Samadhi Meditation

Get ready to have a spiritual experience that will enlighten everything in your life!!

“After my first Samadhi experience in 1995, I knew that this was something the world deserves to experience. I realized that ANYONE could experience a taste of this absolute freedom, and divine state of inner bliss. With the right guidance, actions, awareness and understanding the state of Samadhi simply has to occur for you.” ~Jafree 2006

“Your Samadhi meditation is great! I have been meditating for about thirty years using various techniques but have not found one that would take me into the ‘silence’ as quickly and deeply as yours. I ran a small meditation group of fourteen last evening and introduced them to your Samadhi meditation, and without exception, all of these ‘wannabe’ meditators claimed that they had not been taken so deep before.”~Bill Ellis, Wrexham, United Kingdom


What you will experience…

  • A guided journey into the deepest source of your being where you’ll discover your direct connection with your spiritual divine essence.
  • What it feels like to taste your highest state of consciousness.
  • A powerful visualization technique that will instantly eliminate all mental distractions and mind chatter.
  • Meeting and experiencing healing energy from your personal spirit guides.
  • A more enlightened perspective on reality to help improve your ability to manifest your every need and desire.
  • A feeling of being at peace with yourself, the Universe and everyone in the world!

The Samadhi Meditation is an inner journey designed to take your consciousness directly into experiencing the highest states of Divinity and bliss. It is a spiritual journey that goes beyond the ego/mind, which is the one thing blocking us all from experiencing of this Divine Presence every moment of our lives.

This sacred meditation will train your brain to find stillness, silence and deep trust in something beyond this physical world. When you discover this deep place of silence, peace and connection with your spiritual divine essence, everything will become easier and lighter in your life.

The experience of Samadhi is completely life transforming in the most radical ways. It is guaranteed to uproot all the suffering you’ve ever had in your life and establish a totally new relationship with Reality where you only see and experience the Divine everywhere you go. In Samadhi, you are in a full blissful, joyful, alive, celebrative state of reverence for life.

Samadhi is on many levels, the main reason why we are all here on Earth. This profound experience of Samadhi is something everybody deserves to taste in a lifetime. This super enlightening experience delivers you directly to taste the state of bliss in Samadhi consciousness.

Even one glimpse of samadhi experience can gift you with a vast perspective on your life mission and purpose for being here. Every question you had about life can be easily and instantly understood. This deeper understanding of why you are here becomes completely obvious in the state of Samadhi and you know how everything happening on the planet is truly flawless and perfect as it is.

What exactly does Samadhi mean? Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word that is literally means “the bliss from transcending the mind”. Samadhi is a state of perfect “clear seeing” that recognizes the Divine within yourself, in everything and everyone.

The state of Samadhi is a profound spiritual experience for only sincere spiritual seekers. One may have an epiphany, satori or great insight into God on their spiritual journey, yet Samadhi is the perpetual relaxation and rooting into that space where you explore profound states of joy, expansiveness, love, connection and even the experience of enlightenment. It is unique from other paths of the spiritual quest in that it goes directly to the Source of our consciousness and remains there.

Samadhi is an instantaneous “happening” that occurs when we release all identification with our mind, body, ego and return to the unlimited source of consciousness within. Samadhi is a state of being where you are 100% surrendered, attuned and aligned with the God Source. The most amazing thing I have discovered about Samadhi is how EASY it is to experience it! One would never guess how simple it is to discover such a tremendous feeling of bliss!!

It all happens when there is no “mind” present. What this means is that even though there are thoughts passing through the mind, there is “nobody” clinging to them. In Samadhi consciousness you are soooo completely free, and unlimited that all things are easily possible to you. It’s not just that they “seem” possible, they ARE possible. Your mind-body’s vibration is so high that your ability to manifest is truly unstoppable!!

The truth is that you don’t need a college degree to experience Samadhi. With the right guidance, anybody can experience it. However the less “mental” a person is, the easier it can be to drop into a state of being free from the mind. With all the distracting thoughts that pervade our mind everyday this may be a very challenging experience. Which is why we developed this powerful Samadhi meditation!

There is a healing element as well to this Samadhi experience. Listening to this Samadhi meditation daily will eliminate your bodymind’s mental stress and physical dis-ease. The mind needs to find pure silence, stillness and peace before healing will begin.

“The quieter you can become, the more you’re able to hear.” ~Ancient Chinese Proverb

Samadhi allows you to see this perfection in others as it is discovering the spiritually awakened being inside yourself. Life becomes a magical adventure from your “normal” daily reality and transforms into this deeply profound relaxing communion with everyone. The absolute enjoyment of your divinity is yours for the taking… its time to discover the most blissfully expansive peaceful healing stillness within your innermost being!

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