The 8 Day Manifesting Magnet E-course


The inspirational manifesting secrets in The 8 Day Manifesting Magnet E-course will SKYROCKET your ability to attract the life you desire!  Every day you will expand your mind, inspire your heart, and set your life into action in a miraculous way.

This powerful online e-course will jumpstart your manifesting engines with the basic essential manifesting secrets. You’ll receive 8 powerful manifesting lessons that you’ll get to implement over the next 8 days.

Each manifesting lesson contains the essential wisdom and practical knowledge on how to apply this empowering information to your life. Inside each lesson you’ll receive an Enlightening Homework Assignment which will inspire you and get your life moving into action!

This is truly something worth leaping out of bed for every morning!!

Each day contains an ancient manifesting secret as well as the knowledge of how to apply this empowering information in a 24-hour “homework” assignment that will set your manifesting vibration into ACTION! These assignments are FUN and the energy builds off the previous day, so by the 8th day you will have most definitely raised your manifesting vibration!

This powerful 8 day manifesting e-course is a quick way to “jumpstart” your manifesting vibration and learn a few secrets to start manifesting the life your heart desires. Over the next 8 days you will be taking action to manifest amazing relationships, financial freedom, unstoppable confidence, and much much more! Learn how to receive ANYTHING you want with joy and effortless ease!


Manifesting is a natural gift we are all born with to materialize any desire we have with joy and effortless ease. It’s based on an ancient science that is over 1500 years old, on the understanding that your manifesting powers are dormant, “sleeping” inside you.

By doing these 8 manifesting lessons you’ll begin to awaken this power and actually start to transform your life over the next 8 days!

If you had the power to manifest anything you desired, what would you choose? Perhaps you wish to improve your love life, manifest financial abundance, or experience a positive state of mind all day long?

Maybe you need to improve your physical health, find a more satisfying job, or would like to experience a spiritual awakening? The Manifesting Magnet E-course is an easy way to increase your vibration so you can manifest your dream life more easily and effortlessly!

Below are the 8 Manifesting Lessons you will receive…

#1 How to Set a Powerful Intention
#2 How to Declutter Your Mind and Receive Your Desires
#3 How to Create Sacred Time for Manifesting
#4 How to Become a Money Magnet
#5 How to Manifest Amazing Relationships
#6 How to Live in Inspired Action Every Day
#7 How to Transcend the Negative Mindset
#8 The 4 Secrets to Unstoppable Confidence in Yourself

The 8 Day Manifesting E-course Is ON SALE Right Now For…

Only $17!!

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