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Manifesting Meditations

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How Do Manifesting Meditations Work?

Simply relaxing on your bed, listening to a guided journey, you can induce a deep trance state, and reprogram your subconscious mind to attract, create and manifest any desire you have. Whatever the mind focuses on and imagines, the body feels, accepts and believes.

You can program your mind to magnetize more money, to meet your soul mate, create a better relationship, manifest a new job, build your dream home, or truly anything you can imagine! The power of the mind is limitless.


Just by listening to manifesting meditations, you awaken a powerful “magnetic energy” inside your body that actually works like a magnet to pull your desires to you and into your life. Each time you listen, you are visualizing what you want, opening yourself to creating it, and feeling that its already manifesting effortlessly for you! 

By repeating this process your mind will soon believe that this new experience is real and an actual part of your life. Your subconscious mind will then create it naturally out into the physical world. Within a few days or weeks of practice, you will FEEL different, and begin noticing your ability to attract your desires faster and easier than you believed was possible! 

I’ve created my manifesting meditations to dramatically increase your energy, vibration and consciousness. By just listening one time to a manifesting meditation, you can start feeling more alive, more confident, and more magical in your life.  When you transform your inner world this changes your outer world the most radical positive ways.

Access the Secrets to Manifesting Any Desire You Have with Joy and Effortless Ease!

 Hi, my name is Jafree Ozwald and I’m the creator of all the Manifesting Meditations you’ll discover  below! I’ve made my manifesting technology easy to use, and powerful so that you can quickly see  results in your life. Amazing things will happen for you when you follow my 90 Day Super  Manifesting Program which is on sale now and available for Instant Download.


I have created 4 money meditations that are proven to dramatically increase our natural ability to attract financial abundance into our life, as well as meditations to heal your body and mind, attract your soul mate, access answers to find your life purpose, and have a deep spiritual experience of life! Each of my manifesting meditations are unique and will teach you how to retrain your brain for success in any endeavor you do.

You can release negative beliefs stopping you from realizing your life mission and unlimited potentiality. You’ll receive a deep cellular transformation that will allow you to effortlessly magnetize ANYTHING you desire into your life with effortless ease!!

I’ve created 15 Manifesting Meditations below AND have written 8 Manifesting Ebooks to guide you in manifesting ANYTHING you want in your life. My system is proven to work, and quick to create results.

You can manifest specific desires in your life such as manifesting an extra $2000 a month, a more sensual relationship, unstoppable confidence, optimum health, your ideal career, and even spiritual freedom. As you engage your subconscious mind with the positive feeling that you ALREADY have what you desire.

You can create anything you want in your life when you have the right tools and resources behind you. Simply by listening to a Manifesting Meditation for 21 days in a row will dramatically increase your ability to manifest the good things you want in life more easily and effortlessly.

 Each guided meditation contains healing background music and you’ll reprogram your body and mind to receive financial freedom, have outrageous energy, manifest a great love, and attract ANY experience you want on Earth!

You can see on my testimonial page that people have manifesting large sums of money, have had profound healing experiences, have met their soul mate, found the job of their dreams, all through following this secret manifesting formula! Think of this as your one-way ticket to creating the life of your dreams and receive the greatest abundance that you deserve!

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Each guided meditation is this package contains healing background music that will reprogram your mind for success. The meditations include journeys that will program you to receive financial freedom, have outrageous energy, manifest a great love, and attract ANY experience you want on Earth! You’ll learn how to reprogram your mind for success with this deeply enlightening experience that is a $240 Value!

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What Makes My Manifesting
Meditations So Effective?

My Manifesting Meditations create an energetic blueprint of what you want to manifest.  The vibration and frequency that these manifesting meditations put you in are powerful enough to create ANY future you want.  It does not matter how difficult your life situation is, do not worry… when you begin the manifesting process amazing things can shift over night! 

Listening to one of my Manifesting Meditations everyday will “turn on” the charged manifesting mindset within you. When you practice visualizing what you want in life with an elated feeling of joy inside, you are drawing that experience to you at the speed of light! 

We are always magnetizing something into our life in each moment. Yet, the more clear we are about what we desire, and are able to release our resistance to receiving it, the faster and easier it shows up in our life!

Each time you do one of my Manifesting Meditations you will increase your energy and ability to attract your personal dreams into your Reality faster and easier than you could imagine! 




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