and Shutting Down

When dealing with resistance, fear, judgments, or any contracted thinking in the bedroom, try to open yourself to the edge of what’s uncomfortable. Breathe and know that every experience in life is temporary, as well as this trauma. The enlightened sexual connection created will heal whatever past wounds you are carrying from your entire life. It is truly that powerful.

Remember, this journey is not for the haphazard immature teenager inside you. You are combining two of the most controversial topics in the world, “Enlightenment” and “Sex”. The melting and merging of these seemingly opposite contradictory subjects can open you up to discovering the vast free spirit dwelling inside your being. It must be taken slowly with gentleness and reverence if you are to see any long-lasting healing changes.

“The highest art in any medium can only emerge from a spiritual background.” ~ S.H. Sharpe

To initiate this healing journey towards enlightened sex, begin by noticing where you’re holding any judgments, assumptions, or strong beliefs about what your sex life should be. How do you and your partner connect in the bedroom right now? This is a reflection of how you treat and talk to each other outside the bedroom.

Practice being aware of where you are judging yourself or your partner without holding onto the negative thought and emotions behind it. Simply observe and do not judge anything. Whatever you see, simply shows you the level of personal openness and intimacy that you are co-creating with your partner. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong for why they are the way they are. Your relationship is a dance of both your ego’s desires, limitations, and karma.

 If you roll the movie back to watch what happened throughout your partner’s childhood and see just how their parents treated them, you’ll understand everything. The level of understanding and compassion you can adapt for your partner is a good measure of how beautiful your relationship will be.

Remember always that your current sex life and personal relationship are exactly the way they need to be (for right now). The lessons you’re learning are for your highest and deepest spiritual growth. The more you can welcome, accept and embrace the way you are and the way your partner is, the easier it becomes to let love in.

“Non-possessiveness is basically trust in existence. There is no need to possess, because the whole is already ours.” ~ Osho

After you have accepted the limitations and traumas inside your relationship, and you are no longer in any form of egoic fight or power struggle with each other, your naked bodies can fully open up and merge with each other to reach the next level. This is where the real fun begins in a relationship.

Every conversation or verbal interaction that you engage in together becomes some type of foreplay leading up to your next lovemaking. Whenever you touch each other outside the bedroom, touch your partner as if you are initiating some form of foreplay. The secret here is to practice exploring how every moment that you are sensually open, is a tantric lovemaking with life. 

Whatever you may feel, smell, hear, taste, or touch, is the Divine responding to you. You smell a flower in full bloom as if it was the genitalia of your beloved. Gently caress the petals and leaves and it’s the delicate skin of your partner’s lips. Anything and everything in the world can become the Divine. You look at a sunset and feel aroused by the warm sun rays caressing your eyes.

It doesn’t mean you need to be sexually aroused by the world all the time. Tantra is a perpetual heart opening within this natural sensual connection with life. The sex energy is always flowing up the spine, awakening your Kundalini as its being unleashed. When you respond to everything in life with this sensual, intentional, and sacred approach, you will naturally carry this consciousness with you into the bedroom and your body will contain a surplus of explosive arousing light when your two naked bodies meet.

Secrets to Entering the Multi-Orgasmic State

Discovering the multi-orgasmic state with your lover is one of the most enlightening sexual experiences you can tap into. Reaching this higher state of energy and consciousness together is similar to climbing Mount Everest. There are many levels of self-mastery needed to ascend to such a peak, and your best training, deepest courage, and strongest intentions will be needed. 

 To open your body up to becoming multi-orgasmic, you’ll first need to free your mind from any slavery it’s been in. This includes all past judgments, fears, insecurities, or complaints that you have about yourself or your partner.

All mental, physical, sexual, and emotional blocks that can arise between you must be welcomed, felt, breathed through, and released in order to make room for this majestical peak experience. The energetic release of these blocks is what creates a higher sensitivity inside the body for the multi-orgasmic experience to freely enter.

There are many spiritually enlightening experiences that result from multi-orgasmic tantric lovemaking. As these healing gifts are explored over time will create a deep transformation inside your being. Your soul falls into the deepest let-go you can imagine. You feel as if you are willing to die to the Divine and be consumed by the highest love of the Great Cosmos. With this level of courage and willingness to be reborn, you will discover the most ecstatic healing experience of your life.

For practical exercises and sacred Tantric techniques
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The Power of Shakti




How long has Enlightened Sex
been practiced on this planet?

In Khajuraho, India, there were over 200 erotic and exotic temples built from 950 AD to 1150 AD. Today, 25 of these ancient erotic temples are still standing and pose as living proof that sacred sexuality has been practiced for over a thousand years. Each of the outer temple walls contains many carvings of erotic art, pornographic sexual positions, and masturbation.


These sexual statues represent the pornographic play that is designed to uncover the divine goddess and god within us. They show us that sex is an intimate spiritual guide to discovering the free-loving, fully self-expressed, wildly creative divine being is who we truly are.

The statues were not created to convey hideous messages of disgust within you otherwise they would have not been created on temples. They are here to create a bridge between sexuality and the sacred. They awaken that sexual being inside you who can feel sensuality is one doorway to the divine.


It is only through the body that we can experience life and discover the experience of God. Without the body there is no life, and no sensuality to taste, touch and feel what this great unification truly is. These temples are living proof that man has been able to find the experience of God through the sensual organs in the body. They enlighten us to this ancient knowledge that we can use every experience we are given in life to enter the Divine.

What is Tantra Really All About?

Tantra is the oldest and most powerful spiritual practice for creating enlightenment in the world today. It is complete in itself, a way of life where you feel spiritually alive and living each moment to its maximum. The ancient Sanskrit word “Tantra” has a very simple definition that means, “a direct experience without a book”. It is the most direct connection we can have with the Divine.

When a couple is focused on having a deep intimate connection, they are allowing for the direct experience of the other to enter them. It is through this intimacy that a profound healing occurs. The ego releases its habit of imprisoning you and you are truly free.

As this sacred intimate connection deepens, it heals the entire individual and radiates throughout the community. Energetically speaking, one whole couple in love and deep intimacy can provide a light of wholeness for the entire community to follow.

Tantra is the ultimate exploration of the Divine Presence within yourself and the other. It is a release of your mind and ego into the cosmic orgasm that is happening in the Universe. No other experience comes even remotely close in this world to the levels of bliss, connection, and peace with another human being.

It is important to know that a Tantric experience does not always have to engage in sexual penetration. An orgasmic Tantra experience can be as simple as a long deep heart-felt hug, or gazing into your beloved eyes. It is all about merging with the Divine, the oneness that we are all connected to.

My personally guided tantric meditation below is a 17-minute experience that will help you to energetically and physically attract your highest loving mate to you.

The wonderful thing is that even if you are already currently in a relationship with someone, you’ll begin creating a deeper loving soul connection with that person and they will feel the shift too!

Even just listening to this deeply healing meditation one time will reprogram your heart and soul with the profound ability to experience deeper levels of intimacy in any relationship.

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