The Enlightened Beings Mission Statement

I believe I am here to facilitate a deep spiritual awakening that heals all beings on Earth. My purpose as a Lightworker is to awaken the minds and hearts of millions of people and initiate a mass Kundalini Consciousness on the planet. This specific awakening is grounding people in the realization that we are all infinite God Beings in human form.
We can accomplish this great mission by utilizing a 3 step process of cleansing the body, quieting the mind, and activating the Kundalini. The specific details of how this process works can be found in my online Kundalini Awakening Program where you will receive the essential tools to begin this spiritual evolutionary process.
According to Gregg Braden’s research in the Divine Matrix we only need less than 10,000 Enlightened Beings to initiate a shift in consciousness on the entire planet. The shift occurs as people go through their own Kundalini awakening experience.

I believe we all share the collective dream to see humanity shift out of separation consciousness into an unified world collective mindset.  When the Kundalini awakens, the only thing the mind can see is Divinity acting out in human form.
We can become emotionally healed, sexually liberated conscious human beings who all operate from this divine mindset. It is by living from this highest vibration that we can create a new era of World Peace. 
When our inner world is connected to divinity I believe that we will naturally and humbly take care of the planet as the divine home that it is.

If you feel inspired to support me in my global enlightenment mission, please send a donation below for any amount that makes your heart sing!

You can also send donations to:

Enlightened Beings

22672 E. Long Dr.

Aurora, Colorado

80016 U.S.A.

Energy Exchange for Enlightened Beings Products

I would LOVE everyone to be able to experience my enlightening materials, so if you feel that you cannot afford my enlightening products you can send a donation or snail mail me a gift (my post address is above) which you feel in your heart is an amount that is right for you and your conscience.

After you’ve sent your donation then contact me and let me know which products you’d like to me to email to you. It’s important to never feel guilty for this energy exchange of not being able to afford what I am charging, just know that whatever money you can contribute which opens your heart, relaxes your mind and makes you feel abundant inside, is going to be the right amount to send in.

Think of this as a “spiritual investment” in yourself and know that whatever amount FEELS good for you is enough. As the law of abundance states, the more we can give, the more abundant we can feel, and the more we manifest in return.

It’s all fuel for the quest to realize that deep down you are an all-powerful magical manifesting being at the core. 

Even though this material 3D world is based on the laws of karma and cause and effect, you are an infinite eternal soul whose value is priceless beyond it all.  Enjoy!

Sending many many blessings to you!
Jafree Ozwald