Tantric Love Secrets


Would you like to create a deeper more intimate Love Life with your partner everyday?

Tantric Love is a deep welcoming of the direct connection of the Divine Goddess within the female, and the Divine Masculine God within the man. This vulnerable open tantric love is a space created between two souls who are devoted to deepening their spiritual exploration of the God-Source within each other through sensual touch and sexual intercourse. Their merging on all realms creates a peak of spiritual orgasmic intimacy. This is the highest love one can attain with another being.

Tantra is an ancient teaching dating back 5000 years. It is a merging of the spiritual and physical worlds, bringing the human incarnation into communion with the Divine. The ancient Sanskrit definition of Tantra means, “no book” or “a direct experience”.

The Tantric Love practice is the oldest and most powerful spiritual practice for creating love in the world today. It is complete in itself, a way of life and living. As it heals the entire individual, it also radiates throughout the community energetically in response to the wholeness of the couple. Through devoting your partnership to having a tantric love life together, you and your partner can heal any wound, create trust where there was fear, and enter into the most dynamic loving sexual healing experience of your life!

How can you become devoted to the Tantric Love Life that you deserve to have?

1. The 1st Sacred Tantric Love Secret is to learn how to communicate with radical honesty with your partner. Extend yourself beyond what you feel is your “comfort zone” in what you are able to talk about, and reach out to your beloved from your heart. The walls will start crumbling down when you devote your heart to the path of Tantra Love and which dissolves all fear of intimacy over protecting or defending your ego.

2. The 2nd Sacred Tantric Love Secret is to let yourself totally dissolve into your partner. Meaning, surrender to them and this amazingly divine connection this already between you. Sitting close to each other and doing long periods of eye gazing and slow, soft gentle touching will melt the apparent boundaries between you. Looking beyond their personality into their soul is by far the greatest way to create a long lasting loving relationship. If you do this on a daily basis you can only expect the most amazing relationship in humanity.

3. The 3rd Sacred Tantric Love Secret is to create the most safe and loving space within yourself and outside of yourself. As within, so is without. So start with choosing to be emotionally, physically and mentally safe to creatively express yourself in ANY way you choose. Now being fully self expressed, there may be some things that may shock your partner at first. This is to be expected and brought to the surface to be recognized, yet not hooked into. Simply honor each other and never hide anything from each other. Be real, and know that deep down you will experience the greatest love, joy and ecstasy by loving, accepting and appreciating yourself totally as you are.  If you remember nothing from this, let this one secret stick to your like super glue.

Please remember that Tantra is the ultimate exploration of the Divine Presence within yourself and the other. It is a release of your mind and ego into the cosmic orgasm that is happening in the Universe. No other experience comes even remotely close in this world to the levels of bliss, connection and peace with another human being. Through a process of being vulnerable you can reveal what’s holding you back from being present to your beloved. Here, the subtle bodies soften and together you will create a divine experience for yourself and your lover.

It’s good to know that Tantric Intimacy does not always have to engage in sexual penetration. An orgasmic Tantra experience can be as simple as a long deep heart felt hug, or gazing into your beloved eyes. There are many Tantra techniques that will awaken your Kundalini and allow you to experience yourself (and the whole world) as the Divine Loving energy it truly is. If you’d like personal support in taking this first step into a tantric healing life, my partner Mira or myself are here to guide you. To start learning how to practice a few sacred Tantric techniques in the bedroom, reserve your spot in our next Tantric Workshop coming up!

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Totally Transform your Entire Life with my 90 Day Super Manifesting Program!