Kundalini Awakening Program


Awaken the MOST Powerful Healing & Manifestation Energy that’s Sleeping Inside Your Spine…

Would you like to tap into an unlimited source of energy hidden inside you that will allow you to manifest anything you desire?

Life simply becomes easier and more abundant when you know how to access your God-given natural manifestation power that nobody taught us in school.

By following my step-by-step Kundalini Awakening Program you’ll experience how to access a cosmic energy channel inside your spine and awaken the most amazing manifestation power that’s “sleeping” within you.

This 21-day program contains ALL the Kundalini awakening videos, ebooks, and audio meditations to unlock and reconnect with this unlimited source of manifesting power.

It will show you exactly how to awaken this power inside you which will spiritually burn away your ego so that you can effortlessly manifest anything you want in your life.

In this enlightening program, you’ll receive…

  • An intimate video about the ancient secrets behind Kundalini and how she works.
  • An easy 25-page Kundalini Guidebook containing complete instructions, details about the essential awakening exercises, and ancient techniques for awakening your Kundalini.
  • My 30-Minute Guided Meditation to Awaken Your Kundalini.
  • One-hour Kundalini Shaking Meditation Video.
  • Kundalini Instructional Video where I teach you my secrets of awakening your Kundalini.
  • A 23-minute Kundalini Breathwork Activation to open your chakras, attune your energy and sensitize your Kundalini channel.
  • A Tantric Breathwork Journey includes a guided meditation and detailed instructions that will clear your mind, open your channel, and ignite the sleeping fire of Kundalini inside you!
  • Bonus Gifts! Jafree’s 5D ‘Rocket Fuel’ Enlightened Cleansing Program, Super Manifestation Recipes,  and the Secrets to 5D Consciousness ebook!

“Thank you! I just listened to the Kundalini meditation…it impressed me greatly and am looking forward to doing it the next 90 days! I’m really enthralled about this meditation and the voice you have Jafree. I wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face!” ~Kerstin Warkentin, Dusseldorf Germany

Tapping into the amazing power of Kundalini is like turning on 1000 watts of manifestation power in your life.

The more you apply practice in this manifesting program, the more spiritually advanced you’ll become and the more magical your life will feel!

When your Kundalini energy is fully awake, you will see, feel, and know the Divine is within everyone and everything.

The instructional videos, ebook, and guided meditation will show you how to gently open up your energy centers so that the Kundalini channel will open fully so you experience the divine all-powerful spiritual being you truly are.

The energy of the Kundalini is very powerful!  It will provide you with all the energy, wisdom, and understanding you need to live a truly extraordinary and highly successful life.

Some enlightening side effects of an awakened Kundalini will include…

  • The natural ability to manifest your desires faster and easier
  • Complete mind & body healing from all diseases
  • A dramatic increase in psychic abilities
  • Feeling whole, centered, empowered, and truly alive!
  • The full realization of your Divine Infinite Nature

Get ready to start experiencing a direct connection to an unlimited source of energy and consciousness. You are about to ignite your highest spiritual intelligence and transform your life!!

Instantly Access your Kundalini Awakening Program Now for $99

ONLY $47!!


You’re about to experience a powerful shift in consciousness devoted to awakening your Kundalini! This 21-day program contains the essential key needed for having a Kundalini awakening that is a positive, healing, and spiritually uplifting experience.

When the amazing power of Kundalini is awakened, you will see clearly and start experiencing the Divine within everyone and everything. You will feel a sense of deep calm inside you, and look at life from a much more spiritual perspective.

Ultimately, the more you practice these unique Kundalini awakening exercises that I’ve personally discovered through my own body, the more magical your life will become. I guarantee it!!


The feeling one gets when the Kundalini energy is rising up the spine is quite amazing. It might be one of the most blissful expanded states of consciousness a human being can access. The result of such an experience is that you are brought to know the divine all-powerful spiritual being you truly are!

Awakening your Kundalini is one of the most healing and life-transforming spiritual experiences that any human can have. Some say that it is the purpose of our entire lives. To reveal the deepest spiritual experience we can imagine, which is a huge healing gift from our soul.

Once you discover how natural and easy it is for you to access this amazing power ‘sleeping’ inside you, life is experienced from a much more enlightening perspective and really start enjoying the ride and enjoying this epic manifesting journey!

Instantly Access your Kundalini Awakening Program Now!

WAS $99

ONLY $47


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