Enlightenment Is Letting Everything Go

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Enlightenment Is Letting Everything Go   

Written by Jafree Ozwald


“When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

The sacred art of letting everything go is an extremely powerful and transforming practice to explore. By choosing to be completely free from everything, we finally arrive into this now moment and discover the untold secret truth of our divinity. When we actually let go of our attachments and identifications with everything of this world, the great God Source has room to pour through us again. By emptying out ourselves a deeper spiritual connection is instantly found. We then discover what real freedom is all about, and see how all our other versions of freedom we had were limited and illusory.

Letting go of everything can feel like a great death. Without a connection to our spiritual source, the idea of sitting in absolute emptiness with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and nothing to achieve can be deeply terrifying. We may tend to cling to anything that gives us security. Friends, money, food, substances, cell phone, Facebook, yes we can cling to anything! The avoidance of feeling empty can be so normalized, that we don’t even realize how it’s fueling every single motivation behind what we are doing.

It’s important to clarify that letting go of everything does not mean we are giving up on manifesting our dream life. It simply means we are releasing any overly tight grip we might have on our sweet and fantastic story of “me”. A very special kind of freedom arises when we release all our clinging and identification we have with this large or little “me”. We discover a freedom has no borders or limits within it.

The great release of “me” is infinitely deep. It includes being free from any relationship with time, space and form. We are free from desires, yet still allow the body to manifest the desires it came here to create. We are so free that we watch in wonder how miraculously each one unfolds, constantly rediscovering ourselves everyday. We find out that whoever we think we are, is nothing compared to who and what we truly are.

“True freedom comes when follow the natural goodness of the heart.” ~Unknown

You’ll soon find that letting go of “me” is quite the tricky process, as it means we must eventually find out who the real me is! To find the real you, we must follow every thought arising in our consciousness back to the original source from where it came. This is the source of the real you. From this awesome creative and spacious place inside ourselves, it’s embarrassing to cling to any false egoic idea of “me”. We can only bask in the beauty and spiritual purity of who we truly are. When we reveal the clear silent witness who is behind all the scenes, we can sit back, enjoy the movie and watch how magically it is all unfolding.

For the spiritual explorer, there is nothing more exciting than absolute freedom. As we let go of ourselves, we discover the state of pure consciousness has always been here. It is always here, we were just not paying close attention to it. What arises from this amazing experience is knowing ourselves as an infinite spiritual being who cannot be hurt by this world and will never ever die. The more often we realize our infinite spiritual nature, the more relaxed we feel, and the more receptive to life we can become.

You could say letting go, surrender, and deep relaxation are all part of the journey home. When “me” is not in charge any more, we begin having this amazing experience that everything and everyone in our life, is absolutely perfect just the way it is. We also realize that we don’t have to let go of anything, when we realize we are already ONE with everything. By emptying out the mind, we become the spirit again, and  taste the infinite being who is inside everyone. I find its quite ironic that we must become nothing to realize we are everything, and in this process we discover how intimately connected we always have been with it all.

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” ~Walt Whitman

On your spiritually awakening journey it’s good to know there are 3 different types of emptiness that you’ll experience along the way. We can have an emptiness that is positive, negative, or neutral. If we spend our time constantly seeking to be fulfilled by people, stuff or substances in the outer world, we end up ignoring our spiritual connection and this creates a state of negative emptiness that follows soon after. This negative emptiness feeling is needy, apathetic, lethargic, and powerless. It is lacking everything because its always in seeking mode. The mind is constantly searching and reaching for something out there, because it thinks that some thing is going to fill this vast empty hole inside. Those who invest their entire lives seeking fulfillment in the outer world always end up battling with some negative empty hole inside. It is this internal battle that stops them from finding deep everlasting peace.

If you feel that you’re stuck in a negative emptiness cycle, the good news is that you can instantly shift out of it and find peace fairly quickly. It all depends on how sensitive you are, and courageous to change. The secret is devoting more time during your day to exploring your true spiritual nature. Doing this will turn every negative emptiness into a very positive experience. Life starts to generally feel more expansive, as you’re continuously arriving into the heart of the Universe. The best news is that this positive emptiness can be found within minutes by simply welcoming the negative feelings to expand into the empty space. It works every time.

Here’s an experiment I invite you to try out. The next time you feel negatively empty, dive directly into the sensation of it. Welcome all the difficult feelings that arise. Invite them in using your breath. Inhale them completely into your body, and let them relax and expand as much as they need to. Keep following this procedure until the entire contracted negative feeling expands, pops and ceases to pull at you.

If a negative sensation does not budge, you may need to vent it out with emotions. Use your tears, anger, screaming, or even laughter to release it. Express what cannot be expressed inside you. Continue expressing it until you are truly empty. When you are truly empty of everything, you’ll feel the peace that is deeper than this emotional state, and soon drop through into your spiritual essence at your core.

Remember that any negative emptiness you have is never stuck. It can quickly shift into a positive emptiness within a few minutes or seconds. If you just keep breathing into it, relaxing with it, and practice welcoming whatever emotions arise, it will transform into a positive state. Try this at different times of the day, as you may be better at welcoming your negative empty hole in the evening rather than morning. When you find peace with your emptiness, you are complete. You have found your spiritual nature. The source of real nothingness always leads to us back to God, which is at the very center of you.

“Your center is God, Consciousness, Absolute Reality, Perfection, Brahman. This is the only piece that exists. You have absolutely nothing to give up, nothing to surrender, nothing to let go of. You are already liberated. How can you believe that you have to let go of something that never existed. It’s just Maya. You think that you have to let go of your attachments, your fears, your worries, your thoughts. How can the Eternal Self have attachments? It is always pure, untainted and unattached. It is always opening, experiencing presence.” ~Robert Adams

When we stop avoiding, controlling or resisting our negative emptiness, a miraculous thing occurs. The divine positive emptiness  mysteriously reveals itself to us. You might say that positive emptiness is just a fancy word for letting go of control and feeling ONE with the Universe. When we surrender completely, there is no little “me” to maintain the empty feeling of lack anymore. We fill up instantly with God and drop into a super positive state of joy, appreciation, ecstasy or whatever good feeling we need. The very moment we relax with the negative, and can be with whatever shows up inside it, and the positive emptiness will always take its place.

Positive emptiness is the only place we can deeply relax in life. It is truly exquisite, and makes all other forms of relaxation seem superficial. This deep spiritually relaxed energy opens all the hidden passages inside us to the Divine. We touch the infinite spiritual being inside, and start feeling how liberated, loved and free we are in this life. We are in love with life, at peace emptiness, and can easily fall asleep at night knowing there is an incredibly vast empty Universe here, trillions of light years around us in every direction.

The 3rd type of emptiness is completely neutral energy. The new age scientists of the metaphysical world have created a term for it which they call the zero point. This neutral zero meeting is the merging of both the positive and negative states. It’s that source which is beyond the grasp of the mind. That space between our thoughts, between the past and future, and it can only be found in this here and now moment.

Through surrendering to true nothingness of mind, we let go of everything and arrive at this ridiculously energizing zero point. It is neither in time or space, yet it has unlimited pure potential energy. We touch it for one millisecond and every cell in our body knows anything is possible. We expand so quickly that we can instantly feel at ONE with everything (and nothing) in this Universe! It is in this zero point that awakens everyone back to their original spiritual nature.

 “The attitude of faith is to let go, and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be.” – Alan Watts

On this journey to enlightenment, I must tell you how very important it is to have a daily practice of letting go of everything, without the help of substances. Only then can we emotionally embrace our entire being and find the most authentic spiritually rooted freedom. If we feel liberated because of a substance, then when that substance leaves our body we fall into an even more imprisoned hangover experience afterwards.

We then become dependant on the substance to regain our expanded state of freedom from the mind again. If we are courageous enough, we will face and embrace all our difficult emotions using only our breath. With this pure approach to life, we become rooted in our spiritual core and can finally unplug from the ego and our mind’s eternal search for more.

It’s also good to know that dropping ALL of the contents of the mind is an endless letting go experience. This letting go thing is not something which you do one time really well, and then you are done. We are sooooo deeply entranced, attached and constantly played like a puppet by our mind. This mind is the greatest addiction mankind ever invented and will take you on the greatest of rides.

When we continue to replace the mind with zero point stillness, we become more orgasmically alive human beings. We can feel a gentle breeze caressing over our sensual body and drop everything easily to enjoy it. This ability to stop everything and simply enjoy life is the foundation of real fulfillment. It is the sacred meeting and merging of our spiritual heart and sensuality. With a profound daily devotion to embracing your own zero point, you’ll soon realize how powerful and transformative this practice actually is. It’s like hitting the reboot button on your inner computer, and watching the deepest levels of trust and relaxation open up inside.

When the mind is merged with the zero point, a deep silence penetrates and this ignites a magical tantric connection with life. With a still mind, the tantric heart naturally takes over and we discover a natural appreciation for life. We live each day in awe and wonder, relaxing with all the good and bad aspects of ourselves, accepting whatever arises inside. There’s no judgment anymore, we are absorbed into the source from which we truly came. From this unconditional space, we wake up each morning knowing everything is exactly as it should be, and experience this world as an ever-expanding playground brimming full of perfection.

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Jafree Ozwald

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