The Secrets How to Access your Akashic Records

The Secrets How to Access your Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are like entering the mind of God. They are the “hidden library” in etheric space, the most secret hall of information that is revealed by diving into the subconscious mind in a deep state of meditation.

This information super-highway is always open and free for all to explore. Everybody has the inherent ability to access the Akashic Records. Yet like a muscle that needs exercise and training, it may not work at its optimum level on the first attempt. So to assist you I’ve written out these 4 Secrets How to Access the Akashic Records. You can train yourself to access your own akashic records through my Guided Akashic Record Meditation Journey!

“Don’t allow your belief to be suppressed by the intellect’s demand for proof. Don’t wait for proof! Believe and then allow the truth to manifest.” ~ Emmanuel

The Akashic Records may be better understood in our technologically advanced world as our astral internet or Universal Wide Web where anyone can access any information they need at any time about anything and anyone.

The Akasha exists at the subconscious level – the state of awareness just before you wake up in the morning or right as you’re falling asleep. Only through a deep state of meditation can one bridge the gap and read what’s in this massive informational databank without losing consciousness and falling asleep.

When we step beyond our normal chattering ego-based mindset and into the silence, we can hear, see and feel this information as if God was whispering it into us.

Many have explained the Akashic Records as containing magic, mystery, and even great occult power. It may be one of the most misunderstood and secrets that modern-day humans have yet to discover.

“Like the state of space, the mind transcends thought. Set it at ease in its own nature, without rejecting it or maintaining it. When the mind is without objective content, it is Mahamudra. Through familiarisation with that, supreme enlightenment is achieved. ~Tilopa

Reading your own records can be one of the most exciting and amazing experiences of a lifetime, as you have access to thousands of past lives. You truly come to know the multi-dimensional being that you are as these divine condensed bits of information come into the conscious mind in a split second.

Being capable of knowing the intimate information in your own Akashic Record is priceless! The ability to explore these hidden ancient records that are buried within our subconscious is one of the most freeing, healing, and completely natural, spiritual inner experiences one can have. All that is required is deep relaxation, a vigilant focus, an open mind, a trusting heart, and the willingness to explore the unknown!

It took me several years of meditation before I was able to “stumble” into my first glimpse at thousands of my own lifetimes. The multi-dimensional hall of records blasted through me during a meditation retreat in India in 1996. This brief insight was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. Because everyone contains the power to access the Akashic Records, your personal records can also be accessed by anyone else.

How does this accessing the Akasha actually work? The same way your T.V. can tune into the images and sounds from any broadcasting tower. You can pick up the information once your antenna is up and your Akashic channel is located. All that is needed to learn is how to relax and drop into a calm theta frequency (4-8 cycles/sec) to reach the Akashic Records.

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How is Akashic Information Stored?

Through your full birth name and birth date, each person’s Akashic information is stored and can be found. Your information comes through a certain special “blueprint” frequency of energy that is completely different and unique in vibration from anyone or anything in the Universe. It acts like a fingerprint that is embedded and encoded into the Akasha, thus showing up as your personal Akashic Record. This is your soul’s “book of knowledge” or database of information containing the most important and vital information about your soul’s mission, purpose, and journey in this lifetime.

Our past is essential to realizing and understanding the life path we’re on right now. Without the past, we would have no concept of who we are today. Yet many of us have become TOO attached or over-identified with our past and cannot see the entire forest through the trees. Just like your own eyeball is too close for you to see it, we need an outer reflection or a great mirror to truly see who we are.

The direction you are heading towards in the future will become clear the moment you can realize who you were. This empowers you to make those adjustments you need to redirect your ship back on course. The future is not set in stone, and the more we can realize who we once were, the easier we can re-create who we are today and will be tomorrow.

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The Secrets to Accessing The Akashic Records

The first thing is learning how to enter into an extremely deep and meditative mindset. This depth is similar to the depth of consciousness you would imagine having if you were deep in the ocean, perhaps in the mind of a whale. The profound depths to which these creatures can dive and resurface is similar to how one retrieves information from the Akashic Records.

Through consistent meditation, you will learn how to quiet your mind and access your personal Akashic Record. It naturally comes through sight, hearing, and/or a certain “knowingness” in your body. Finding your personal Akashic Record is not always easy yet similar to tuning your car stereo to a radio station. Your soul sends out a specific “signature” frequency that feels like you. This data is always being transmitted and collected in your Akashic Record.

When entering your Akashic Record, there is this certain feeling of being centered and perfectly in alignment with the entire Universe. You experience this very special feeling when you are correctly attuned to your personal Akashic Record. When you are truly aligned, you can download lifetimes of information from your soul’s journeys in seconds!

In life we need all the help we can get. I’ve gathered for you the essential Secrets to Accessing your Akashic Records. These secrets will help you tap into this information so you can choose to play a much BIGGER and DEEPER game in life.

This Universe is a playground for the soul, that has no boundaries on time or space. We are here to learn how to enjoy this playground and each experience that arises no matter what it may be. This playfulness allows us to help others (and ourselves) to create the empowering life we are here to live!

Learning how to read your Akashic Records is a fun playful experience that will benefit you (and others) for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! It will help you reveal the practical path your life is on while assisting you in understanding the deeper spiritual meaning behind what is really going on.

The deep understanding that you can receive in just one guided Akashic Record Journey can reveal your life mission in a matter of seconds. You can understand your soul’s deeper purpose, past lives, and karmic lessons. You can help yourself discover the secrets to your soul so you can create an amazing life that you LOVE!

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