What is Manifesting?


Manifesting is a spiritually awakening experience that reveals the Divine Being who you already are…

Everyone has a natural manifesting ability inside of them. We all can manifest anything we desire into our lives at anytime. There truly are no boundaries or limitations on what is possible. By remembering these expansive spiritual truths, we begin seeing miracles show up in front of our eyes.

Unfortunately, we were not taught this empowering truth growing up. From a very young age we were unconsciously programmed with mis-information about the world, the truth, and our innate manifesting power. The bigger truth always liberates and the smaller truth always confines.

The biggest truth is that we are already overflowing with this amazing manifesting power. The manifesting energy is all around us and lives deep inside of us. When we believe that our magical power is “awake” we have turned off our rational, analytical, and skeptical mind. We then begin to feel and comprehend the outrageous magical power that exists within us all.

However, the mind has already been negatively programmed, and is filled with illusions and delusions about everything. It is blinding you from seeing and knowing that you are a super powerful being with magical abilities.  When you connect deeply with this ancient knowledge, you’ll be able to make magic happen. We can once again remembered and re-awaken our innate manifesting abilities. 

We Are Naturally Born All-Powerful Manifesting Beings

Whatever you are holding your focus upon, is what you are manifesting.  Hold your attention with intense emotion on your desired outcome. Feel that it is real for you and visualize it materialize in front of your eyes. Miracles always manifest faster than you realize!  

If you are spending your time focusing on what you DON’T want in life, you will be complaining, saying negative things, and ignoring your divine infinite nature. This pattern will keep you stuck in manifesting a life you don’t want.  To get out of it, simply look at what you are thinking, feeling or experiencing in each moment. Realize that what you think is who you become, and THIS is exactly the life you are manifesting now!

You may have noticed that within each moment your mind is constantly trying to get somewhere or achieve something. It is always dreaming, envisioning, imagining, and creating some experience of reality.  

Learn how to remain centered, peaceful and focused on what you DO want to think, feel and experience.  From this place you’ll see your greatest dreams and desires manifest into your world. Your thoughts and feelings are creating the reality you are experiencing now. You always attract MORE of what you are, based on how you are “vibrating”. You can read much more about what’s possible in the world of Manifesting on my Testimonial Page.

How Does Manifesting Work?

Your body/mind is the vehicle through which manifesting occurs.  It actually carries an energy and vibration which physically ATTRACTS desires to it.  The ability and speed at which your desires manifest for you depends on your “Manifesting Vibration!”  This vibration is an actual physical measurable frequency that relates to the depth and height of energy, emotion, and consciousness your body typically remains in throughout the day. 

Your physical body is an actual bio-electric frequency that your body radiates outward around your body like an aura.  It’s always connecting to the Universe (like a radio tower) through these sub-atomic/quantum particles your body and mind produces through thinking and feeling.  

We are always sending out thoughts, feelings and energy into the Universe.  The more positive these frequencies can get about yourself and your desires, the EASIER & FASTER you’ll experience your desires spontaneously manifesting into your world.

The world “outside” of you is a physical representation of what’s happening on the world “inside” of you.  Wherever you place your attention on is what grows and manifests into our daily living reality. You can read much more about what’s possible in the world of Manifesting…

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You Have the Natural Power to Manifest ANYTHING your Heart Desires

The problem is that your mind is still untrained, and doesn’t know how to reprogram itself. It tends to wander and gets stuck in negative thinking vibrational patterns. The world around you may have seemed hard, dark and gruesome at some time, and your neurons got “hardwired” with negative thinking. It can be TOUGH to get out.

The rate at which your body is vibrating at, depends on if you’re totally excited and feeling fabulous about your life OR if you’re living down in Dumpster-ville from 9-5. A person with a higher manifesting vibration creates desires easier and faster. Someone who exists a lower vibration (in the negative mind and emotions) will be less magnetic, and these beings will take a longer time to attract their dreams.

Our vibrations will rise and fall depending on our mood. If you are living in a higher vibration and something ‘bad’ happens, you won’t hang out in the emotional dumpster very long. If you were living at a lower vibration you might remain there for weeks, months or years. This is why it is soooooo important to keep raising your vibration everyday and awaken the manifesting powers of your mind. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have.

The Big Question

What do you believe your life will look like when you are
always focused on positive life appreciative thoughts?

You will naturally manifest situations that are filled with joy, appreciation, abundance and feeling successful!  Once you can remain solidly focused 100% of the time on what you wanted to experience, then you will effortless attract the life of your dreams!

“When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

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