Affirmations to Manifest an Awakened Empowered and Abundant Life


This amazing 30 page e-book is a complete 90 day affirmation program in itself. It contains 300+ enlightening affirmations that will reprogram your mind, body and your life for instant success! We have a special unique secret technique we’ll teach you so that each affirmation goes directly and deeply into reprogramming your subconscious mind. You’ll manifest successful relationships, an abundant financial situation, incredible job satisfaction, peak health and best of all the empowerment to manifest ANYTHING you desire!

This 90 day e-book program has 300+ enlightening affirmations that will reprogram your life! Even reading through this e-book ONE TIME will create an enlightening shift in your consciousness. Manifesting successful relationships, abundant finances, job satisfaction, perfect health and a deep spiritual connection are truly only a few months away.

After these positive thoughts become deeply rooted in your subconscious mind, they will transform you and blossom into manifesting the life of your dreams! Each affirmation is specially designed to give roots and wings to your dreams. Experience this program for 90 days, and you will be having positive thoughts non-stop… 24 hours a day!



This step-by-step program will guide you towards how to live in a whole new energy, attitude, and consciousness. It will be much EASIER for you to manifest your heart’s desires than ever before. You can free your mind from negative experiences forever!! Just imagine what one day of your life could be like if you were only thinking these thoughts below….

I am the master of my destiny.

I am at peace with myself, the world and everyone in it.

Thousands of dollars are flowing into my bank account every day.

I am a powerful manifesting being who can create anything I want.

Transform your mind to manifest POWERFUL
positive experiences for the rest of your life!

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