The Manifesting Manual Audiobook

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This is a 12-hour deeply enlightening experience and your first step to attending our Manifesting University. The information you’ll receive will help you magnetize everything you want from total financial freedom to enlightened loving relationships, to having a peak state of energy for the rest of your life!

You’ll learn exactly how to awaken your manifesting powers, transcend your saboteurs and blocks, and receive ALL the essential tools, techniques, and technology you’ll need to manifest the life of your dreams. This course contains ancient secrets to enlightenment that fuel the most powerful and effective manifesting technology on the planet today.

Instead of reading the Manifesting Manual, you can listen to all 14 mind-blowing chapters wherever you are. Get ready to experience the most powerful transformation in your life! You’re about to enlighten your consciousness, skyrocket your manifesting vibration, and learn how to attract your dream life with joy and effortless ease.


Learn The World’s Greatest Secrets to Manifesting!

The Manifesting Manual Audiobook provides PROVEN Manifesting Secrets
that are 100% Guaranteed to Manifest your EVERY Desire FASTER AND EASIER!

This 12-hour enlightening journey is packed full of the greatest manifesting techniques, exercises, visualizations, and ancient manifesting knowledge in history! You’ll get to experience the world-famous Manifesting Manual on MP3 audio!

Inside this experience you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on the 8 Habits Manifesting Formula which is guaranteed to increase your ability to magnetize to you everything your heart desires in 90 days or less!

This an ENCYCLOPEDIA of information about Manifesting that you’ll use for a LIFETIME! This audiobook contains Manifesting Secrets that are over 1500 years old!

The Manifesting Manual contains the formulas necessary to manifest the most amazing life!


  • The Essential Manifesting Techniques that Allow You to Physically Materialize your Desires with Joy and Effortless Ease!
  • The Secrets to Revealing your Life’s Purpose and Mission So You’re Inspired to Live a Life you Truly Love.
  • A Super Powerful 3-Step Manifesting Formula Guaranteed to Attract Anything Your Heart Desires.
  • The Secrets to Mastering Relationships and Attracting your Soul Mate.
  • How to Turn Yourself Into a Money Magnet and Manifest True Financial Freedom!
  • And MUCH MUCH more!!!

Look at what happened to these participants in less than 30 DAYS on The 8 Habits Manifesting Routine…

“Absolutely Incredible! When I started applying what you taught, money started pouring in from everywhere! I even found my Soul Mate by using your Universal Secrets to Receiving Unlimited Success! Now whenever I need or want something I just ask for it.” ~C.W., New York.

“Jafree’s Manifesting Techniques are delightful and easy to accomplish. The end result for me was $127,000.00 in one month, and paying off $80,000.00 of debt! Now I am averaging over $50,000 a month!” ~Sunny W., Atlanta, Georgia – Sept 2003

“I am so excited to share my unbelievable manifesting experience after just three weeks on your manifesting program… the deal was worth a $50,000 commission check! What a gift of wisdom and knowledge that you have given all of us..” ~Laura. W. Dana Point, CA (August, 2006)

“I contacted Jafree 12 months ago to help me change my financial situation. I have followed his plan faithfully and I went from $90,000 in debt with no direction, to where I am now out of debt and financially free!” ~G. K., Colorado

Dramatically Increase your Natural Ability to Attract…

Successful Relationships
Financial Abundance
Optimum Health
The Ideal Career
Unstoppable Motivation
Unlimited Inspiration

An Abundance of Energy
A Higher Level of Consciousness
A Spiritual Awakening!!

All the answers we need to manifest the most amazing life are found inside the Manifesting Manual.

You will receive Proven Manifesting Techniques that Will Empower your Life Dramatically. In a few days time, you will naturally Increase Your Natural Ability to Manifest your Desires with Effortless Ease!

The Manifesting Manual Audiobook is packed FULL of practical proven manifesting secrets, techniques, formulas, and exercises that will transform your entire life. Learn the most empowering, healing, transformative, and enlightening information about manifesting available in the world!

This revolutionary manifesting guide reveals the most effective habits and techniques for manifesting amazing loving relationships, optimum health, financial freedom, your ideal career, and a spiritual awakening in your life!

We’ve put over 18 years of research into what raises our natural ability to bring our desires into the physical world faster and easier. You’ll learn the science behind HOW manifesting works and can practice the manifesting techniques throughout the audiobook. In 90 days from now, you will be AMAZED at what your life has become!


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ONLY $37!

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