The 3 Essential Manifesting Secrets

Written by Jafree Ozwald


Your Consciousness Defines Your Reality

The first secret to learning how to manifest anything you desire is to uplift, increase and enhance your experience of consciousness. It’s vital that you intimately understand that how you perceive the world is how the world manifests itself for you. The mind is like a mirror, always reflecting back to you what you see out there.

The greatest power in this first manifesting secret comes from realizing that what you think is always shaping, defining, and creating your reality. Every little thought you think counts. Especially the ones that just slip on through seemingly unnoticed! The Universe is always listening and responding to where your consciousness is at. Once you are resonating with thoughts filled with joy, gratitude, and appreciation for what you do have, then whatever you wanted seems to just fall into your lap.

Whatever desire you want to manifest, no matter how big, small, or challenging it may seem, it has to manifest when your mind has risen above and beyond it. You notice that things don’t manifest when you’ve starting perceiving that they are not manifesting for you. By expanding your consciousness, you stop thinking negatively and you’re able to believe and know that your desire is heading your way.

As soon as your consciousness matches the energetic vibration of what you want, it will manifest into your life. When your energy field resonates with a lower vibration, such as feelings of impatience, unworthiness, lack, fear or neediness to receive your desired outcome, you must wait until your vibration shifts before you can receive your desired outcome.

You see the Universe wants us to learn that we are all-powerful beings that can truly live every moment of our lives in joy, appreciation, and love. The manifestations we create are just its way of giving us feedback, telling us that we are on the highest path, and thus giving a reward. In the end, it’s not so important if we manifested everything we wanted. What really counts was how conscious we were along the way, and how much time we spent in love, gratitude, and joy!

Once you feel, know, and imagine you have already manifested your desired outcome into your reality, your consciousness will uplift itself, and your energetic vibration shifts. The very instant you do this, your vibration begins to skyrocket and you soon manifest your desire will manifest into your life.

The fastest way to shift your consciousness is learning how to bring the mind into complete silence and stillness. Once you’ve trained this wild unruly mind to remain focused on one thing for just 15 minutes in a row, it will be able to hold deeply onto the feeling, knowing, and certainty that your desired outcome has already materialized into your world.

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Quiet Your Mind Chatter

One of the greatest manifesting secrets I’ve discovered in the past 15 years of researching the science of manifesting, is the power that is created from have an extremely quiet, calm, and still mind. We are only able to enter the deepest reservoir of silence within us, and experience profound inner peace, deep joy, and feeling of living on purpose when the mind is as silent as the sky. When you discover this silence is who you truly are, then manifesting your dream life becomes inevitable!

The manifesting secret to quieting your mind chatter is learning what infinite patience feels like. Imagine that you had to wait until the sun stopped shining to manifest your one great desire in life, and yet you were willing to wait for all that time. This is what infinite patience is like. It is not a state of helplessness or hopelessness, it comes from a deeper place of trust and diving into the experience of the timeless soul that you already are.

Through diving deep inside yourself and surrendering to pure silent still awareness, you find this source of infinite patience…or timelessness. This experience is very powerful, for you are truly tapping into the source of your consciousness which is responsible for creating your reality. This awareness is conscious of itself, aware of the thoughts passing through it, and yet knows that it is beyond all of these thoughts. Knowing yourself as this untouchable infinite timeless awareness is perhaps the greatest manifesting secret of all!

Through concentrating the mind on the source from where pure conscious awareness originates, you’ll inadvertently quiet the mind chatter. This self-inquiry creates the most vigilant awareness of your mind and dramatically enhances your manifesting abilities. The trick to this powerful manifesting secret is that as you become more aware of the mind and its wandering ways, you become more capable of stopping the mind so you can redirect it back to that one positive outcome you desire.

When you can quiet the mind for even just 30 seconds at a time, you can also hold your attention on your highest vision for 30 seconds as well. The masters say it only takes 17 seconds of the continuous flow of attention on a single desired outcome to generate enough momentum to initiate its manifestation. By practicing redirecting your mind back to the source of consciousness, you’ll be quieting your mind, and soon become a manifesting superstar! From this state, you may start seeing miraculous manifestations show up… sometimes overnight!

It’s ironic that one of the greatest secrets to manifesting everything your heart desires is found in the place you’d last thing to look. By looking inside to the source from which you are looking at everything, the stillness begins to seep into your body, and eventually, the mind will follow. In a short time, you will increase your ability to quiet and eventually control your mind.

Be aware that often when you practice stillness, the mind seems to become more active. This is just because you are coming from a deeper stillness are actually making progress. Nothing is as it seems in this world, and with patience eventually, the mind will learn that you are in charge and it is the servant. A quiet mind is like an open hand that enables your desired reality to be received much easier than a closed fist. With patience and practice, you will learn how to use the mind instead of being used by it.

The golden key to the quiet mind is learning the sacred spiritual art of egoic surrender. Surrender to whatever experience, emotion, or process that is happening through you at this moment. Whatever it is, just be open to it. If inner peace is nowhere to be found it’s because you are trying too hard. Relax, and you’ll find it’s always been there at the very core inside. Total surrender requires giving up using the mind to get what you want. You must rely on something much bigger than your mind. Call it God, Universe, or Source, it is what will deliver your manifested outcome to you.

Learning how to quiet your mind will increase your attention span, focusing power, and ability to visualize your dreams. Yet, as your mind becomes quieter you must also practice holding onto the vision, feeling, and knowing of your desired outcome. If you have trouble visualizing (like most people do), I’ve created these Manifesting Meditations on MP3 audio for you to listen to, and they will help you to quiet your mind chatter.

The mind is like a runaway train that tends to go off track as often as possible. Practicing positive visualizations of your dream life every day lays down a solid track for your train to follow so your engines can follow one straight direction and discover its track again. With the proper direction, fuel, and momentum, you can turn your mind into a super powerful manifesting machine!

These guided journeys take you into a deep state of relaxation where you visualize and FEEL the life dream you want to have. This deeply relaxed state allows you to manifest far faster and easier than what you thought was possible! Listening to these manifesting meditations is like going to your favorite gym to work out your manifesting muscles! Just like a good workout you will grow in strength and become a stronger manifesting machine!

Through using visualizations with a quiet mind, you will be able to manifest whatever your heart desires with joy and effortless ease. Yes, it’s possible that you can instantly attract whatever you want… even in 24 hours! Don’t be shocked if it happens to you, as this is a science and these are very powerful manifesting secrets. Once you can hold the mind at a perfect silence and stillness for an hour at a time, you’ll realize that anything and everything that start visualizing, will instantly start manifesting into your world.


Master the Experience of Detachment

About 2500 years ago, the Buddha told his disciples that, “Attachment leads to suffering.”  His advice may not have been understood by everyone, yet it is by far one of the most valuable secrets he has given for creating a life that is filled with joy, success and inner peace.  As your manifesting abilities grow with your meditation practice over the next few months, you will see how important it is to learn how to let go of attachment to desired outcomes.  It may take you many years or a few minutes to find true mastery over this challenge, it all depends on how enlightened and spiritually advanced you are! 

I believe if we could translate what the Buddha meant to convey on a deeper level, he would say that attachment is based on fear, and non-attachment is based on trust. When you feel this deep connection with your soul you instantly trust that everything is going to work out, and become non-attached to how it should happen.  You can relax and allow the Universe to completely and utterly support your manifestation.  When you’re trusting, you have a super high vibration and you are not attached to how, if or when your desire manifests for you.  

To truly master this manifesting secret of non-attachment you must learn how to become 100% trusting of the Universe. The Universe truly is always supporting you on your journey towards manifesting your desires. The key secret is to let go, and trust that all you need will be provided for. The more you can open your “trust valve” and let go of any attachments you may have, the greater your ability to experience the joy and freedom of having already manifested your desire. By applying this one piece of knowledge you will see a major difference in your ability to manifest anything you want into your life.

If you are not attached to the end result that you want to manifest, it doesn’t mean you don’t care at all if it happens or not. This goal wouldn’t be a desire at all if you didn’t care enough to conceive of it in the first place. So there is just a smidgen of caring about your desire manifesting, yet not enough to lose a moment of sleep over. By being non-attached to your goal, you can allow massive levels of trust in your Self and the Universe to create it through you and for you.

One of the big questions you may be asking is, “How do I focus on feeling my desired outcome is already happening without being attached to it?” When you are infinitely patient, you know and are feeling deeply connected as an infinite soul to the highest possible divine intelligence in the Universe. From this space you start trusting whatever shows up is the right thing. Even if you feel a negative emotion such as doubt, fear, guilt or worry, you will still return to the knowingness that it has its place in the world, and can let it go because you are this infinite soul!

The big key to this manifesting secret here is knowing when you are experiencing attachment. So, how do you know? When you get attached to anything, there is always a part of your body that tenses up. When you’re suffering from attachment and feeling this tension in your body, you’ll realize that deep down you have a limiting belief that says that XY & Z must happen in order for you to experience happiness, joy, success, peace etc.

Any limiting beliefs will cause anxiousness and fear inside, and in turn lower your manifesting vibration, and block you from receiving what you deeply desire. One of the greatest manifesting secrets is to know that the more you realize the unlimited Truth of who you are, that you’re an infinite soul and not just this physical body, you’ll become less and less attached to your desired outcomes. Anytime the mind is overly attached to a desire, it backfires on us and manifests tens times more slowly than if we were unattached.

For example, let’s imagine that you really need a car to get to your new job, yet cannot afford it and desperately want it to manifest in the worst way. You may feel deeply attached to this car manifesting for you, right? The more emotionally attached you are to how it happens, or when it happens, the more you become a tight fist (instead of an open palm) and thus will take longer to manifest for you.

The golden key to this third manifesting secret is being non-attached to your desire, yet still taking inspired actions towards your end goal in a fun, easy, and effortless manner. You can only do this if you realize that this life is a big game, and you are one of the players in it. So instead of worrying about your car showing up, you start having fun visualizing that you’re already in it!

You imagine yourself driving down the road in your new set of wheels, feeling the wind blowing your hair and your hands on your steering wheel. The more you truly feel the experience of driving your brand new car, the faster your vibration will shift to match this experience. Your mind-body will soon start acting and believing as if you are going to be given your new set of keys tonight!

Mastering non-attachment to your desired outcome, also means you are not attached to your mind and its thoughts, nor your body, breath, people, this planet, or anything you can think of. You have to know that you are an infinite soul on an infinite journey through the Universe to fully be non-attached from it all and 100% peace inside. From this space you can just ask for the car, decide what make, model, and year you want, and take a few inspired action steps to find where it’s physically to take it for a drive.

The big secret here to manifesting this car is knowing that fine line where you are trusting that the Universe is doing everything to empower, inform and deliver this car to you AND at the same time you are taking inspired actions in the world, directed by the Universe so that it can find you at the perfect place and time. One of the most challenging aspects to mastering this manifesting secret is learning how to gently hold your intention on creating what you want to manifest, and yet at the same time being completely and utterly at peace with the possibility that it may never manifest at all.

In other words, it is about letting go of being in control of your life, going beyond the ego, living as the soul, and feeling completely happy with life as it is now. This is what real freedom is about and allows you to be totally non-attached from any outcome. The magic of letting go of an attachment only occurs when you truly find this joy, freedom, and love for who and what you already are. Then you can truly let go in your heart of hearts and no longer care about the outcome.

The perfect outcome will always manifest in your life. The Universe does not make mistakes. It only creates the most beneficial situation for your soul’s evolution, and always provides you with the opportunity to re-create your life how you want it to be, perhaps even better than what you originally asked for!

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