The Guided Meditation to Experiencing Samadhi


This enlightening meditation takes you directly into experiencing the highest states of consciousness. You’ll go on a journey that takes you beyond the mind and ego into the Divine Presence within you. When you arrive at this deep place of inner peace, you’ll connect with your divine all-powerful spiritual essence which will create a dramatic shift in your ability to manifest more of what you desire. By tapping into this higher vibrational state you will experience total freedom from all suffering and see your entire life with amazing crystal clarity.

Get ready for a powerful spiritual experience that will transform your entire life!

The Guided Meditation to Experiencing Samadhi will take you on a journey to directly experience your highest state of consciousness. You’ll be transcending the mind and getting to experience the Divine Presence inside you. This 30 minute meditation is a fun, relaxing inner exploration that is an enjoyable ride taking you beyond the limitations of your world! It is also a physically healing experience where you may find yourself more relaxed than you ever have been in your entire life. You will sleep better after doing this meditation and you will find yourself feeling refreshed, alive, and full of energy afterwards.

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What you will experience:

Direct experience of your highest state of consciousness.

A visualization technique that will eliminate all mental chatter.

Receive healing energy from two Divine Light Beings!

A higher vibrational state that creates a dramatic shift in your ability to manifest more of what you desire.

A deeper connection with your innermost spiritual divine essence.

A sense of being at peace with yourself, the Universe and everybody in the world.

“After my first Samadhi experience in 1995, I knew that this was something the world deserves to experience. I realized that ANYONE could experience a taste of this absolute freedom, and divine state of inner bliss. With the right guidance, actions, awareness and understanding the state of Samadhi simply has to occur for you.” ~Jafree

Anybody can experience Samadhi. When you discover this deep place of silence, peace and connection with your spiritual divine essence, everything will become easier and lighter in your life. The experience of Samadhi is guaranteed to transform your life in amazing ways.

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