The Manifesting Manual

“I did exactly what chapter 9 of the Manifesting Manual said and got tremendous results that really amazed me! I gained $500,000 from a TV show, bought my dream car and am engaged to the person that I feel is my soul mate! We are in love and he is just like I imagined him! Believe it or not. Everything that I write here is true, thank you for helping me! ” ~Bayan Rahal

“Jafree’s Manifesting Techniques are delightful and easy to accomplish. The end result for me was $127,000.00 in one month, and paying off $80,000.00 of debt! Now I am averaging over $50,000 a month!” ~Sunny W., Atlanta, Georgia – Sept 2003

“I am so excited to share my unbelievable manifesting experience after just three weeks on your manifesting program… the deal was worth a $50,000 commission check! What a gift of wisdom and knowledge that you have given all of us.” ~Laura. W. Dana Point, CA (August 2006)

“I contacted Jafree 12 months ago to help me change my financial situation. I have followed his plan faithfully and I went from $90,000 in debt with no direction, to where I am now out of debt and financially free!”  ~G. K., Colorado




In February of 1995, I took a trip to India to find the answers to my life’s deepest questions. After several weeks of introspection and sitting with a guru named Papaji, I had an experience that changed my life forever.

I tapped into an extremely expansive, perpetually blissful feeling of peace, and awakened a personal connection with the Universe which provided me with an outrageous abundance of energy. intuition and manifesting power. It continued for many months and I instantly knew every answer to any question that came my way. Yet, perhaps the most amazing thing of all was that I was able to manifest anything that my heart desired…instantly!

After returning to the USA I was slowly brought back into the hypnotic trance of my old lifestyle and limited poverty consciousness. I was trying to integrate what I received in India, yet nothing seemed to work for me. I believed I had lost this incredible connection because I was struggling with creating money, lacking motivation, life purpose, and couldn’t find a career that I loved doing.

Then, one day in the deepest pit of my despair, I had an experience that changed everything. I was lying flat on the floor in a deep depressed and pathetic state, feeling overwhelmed with tons of bills and no job to pay them with. There was nothing that I could do but completely surrender to my entire existence. It was at that moment I received a download of information that came from this higher intelligence inside.

I started to write everything I heard, and what followed was a complete 8 daily habits that would raise my vibration, lift my consciousness, and allow me to step out of the poverty trance forever. I found that when I simply followed these habits every day, I raised my manifesting vibration and this was what allowed me to attract whatever my heart desired!

It seemed too good to be true, so I had to test it out. I applied these habits daily and the results were staggering! In less than 60 days my income tripled, I was creating empowered loving relationships, I took an exotic vacation to Costa Rica, and was having multiple peak states of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual highs in a single day!

After about 90 days into the experience, I noticed that everything in my life had drastically changed in the most radical ways. I found that deep source of peace inside and for the first time I was motivated to contribute my gifts to the world. I was still very deep in credit card debt, so I decided to see if I could attract an abundance of money into my life. Only 6 weeks later something miraculous happened…I manifested $20,000 in cash!

Now perhaps you’re wondering…

How Does Manifesting Work?

Our body and mind act like a radio tower that is constantly broadcasting a particular frequency of energy. Our thoughts and feelings are always sending out an “energetic blueprint” into the Universe about who we are and what we desire. When we consciously raise the level of our intention that we are sending out with an unstoppable positive feeling of trust and receptivity, we create a field of magnetic energy around us that attracts to us actual physical results.

The only reason that we are not creating everything we want in life is that we are still sending out low vibes, based on lack, unworthiness, powerlessness, or negativity. Once we start applying the secret Manifesting Formula we begin raising our “Manifesting Vibration” and turn ourselves into a Manifesting Magnet!

Follow the morning manifesting routine for 90 days and we guarantee you will turn into a manifesting magnet! Within 90 days our desires will find their way into our lives. It’s truly amazing what a dramatic fast change we can create and how easy our desires manifest for you!

My Manifesting Program has been used by tens of thousands of people since 2004. There have been MANY people (just like me) who were up to their eyeballs deep in debt, on the verge of breakup, divorce, suicide, struggling every day just to get by, and then just decided to try out my 90 Day Manifesting Program. Many people have emailed me back after a few weeks of their experiences of tremendous transformation…

“The words contained in this book are the most powerful and profound ones you will ever read. The understanding of the human psyche is beautifully captured throughout, enabling one to fully explore and understand one’s own personal mindset. Every negative is counterbalanced with a positive; you will no longer feel lost and vulnerable in this mad world we call home. Both writers, Jafree t, deserve every bit of credit given for producing such a masterpiece. You are being given a life-altering opportunity here, I strongly recommend you take it!!” ~K Laing, UK

“Explosion! That’s how I will describe your 90-Day Manifesting Program. It is so full of wisdom and education. I’ve only read half of it and I feel charged with electricity! Yes, 420 volts of charge!! Thanks for showing the way!” ~Mohamed Nadeem, Kenya


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Use my Manifesting Program daily and I will give you a 100% Guarantee that you will start manifesting everything below in 90 days or less!

  • Real Financial Freedom
  • Enlightened Relationships
  • Your Ideal Career
  • A Super High Energy Healthy Body
  • A full-blown Spiritual Awakening!

“I’ve been on the 90-day course for a few months now and am really noticing some amazing changes in myself. I feel healthier, I got a promotion at work, I’ve started developing the online business plans that I’ve had for years… and so much more! Thanks, Jafree. Please keep the inspiration coming. Best regards. ~Jeremy Gard, Brisbane, Australia

“The most unusual thing is that when I pick up a chapter in your manifesting manual, every part of my being begins to vibrate as if I just plugged into the Universe!” ~Morgan, Boston, MA.

This world-renowned “Manifesting Manual” is a 250+ page encyclopedia of manifesting knowledge with manifesting techniques you can’t find anywhere! It is the most practical and applicable source about manifesting recorded in history!

Packed full of practical exercises, habits, and action steps that you can start doing tomorrow morning and are guaranteed to turn you into a manifesting magnet!

Within 90 Days or Less, You Will Dramatically Increase Your Natural Ability to Manifest your Desires with Effortless Ease with this Revolutionary Manifesting Experience.

This book contains Manifesting Secrets that are over 1500 years old!

You will receive Proven Manifesting Techniques that Will Empower your Life Dramatically. In a few days’ time, you will naturally Increase Your Natural Ability to Manifest your Desires with Effortless Ease!

This book is packed FULL of practical proven manifesting secrets, techniques, formulas, and exercises that truly work! Learn the most empowering, healing, transformative, and enlightening information about manifesting available in the world.

This revolutionary manifesting guide reveals the most effective habits and techniques for manifesting amazing loving relationships, optimum health, financial freedom, your ideal career, and a spiritual awakening in your life!

The Enlightening Manifesting Formula and Ancient Manifesting Secrets you’ll experience INSIDE are 100% Guaranteed to Manifest your Desires FASTER AND EASIER!! 

Yes, after just 3 weeks on this program, you will begin to experience…

  • Unstoppable Motivation and Inspiration
  • An Abundance of Energy
  • A Higher Level of Consciousness
  • A Spiritual Awakening
  • A deeper love and connection inside

“Thank you for your AMAZING Manifesting Program! I wake up every day feeling plugged in and connected to my source and I have never been happier or more fulfilled with what I now create!! Thank you so much for your program it is truly a blessing to the planet and anyone who is fortunate enough to have it!!!”  ~ Eric S Lee, Colorado

“Your E-book on Raising Your Manifesting Vibration is absolutely wonderful! It is excellent, a pleasure to read, and extremely delicious to take in! Comparisons to other things I have read and listened to about manifesting would not even begin to describe your work. Yours is unique and it covers so much, effortlessly, that I can read it again and again, and get more each time! Many thanks and blessing to you both.” ~ Janet Ford, Redondo Beach, CA

Would you like to FEEL like you’re living in paradise?

The 8 Habits Manifesting Routine has literally created miracles in people’s lives! Read these testimonials (below) of some who were on this routine for only a few WEEKS!!

“If I compare my state of mind now to what it was just a week ago I would say it’s more like a miraculous healing than anything I have ever experienced before!” ~Pam Buswell, Montreal, Canada

The 90-day manifesting manual will transform your consciousness and make dramatic improvements in your life in the following areas:


” I have read through your Manifesting Vibration manual and I must say of all the other material I have read on the same subject, yours is absolutely the clearest, free-flowing, concise, and very informal ‘how to’ product I’ve ever read!!! By just reading and taking notes of the various ‘choices’ of exercise to implement on a daily basis, has made me very excited. I feel like I can do this, stick to it, and enjoy it! If you guys have anything else to share with the world please do!” ~Pamela Boney, Brooklyn, N.Y.

“I’m enjoying your manifesting manual very much. It’s GREAT; it’s all the spiritual/metaphysical information you need to know in one place!” ~Lily from Austria

“I must start by saying just how much I’m enjoying, “The Manifesting Manual – How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration!” I just can’t get enough of it! I even have an extra printed copy so that every spare moment I have is spent reading this incredible information!” ~Ken Goat, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Look at what happened to this woman after a few weeks on this program…

“Absolutely Incredible! When I started applying what you taught, money started pouring in from everywhere! I even found my Soul Mate by using your Universal Secrets to Receiving Unlimited Success! Now, whenever I need or want something I just ask for it.”  ~C.W., New York.

The Manifesting Manual is a PROVEN Manifesting Technology that truly works! You can Instantly Download this program and have the technology in your hands to attract the most miraculous things.

ONLY $27!


Thank you for taking the time to learn the greatest
Manifesting Secrets you’ll discover in this life!

Jafree Ozwald

NOTE: If you feel financially challenged and cannot afford to invest in my Manifesting Manual, I would like to gift you with a FREE COPY of the 1st Chapter so you can start digesting The World’s Greatest Secrets and begin Increasing Your Natural Manifesting Abilities tonight! Enjoy!!