The Self Love Meditation – Merging with your Divine Essence


This heart transformational experience will increase your natural ability to receive the love, life and desires you want yet don’t feel worthy of. This guided journey will heal your heart, so you can discover the secret to letting in the greatest riches in the Universe! By finding and merging with your Divine Essence you will experience the source of unconditional love inside you. This is a life changing experience that will shatter old self-sabotaging patterns so you can attract the relationships, abundance and happiness you deserve. Enjoy!

Are you ready to experience a massive transformation in your life? The Self-Love Guided Meditation will lead you on a powerful healing journey on the sacred island of Hawaii where you’ll experience the most profound and deepest states of self appreciation, acceptance, approval and self love that you have ever felt before! You’ll be transforming those “unwanted” unlovable aspects of yourself into valuable resource states that are more confident, peaceful, and full of joy!

In this guided meditation you will experience….

A more attractive manifesting vibration that will allow you to manifest your desires with greater joy and effortless ease.

The ability to easily attract more loving intimate relationships into your life.

A new appreciation for your body, mind, and innermost being.

A deeper love for those whom you are currently in relationship with.

Loving yourself is the greatest answer to your biggest problems and to becoming the master of your life! The more love you give yourself, the more others will naturally give their love to you. Having unstoppable love towards your self is also the essential secret for manifesting every dream you desire. When you live from a place of self-love, you automatically regain the power to magically manifest those amazing opportunities, financial goals, ideal relationships, and outrageous opportunities into your life. This high energetic frequency of self-love is irresistible to others, and naturally opens up other people’s energy fields, causing them to want to support you in your manifestations. When you are living from this vibration, everybody is naturally pulled towards you and truly supports you in making your dreams a reality.

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You will also experience…

A deep cleansing and clearing of the armor around your heart that has previously been blocking deep self-love.

Uncovering and merging with your Divine True Self, allowing you to see the beauty and perfection of who you truly are.

A dramatic increase in the amount of self-acceptance you naturally and effortlessly feel as you go through life.

The ability to easily attract more loving, healthy, and supportive intimate relationships into your life.

Self-love is also the golden key to attracting that intimate loving relationship you’ve always desired. When you are overflowing with love, you become so lovable, magnetic, and attractive that everyone around you simply wants more of whatever you have got! With this meditation you’ll find that any intimate relationship becomes as easy and healing as a warm gentle breeze. Your beloved will find it MUCH easier to be in a long-term committed loving relationship with you because you are sooooo lovable! And if you’re seeking a new relationship, you will attract those higher vibrational people who will embody a truly healthy relationship that works for you.

This type of self love is not egocentric. It is one that truly goes beyond the ego and will heal every wound that you have. This self loving meditation journey will help you cultivate deep states of bliss and joy in any situation you find yourself in! You will discover a direct connection with your true Divine Essence which is found at the very core of your being. When you experience this Divine connection that is always forgiving, compassionate, and healing you discover an amazing thing…that your life is truly an endless, satisfying journey of manifesting everything you want with effortless joy and ease. Have fun and enjoy!

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