The Enlightened Beings Mission

I believe we are here to facilitate a deep spiritual awakening that spreads to healing all beings on Earth. Our purpose is to awaken the minds and hearts of millions of people and initiate a mass awakening of Kundalini Consciousness on the planet. This specific type of awakening is grounding people in the realization that we are all infinite God Beings disguised in a human form.

We can accomplish this great mission by utilizing this transformative process of cleansing the body, quieting the mind, opening the chakras and activating the Kundalini. The specific step-by-step instructions of how to do this are in my Kundalini Awakening Program. Here I’ve collected years of personal research and all the essential tools to initiate this spiritually enlightening experience.

According to Gregg Braden’s research in the Divine Matrix we need only 9,000 Enlightened Beings on the planet to initiate a shift in mass consciousness. The shift occurs as people go through their own Kundalini awakening experience.

I believe we all share the collective dream to see humanity shift out of separation consciousness into an unified world collective mindset.  When the Kundalini awakens, the only thing the mind can see is Divinity acting out in human form.

We can become emotionally healed, sexually liberated conscious human beings who all operate from this divine mindset. It is by living from this highest vibration that we can create a new era of World Peace.

When our inner world is connected to divinity I believe that we will naturally and humbly take care of our bodies, minds and thus others on the planet making it the divine sacred home that it is meant to be.

If you feel inspired to support us in our mission to enlighten 9000 people on this planet you can Sign up for our 90 Day Program or you can just send a donation to help support.

Who Is Jafree Ozwald?

Donations for my Online Products

I would LOVE everyone to be able to experience my enlightening materials, so if you feel that you cannot afford my enlightening products you can just send a donation which you feel in your heart is an amount that is right for you and your conscience. After sending your donation email me which products you’d like to me to send to you.

It’s important to never feel guilty for this energy exchange of not being able to afford what I am charging, just know that whatever money you can contribute which opens your heart, relaxes your mind and makes you feel abundant inside, is going to be the right amount to send in.

Anytime I send out money into the Universe, I see it as a “spiritual investment” in myself and know that whatever make me FEEL abundant. The more I can give, the more abundant I feel, and the more abundance naturally manifests back my way later.

Manifesting is all fuel for the realization that we are all-powerful magical manifesting beings in these spiritually eternal light bodies. Even though this material 3D world seems real, its not based on the laws of karma and cause and effect, those are constructs of your thinking. You are an infinite eternal soul whose value is priceless beyond it all.  Enjoy!

Sending many many blessings to you!
Jafree Ozwald