The 7 Signs You’re Entering The 5th Dimension ❤️

“There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. We are all going through a very deep and powerful spiritual metamorphosis individually, and collectively as a planet. The consciousness of humanity is expanding exponentially and moving into the 5th Dimension which is one of intergalactic proportions.” ~Jafree Ozwald

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FROM 3D INTO the 5th Dimension??

Simple explanation of living in 3D, 4D and the 5th DimensionSigns to see if you're living in 3D consciousness or in 5D consciousness

Basic signs of moving from 3D to 5D


The 7 Signs That You’re
Entering The 5th Dimension

Written by Jafree Ozwald

Who is Jafree Ozwald and his personal story how he entered the 5th Dimension of of Consciousness

In the spiritual exploration of multi-dimensional worlds, I’ve been blessed with assistance from spiritual guides to receive this information below. The 5th dimension can naturally contain many ‘wild’ multi-dimensional experiences which will occur for everyone going through the shift from 3D to 5D.

It’s good to connect with your spirit guide to assist you on your journey to 5D. Remember that your entire life is a spiritual journey that does not end after the physical body is cremated. You will live on.

Yet, on the earth plane, understand that every experience is temporary. So… do not take anything TOO seriously! You are human temporarily, so please learn how to have fun while you’re here. This is all a massive play of consciousness for our individual and collective awakenings.

Okay so find a good seat to sit back within yourself and enjoy the ride. Your awakening is going to be a deep one. Take some deep breaths and remember you can relax even deeper along the way. A deep breathing practice will help you from emotionally flipping out if you happen to have a bumpy takeoff. So buckle up tight! The 5D spiritual adventure coming your way is going to be truly amazing!


Your crown chakra is the higher self portal to downloading the consciousness of someone living in the 5th Dimension

#1 Daily life will be bubbling frequently with sensations of gratitude, joy, lightness, love, and wonder.

The 4th and 5th dimensions are like receiving a major upgrade in your operating software and DNA hardware.  It’s as if your mind-body will be offered to work inside the newest fastest computer that operates smoothly at the speed of light! 

It will help if you reboot it (meditate, exercise, and go raw/vegetarian diet) which will make your body and mind much more stable, and expansive. You’ll naturally have a sharp creative mind and clear memory. Overall, life becomes much easier to operate.

During this upgrade from 3D to 4D you will experience random feelings of deep inner peace, and thoughts about letting go of everything in your life.   When you wake up in the morning it will be easier to stop dwelling on any harsh “3D issues” such as money, lacking love, debt, schedules, ill health, not having enough time, or stress from having too many things to do.

In 5D Consciousnessit is not possible to live in fear.  When your karma (energetic subconscious patterns) comes up to be processed and released, you will feel this, and naturally, something deep inside you will just relax and let it go.  There is a deeper trust, sensitivity, and ability to feel the old pattern your body is holding onto. Do not over-identify with it.  Just know who you are cannot be limited or labeled by any quantified experience.

You will know that you’re entering the 4D or 5th Dimensional realm because you’ll feel very spacious and light.  You’ll sense this open trusting effortless flow of life in each moment.  A real feeling of wonder and excitement will be inside you about your life, as this natural lightness will help you to greet new opportunities with real love and gratitude each moment.

As you explore this transition from 3D to the 5th Dimension, it’s best to deeply love and accept yourself as you are.  Practice welcoming whatever experience arises with an open mind and then let it go!  Get to know yourself as a spiritual being, who is limitless, all-powerful, and deeply connected to the Source of All that is.

Your 3rd eye chakra is the psychic intuitive gateway to entering the 5th Dimension

#2 Heavy negative emotional issues that you’re carrying release easier and quicker.

Everyone is here to do their work of learning the lessons their soul came here to learn.  You too will be learning how to let go, and drop your negativity, smallness, powerlessness, incompetency, and poverty consciousness.  You will be releasing all the old heavy baggage you’ve been carrying for lifetimes!  This is the only way you can enter into these higher vibrational 4D and 5D levels that are full of trust, lightness, laughter, and love.

Any old memory that your body is holding onto that is not full of the highest frequency will come up for you to feel, review, and re-experience. Your job is to use that information as a springboard to take you deeper inside, into the core of your being where you can merge with it, melt into it, and transform it.  Entering into the 5th dimension is all about true inner alchemy.

Instead of it taking months or years in psychotherapy for your karma to dissolve it will take minutes or even seconds! It’s like the Universe will be turning up the velocity on your inner juicer and turning your dense heavy substances (thought feelings) removing the pulp, keeping the essential nutrients, and giving you a more enlightened experience of life that feels like liquid light!

Your throat chakra is the manifestation gateway to entering the 5th Dimension

#3  You will physically experience the world as being more alive and beautiful with your senses.

The colors of the world will look brighter, stronger, and have more pizzazz to them. You will see a wider spectrum of light and frequency that may even appear like sparkly rainbow ‘hippie’ colors. When you’re more emotional the colors will become even more beautiful and have a ‘happy’ vibration to them.

The most simple raw fruits and vegetables will have an exquisite healing taste, and your sense of smell can become extremely heightened. You may even be able to smell what your neighbor is cooking all the way down the street!

Your ears will be able to hear the divine song of creation, the music of the spheres, the eternal OM, and the sound of silence.  It is very easy to attune your listening to an orchestra of light that is constantly playing in the background. This music is so divine it instantly brings tears of joy to your heart. You’ll feel and know you are communicating with the 5th-dimensional beings who are tuned into you by a deep interconnected feeling in the chest, heart, and belly.

As every being on the entire planet receives their upgrade, it’ll become easier and easier to hear the messages from 5th-dimensional beings, yet the real work will be in integrating what they are saying and how to apply it to your life. It’s like a 3rd grader entering the classroom of a physics mastery program and trying to remember and relate the pertinent information to his world.

Many people will be able to hear these higher-dimensional messages long before they will see them. In the 5th dimension, your mind is mainly quiet and at ease, so you won’t doubt that you are receiving a “download” from them. The higher the frequency of the subject that you want to talk about with them, the easier it is for them to hear, understand and notice that you’re speaking to them.

Seeing 5th-dimensional intergalactic beings will become an accepted occurrence in society. For you to see all the 5th-dimensional beings around you depends on your belief system and your ability to transcend the layers of limiting thoughts that restrict your consciousness from experiencing the seemingly impossible.

Your heart chakra is the main portal to open for entering the 5th Dimension

#4 Time will feel fluid, eternal, and illusory.

You will move like water from one life experience to the next. There will be no judgment or negative feelings about how or why things are done the way they are done. You will realize that you are not the doer and that a higher power doing life through you.

The same number of events may happen on a normal day, yet there will be a much deeper richer, and more juicy experience for each one. Life will be full of lightness and a love for being alive that creates a timeless sensation in your life.

What seems like 2 weeks in the 3rd Dimension, can seem like a month in the 5th Dimension. The normal string of events in a day may not seem to happen in order or in a “straight line”.  You may experience them randomly or move instantly from point A to point H or Z in seconds.

The 3D view of time will seem pointless and like kindergarten consciousness, as you’ll understand that there is no end to this life.  You’ll know you are an eternal being who cannot die and is all-powerful.  You’ll intimately know that when this body dies, you will continue to live on and on forever.  You will know this without any doubt.  If you meditate deeply on your essence, you can even come to know the time and place of your physical death.

Your power center chakra is your energetic gateway to entering the 5th Dimension

#5 You’ll constantly have unexplainable synchronistic experiences and ‘miraculous manifestations’ will happen more regularly.

Amazing synchronicities will be an everyday occurrence. The Universe will be speaking to you constantly, giving you “signs” on where to go and what to do.  It will feel like you are on a miraculous journey through a magical world and anything is possible!

What you took for granted as scientific rational laws of this Universe that absolutely cannot be broken will be constantly shattered and removed.  Whatever you once thought was impossible to happen, will and can manifest right before your very eyes.

For example, you may be chatting on the phone with a friend and ask them some random question that they cannot answer. When you hang up the next song you hear on the radio will contain the words that instantly answer your question for you.  Sometimes the answer will come first before the question comes, or they can even show up at the exact same time!

When your third eye is fully open, you will start to see through this 3D dimension and into the 4th and 5th layers. This means you may start seeing lights, portals, or layers of energy in the sky or perhaps right across your kitchen table.  As the veil between dimensions gets thinner you will see more and more of what is really around you.

You may start seeing extraterrestrial beings, UFO ships, or bizarre things that are here already here, yet just hidden from normal people’s eyes in the other dimension (as if they were once cloaked).  It is nothing to be concerned about as the energy at this point on the planet is already so high, that the darker beings cannot handle the vibration.

When humanity opens up to the 5th dimension, we will all be informed that we are all intimately part of an Intergalactic Community, and are taken care of (the genetic offspring) of the most highly evolved spiritually enlightened loving beings you can imagine. When you meet people who are living in the 5th as well, can bring up such deep happiness inside they could bring tears of joy to your eyes.

Science and spirituality will truly become one and you will have a full and total understanding of how it all works as you will be merged with the oneness of all things.  By practicing listening to your guides in the higher realms, you’ll be able to know anything about anyone at any time.

Any questions someone asks you, you can access the Akashic Records and immediately have the answer to it.  You may be able to foresee how certain events will unfold in the future, yet not always be able to predict the exact future events as this would not be in alignment with the highest mystery and joy of life, making life truly a wondrous adventure to explore!  So you bow down and respect the mystery of life, knowing it will all be totally perfect exactly as it unfolds for you.

Your sex chakra is healing gateway so your Kundalini can open and your entire physicalbody can enter the 5th Dimension

#6 You will know and feel divinely guided by something higher than your own mind/imagination

As your mind begins to quiet, you will be able to hear your guidance from the other dimensions.  This may be from angelic guides, spirit guides, past ancestors, or beings on a higher plane showing you the way home.  As you tune into this, you will soon realize that you have many beings in higher dimensions that are around you helping you all the time. 

Whoever you connect with you will feel extremely supported, safe, and secure as the frequency on the planet will be soooooo high that no lower dark energies will be able to survive here.  You will be able to trust 100% in the connections and experiences you have.

These beings will be seen with your 3rd eye, in your mind’s eye at the beginning for most people.  There are always exceptions to every rule, yet if you wish to, you can start opening up your 3rd eye to see what is really here.  Simply spend the majority of your time focusing your attention (visualizing) on a bright golden light that is lit up in the back of your head.

If you wish to hear more clearly what these beings are saying, you can ask them to assist you in another mini-upgrade and learn how to tune into them like you were a radio station finding where your favorite tunes.  If you’re open-minded, I invite you to read more detailed information about our Intergalactic Community.

Your root chakra is the foundation and base support so that you can experience a grounded calm state in the 5th Dimension

#7 You start to access the miraculous powers of your true multi-dimensional body.

Because time and space are illusions, and all matter is energy and consciousness, and you are made of the same stuff as everything around you, you’ll be able to manifest the most amazing things with your mind.

With much surrender, patience, and practice, you will realize you are God and be able to explore the hidden Siddhi Powers inside you. This means anything you can imagine you can manifest in the physical 3D world, including things with your new upgraded body.

You will be able to learn how to pass your hand through a solid surface, physically levitate above the ground, move objects with your mind, bi-locate, be in 3 or more places at the same time, and basically anything that you can imagine you will be able to experience.

Advanced beings will assist you and even help you to time travel with your body to other worlds and dimensions.  You will enter into the sphere of your existence which means that you’ll be able to jump into any event in your life, past or future instantly. You can spontaneously experience whatever it is you wish to experience in life.

You’ll realize that you’re an intimate part of an intergalactic community. If you wish, you can ask to meet highly advanced interdimensional beings who are a million+ years more advanced than our civilization. They have been here on earth for the past 400,000 years protecting us and watching our every move.  You will feel embraced by this new family and know where your true roots are.

See the spiritual truth as it is and you will instantly awaken in the 5th Dimension!!

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It is time to let go and enjoy your 5th Dimensional body! We all want to enjoy our time here to the maximum.  During this time of increasing energy and vibration on the planet, we must keep a high frequency level if we are to fully explore this world in the most enlightening and enjoyable way. 

To be able to do this, we must travel deeply inside ourselves, and rest in the silent source that is at the core of who we truly are. We must be willing to relax, let go of all our old comfortable habits, and drop into the “unknown zone”. Relaxation is not difficult at all, it is the most comforting gift we can give ourselves.

The most healing feelings in the Universe are found within you.  The Kingdom of Heaven is within! This inner spiritual journey is the greatest exploration that a human being can take in their lifetime.  You are deeply privileged to have the time and energy to explore this.

It’s important to know that you are never alone on this journey. You have tremendous support if you are willing to receive it. Your spiritual guides, angels, and ascended masters are available 24 hours a day. They deeply wish to assist you if you are willing to let them in.

It’s also good to know that supreme states of bliss are happening to millions of people all around this planet right now. This global wave of higher consciousness is highly contagious and growing bigger and wider every day.

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Meditation is the key to accessing 5th dimensional consciousness

The 7 Daily Practices to Enter the 5th Dimension

By integrating these habits below, you’ll create an energetic shift inside you so that you can use it to access the highest dimensions in consciousness!

1.  Restructure the foundation of your diet so that you’re eating 70-80% raw fruits and vegetables and drinking 8 glasses of filtered water every day. 

Do a raw Green Juice Cleanse if your body is overweight, fighting any illness or disease, or you simply are feeling emotionally stuck! Check out my favorite super Green Juice Cleanse program it’s amazing!   It’s best to follow the real food pyramid below which will bring your body and mind into their highest peak state of energy and health.

Enlightened Beings Food Pyramid - The essential fuel you need to experience 5th dimensional consciousness

2. Get plenty of rest, rejuvenation, and exercise. 

You may feel depleted of energy as your body is absorbing these higher vibrational energies, as it learns an entirely new way of relating to the world.  Go to bed early, stay away from the news, and take the time to relax, dive inside yourself, explore who and what you are, and look at what you really want to experience in this lifetime.

3. Surround yourself with the most positive happy good vibe people that you know. 

Whoever makes your heart sing each time you meet is someone you want to spend more time with as they will support you in remaining open to the highest energies available.  The higher the vibration of the people that you hang out with, the easier your ascension journey will become.

4.   Make time to sit, be still, totally silent, and solitary every day. 

Spend 5 to 45 minutes every day in complete stillness and silence. Whenever you can sit very very still as if you were a statue made from one solid diamond.  Don’t move a muscle, keep your eyes relaxed, and your shoulders and jaw relaxed.

Just watch the breath as the body breathes for you.  The longer you can remain in a relaxed perfect stillness, the clearer your mind will become, and the easier it will be to remain at peace as your energies increase.

You can use my Magic Body Mantra below to help you center your mind, expand your heart energy and ground your body. While sitting still, focus on your head and quietly repeat the words “Quiet Mind” three times.

Then focusing on your heart, quietly and gently say the words three times, “Open Heart”. And focusing on your anus and sex center say the words three times, “Relaxed Being”. Repeat this cycle 6 times and do this practice for 9 days in a row to see dramatic results manifest throughout your life.

The Magic Mantra helps you to relax and enter the 5th Dimension

The Magic Mantra helps you to relax and enter the 5th Dimension

The Magic Mantra helps you to relax and enter the 5th Dimension

5. Make the commitment to devote your life to remain in Trust, Love, and Surrender to your Highest Possible Self. 

This practice will naturally help you ascend and open yourself up to experiencing the highest levels of joy and inner peace with effortless ease. You’ll notice when you’re not abiding by this formula when you start to experience intense suffering in your inner world.

Whenever some part of you is not living in trust, love, or surrender it’s an opportunity to learn how to let go and let God handle the details. It’s essential to be extra gentle and kind with yourself and others during this time. Anything that may be violent in any way to yourself or another on a physical, mental or emotional level you’ll want to avoid.  Turn your attention towards the peaceful center of your innermost being.

That is what your meditation time of stillness is for, so make time to get really good at finding this place of peace inside you!  It’s good to pray for guidance and healing as often as you can, especially when you feel challenged.  Ask for help!  Be sincere in your requests, asking from the heart for what you want, and know that it is on its way to you.

As our planet adapts to higher vibrations, you may find yourself using your heart more and your headless.  As your consciousness increases you will be able to access more love, joy, and peace than you ever knew was possible.  This soft warm healing feeling will be so comforting that you won’t be so inclined to spend soooo much time up in your head.  Your mind may also not work the same as before.

Open your heart and receive the light from the 5th Dimension

6. Trust how your heart responds to new information. 

Everyone has different experiences of what ‘reality’ is and the truth of what’s going on. There is so much true information as well as misinformation. The conspiracy theorists will seem completely crazy one day and then start making some sense the next day.

The apocalypse is a time of spiritual development where we are learning how to trust the intelligence of our own body and mind.  It is quite simple to know what is true..for you! When your heart opens and relaxes, this is a YES. When your heart closes and becomes more hard and tight, this is a NO. Listen to your heart and not your head.

The higher frequencies on the planet impact us on the most subtle and deepest levels. This shift to the 5th dimension may cause your memory to become sharper in some ways and completely incapable of doing other ordinary tasks.  Don’t worry about this!  Use this time to learn how to use your intuition instead and develop your 6th sense.  Trust your feelings and listen to your gut more than anyone else’s opinion.  Really tune into your higher guidance and listen to what is it telling you to do.

The light of your own being is the gateway to the 5th Dimension

7. Learn how to relax, heal yourself, have fun, and enjoy life especially when it feels like the world is coming to end.

Spend as much time close to nature as possible. Nature is the greatest healer and feeling of grounded safe comfort that humans can find. Earth is our mother, and when we learn how to surrender our body to Her, we feel a deep sense of safety inside.

The great galactic alignment marks the birth of a completely new era for humankind.  By this time next year, there will be such a dramatic “light year” jump in consciousness that you’ll look back and wonder how you could be the same person.  I suggest you use this time to celebrate your life more, appreciate those you love more, find the greatest source of peace inside you, and devote your life to spiritual exploration.

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Open your chakras, awaken your kundalini and enter the 5th dimension

The Future is Bright, Flawless, and Perfect

This world is going to transform in the most beautiful ways as millions of people around the planet begin waking up.  Take this sacred time to discover what an extraordinary being you are, who is filled with that which is the most sacred and divine.

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Learn how Jafree unknowingly discovered the 5th Dimension


“Jafree has a warrior’s persistence, childlike playfulness, a poet’s gentle heart, and a mystic’s soul. Jafree is a rare soul who carefully wields healing knowledge and psychic intuition like a sword – cutting a clear path through the veils of misunderstanding, fear and separation. He is, in fact, a boddhisattva for the new millennium… helping others to awaken.” ~Chris Sadhuta

Jafree Ozwald is one of the millions of light beings on this planet who have come here to help assist in this global spiritual awakening. Since the year 2000, he has been consistently developing the portal to help humanity heal their pain, manifest their dreams, and expand in consciousness. You can check out Jafree’s personal autobiography for more details about his spiritual life journey.

Every moment is a prayer in the 5th Dimension

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What does it mean to shift from 3D Consciousness into the 5th Dimension?

One could say this shift is like a massive update to your entire operating system. It’s like upgrading from Human Consciousness 3.0 to Galactic Consciousness 12.0.

When we are ready to move beyond the 3rd dimension, we must go through the 4th dimension before we can enter the 5th.  The 4th acts much like a purifying filter, for it is the realm of the heart that is filled with love, oneness, and lightness.

Meditate daily if you want to enter the 5th Dimension

The 5th dimension is even lighter in frequency, having a more pure love, cosmic consciousness, and true multi-dimensional reality.

We will be inside this photon belt of energy for the next 2000 years, causing a massive shift in consciousness for the entire humanity. Everyone on our planet will be shifting from 3D consciousness into a 5th Dimensional enlightened reality.

The shift will be bringing humanity into the Aquarian age of being one unified harmonious world working together in peace. It will occur as a very slow digestible rate that is easy to assimilate and integrate true mastery over our minds, and our lives.

If you are willing to remain in TRUST, LOVE, and SURRENDER to your HIGHEST SELF you will naturally ascend and open yourself up to experiencing the 5th Dimensional consciousness with joy and effortless ease.

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The 5th Dimension is the goal of ascension



On December 21st, 2012, the great seers said something amazing had happened on this planet. All 9 planets in our solar system, including our Earth, Moon, and Sun came into perfect alignment with each other. They said this galactic event happened every 5125 years! 

What’s even more amazing was that our Sun (which orbits the star Alcyone in the Pleiades constellation), also simultaneously completed its return orbit back towards Alcyone on this exact date, and this complete cycle only happens every 26,000 years! Wow! 

What I find even more astronomically interesting is that the Dog Star Sirius (which Alcyone orbits) also completed its 225 million-year orbit around the entire Milky Way galaxy on this auspicious day!  

All of these amazing alignments happened on the exact date of December 21st, 2012 and are what the ancient Mayans and many other civilizations around the planet have been waiting for in their calendars for centuries. 

Crazily enough the alignment is not done here, because to top it off all 9 planets and our Earth also came into direct alignment with the black hole that exists at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

NOTE: Our Milky Way’s black hole is millions of miles wide in diameter, and The energy it pulls into itself is the quantum fuel for all 100 BILLION suns in our galaxy.  The black hole has kept our sun alive for billions of years. The black hole is the center of the wheel of life in the Milky Way. It is the vortex that keeps our planet and people happy and alive.

We all thought something big was going to happen in 2012, and perhaps something enormous did happen on a much bigger scale that humans could not see.

The 5th Dimension is your gateway to all the other dimensions

The most fascinating part of all of this is how this great alignment has impacted the vibration and consciousness on the planet. Astronomers have discovered that during this time, our solar system will be passing through the core of a massive photon belt floating in the Milky Way, which we will be moving through for the next 2000 years! 

This massive field of light energy is real, and they have photos to prove it. The Schumann resonance which measures the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum has been rising since 2012.  Some say we are coming into the densest core of the belt on this same date and our planet reached a “zero point” in our magnetic field.

This higher frequency of energy is creating a massive planetary shift into the 5th dimension of consciousness. Then we can all evolve as a species from 3D to 4D and then 5D. Scientists have also reported that our planet is reaching closer to a zero point in our magnetic field, which is causing everything to speed up, and make every human being experience a dramatic shift in their perception of reality.

 I believe all of these galactic synchronicities point to one simple fact.  When the great galactic alignment occurred and we entered this photon belt, we start moving into a much higher vibration on the planet.

This higher form of energy caused people to experience a shift in consciousness and their perception of reality. The galactic alignment has been affecting people in a variety of ways, and possibly over time altering the DNA structure of every living thing on the planet.

 Why is all this astronomical scientific information important to you? As we experience life in this photon belt for the next 2000 years there will be a massive shift in consciousness to a higher dimension.

Many say that this energy field will cause us to shift from the lower “3D consciousness” into a more enlightened 5D reality.  I believe this shift will cause humanity to move fully into the prophesied “Age of Aquarius” where everyone on Earth will become one unified harmonious world working together in peace.

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The 5th Dimension is a grand celebration of life!

Yes…this is a VERY special time to be alive on the planet!

I believe this alignment is responsible for creating this shift into 5D consciousness and will initiate a very special global Spiritual Awakening Process which we all incarnated to experience at this time.

We are all in the COVID lockdown cooker for much higher dimensional reasons than what they’re telling you on TV. The 7 billion souls on earth are having to face, purge and process out all their lower energetic frequencies such as fear, anxiety, worry, and mistrust. Just like the caterpillar must eat his own feces to obtain the proper nutrients to grow his wings, we are all in this mass cocoon together growing our 5D wings!

On any spiritual path, I find it is deeply important to learn how to use everything you can for your awakening. Shifting into 5D consciousness is not a comfortable experience. It’s like we are taking off an old worn-out pair of shoes that are 3 sizes too small! Yet once we get them off, we are going to feel soooooo much better!!

The trick to an easier shift into 5D is remembering as often as possible that the Universe you see outside you, is merely reflecting the Universe that is within you. You can change your thinking, open up your perspective, and expand your paradigm of reality. Shift your inner world and the outer world will follow.

The 5th dimension is free from all thought

Awakening to 5D begins with understanding that the Universal body is an extension of your physical body because there is only one consciousness that permeates everything and you are that! We are that, and that is all there is.

It’s time to break through our deeply misguided programming which we received growing up that was deeply misinformed about these higher truths. It feels amazing to drop our old preconceptions about reality and the limitations of who we believe we are in order to make the leap into the 5th dimension.

We simply need to learn how to Quiet our Mind Chatter, keep our hearts open (all the time) and remain relaxed and grounded in the Source of our innermost presence to shift our stubborn old egos into the 5th dimension.

I find it is essential every day to allow yourself to access feelings of humility, vulnerability, and the state of absolute nothingness.  It helps to open your mind and imagine just how massive space is out there in the Universe and how the energy of our own galaxy functions.

For starters, the black hole that exists at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy is millions of miles wide in diameter, and it is responsible for infinitely fueling all 500 million Suns in our Milky Way. Our black hole acts like a cosmic womb and is so magnetic that it alone is responsible for keeping all 500 million stars in the Milky Way in perfect balance with its gravitational pull.

The 5th Dimension contains the portal to the entire Universe.

Can you see how human beings are similar to this black hole configuration?

The absolute nothingness that exists within the center of our being has a spiritual magnetic pull to it. When we reach this zero point of stillness of mind (through Meditation) we access the very innermost center of our existence. This stillness is what keeps us centered and sane. It’s the perpetually swinging door to access our 5th-dimensional consciousness.

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Don't seek for the 5th Dimension, relax into it.

Tapping into this vast spacious stillness all throughout your day offers us the incomprehensible feeling that everything is already revolving in Divine perfection.

Awaken and enter the 5th Dimension with my partner Harii!
Meet my partner Hari!

Ignite the Enlightened Being inside you through the 5th Dimension

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