Guided Meditation to Manifesting an Enlightened Loving Soul Mate


This enlightening guided Manifesting Meditation is an instant MP3 download is a 17-minute experience that will help you to physically attract your soul mate to you.  Even just listening to this deeply healing meditation one time will reprogram your heart and soul with the profound ability to experience deeper levels of intimacy in any relationship.

The wonderful thing is that even if you are already currently in a relationship with someone, you’ll begin creating a deeper loving soul connection with that person and they will feel the shift too!


This powerful Manifesting Meditation will teach you how to meet your soul mate in the physical world. This is also a powerful healing experience that will help you heal any hidden wounds from past relationships that have been blocking you from attracting your ideal mate. The more open, healed, and receptive your heart can become, the faster your soul mate will show up in your life!

You will learn how to trust in love again, teaching your body to relax knowing that intimate relationships are safe, loving, and empowering. This experience in itself alone will help you attract your soul mate to you with effortless ease.

By just listening to this guided experience even one time, you’ll start creating a spiritual connection with your soul mate in your inner world, which will allow you to quickly manifest this physical relationship in the outer world! 

The highest enlightened masters and Angelic beings of this Universe will be with you in this journey so that any previous relationship wounds or fears you have about getting into a new relationship will be released and healed. You will be experiencing a complete cellular cleansing of negativity around past relationships and reprogram your heart with a new ability to experience love again. 

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We are all naturally powerful manifesting beings. The moment you establish a profound energetic connection with your soul mate in your inner world, you establish a cellular transformation inside your body that sends out a signal into the Universe to attract your soul mate to physically meet you in the 3D world.

This guided manifesting meditation experience will magnify your ability to attract and create the relationship of your dreams!

Benefits from Listening to the Soul Mate Manifesting Meditation:

  • Deeper feelings of safety and trust in the magical manifesting process of life.
  • An easier experience to relax and receive the experience of love, connection, and intimacy in a relationship.
  • A deep cellular transformation that will shift your body’s vibration, turning you into a Manifesting Magnet!
  • Closer connection with the highest beings, angels, and masters existing on the 5D realm in the Universe.
  • A life-changing experience to learn how to open your heart to receive that loving heart-to-heart connection that satisfies your soul!

Instantly download your Guided Meditation to
Manifesting your Enlightened Loving Soul Mate!

(a 17 minute guided experience!)

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