Satsang Gatherings

“You are the Supreme Being, and yet thinking yourself to be separate from it, you strive to become united with it. What is stranger than this?” ~Ramana Maharshi

Satsang simply means “gathering in truth”.  It is a place for people to sit, meditate, rest in the truth of who they are, and share their deepest truth if desired. Satsang is about re-discovering total freedom and empowerment within you by dropping into the whole, divine and spiritually empowered being you already are. 

The being that is clear, relaxed, joyous and radically true to you.  This experience can spontaneously occur while simply resting consciously in the deepest parts of your being.

You can think of Satsang as a time for you to let go, and allow yourself to uncover the darkest depth and the brightest lightness of your own being.  This naturally occurs when sitting in a group of being holding the same intention, and can direct you to find the greatest healing and brilliance inside.

If there was an intention with Satsang, it would be to have a direct experience of the divine all-powerful presence which is here now inside us all. By simply sitting, being present to your life, to who you truly are, resting deep inside, our exquisite sacred nature is naturally revealed and experienced. 

“The mind does not exist apart from the Self, that is, it has no independent existence. The Self exists without the mind, never the mind without the Self.” ~Ramana

Tonight is an opportunity to dive inside yourself and explore this extraordinary communion with the Divine that is within us and around us all the time.  I will be taking the group on a guided inner journey that will bring you there, and given the time to explore yourself in new way that you’ve never experienced before.  It is a night that you can peel away and reveal a new level of clarity about who you are, and what your mission is at this time.


Personal Satsangs with Jafree

Jafree has been holding group meditations and public satsang gatherings around the world since 1996.  He had his first spiritual awakening sitting with Papaji in India in 1995, who was under the lineage of Ramana Marharshi.  Since then, Jafree has held many public gatherings in Colorado, Hawaii, and Tiruvannamalai, India.  You can read Jafree’s autobiography and learn more about his life work at this link.

“If there is a primary practice or path to enlightenment, this is it, to cease cherishing illusions.” ~Adyashanti

In Jafree’s satsangs there is always laughter, fun, depth, silence, and a safe container to share what is authentic and true for you.  His meetings are a chance to be real about your life.  His gatherings are an opportunity to speak about what you perhaps cannot normally speak about, and find support/guidance in an area in your life where you are needing assistance. 

As always, there’s no need to do anything or say anything in Satsang.  You can come in silence and leave in silence if you wish.  You do not have to share or reveal anything.  You can come to just listen, relax, rest, meditate, sleep or just hang out amongst friends.

The satsang gathering is a time to discover a way to truly be at ease within yourself and connect with that deepest part that has a direct communion with the Divine.  You may experience this evening as a time to recharge your batteries, explore your spiritual essence, look at what you want to create out of your life, and see your reflection in the minds and hearts of the others who share their life experiences in your community.  

“Every thought, every feeling, is a visitor.  You just say: Welcome!  Come in and sit with me.” ~Pamela

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Listen to Jafree’s First Recorded Satsangs in India

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What is Satsang Not?

Satsang is not about fixing yourself.  It’s not about overcoming all your personal fears, blocks, negative thoughts or limitations.  Satsang is not about getting rid of anything, such as thinking positive thoughts to be rid of the negative ones. It’s also not about getting anything accomplished, completed or creating anything new inside yourself. 

You don’t have to let go of anything, heal anything, or do anything to experience Satsang.  It is simply a meeting in truth with yourself where you can relax, rest, listen, and sit with what is going on in your life. 

“Find the source of the “I”. Follow it diligently until you merge with the Source.” ~Robert Adams

Personally, I find sitting in a group of beings exploring the truth of who they are naturally expanding my experience of myself and my mind’s limited perception of who I am.  I also find that whenever I give myself permission to be open and share myself intimately within a group, I remove my armor, let down my guard, and become open to letting in a fresh new enlightening experience of life.  As we let the world see deeper into us, we can see deeper into ourselves and truly liberate ourselves from the masks we don’t know we are wearing.

Sharing oneself openly in an honest, safe and sincere way is perhaps the welcome terrifying, freeing and empowering experience we can do.  I find that the more we each reach deeply inside ourselves, and are connecting with each other in a vulnerable, honest and real manner, we create a community that is a constant safe container that is healing, welcoming of all our parts, and can explore this divine depth and sacred sweet being being we all truly are.   

Dramatically Enlighten Your Life
Simply by Just Sitting in Satsang

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“You have absolutely nothing to give up, nothing to surrender, nothing to let go of. You are already liberated. How can you believe that you have to let go of something that never existed. It’s just Maya. You think that you have to let go of your attachments, your fears, your worries, your thoughts. How can the Eternal Self have attachments? It is always pure, untainted and unattached. It is always opening, experiencing presence.” -Robert Adams

When you create the time and space to relax and go deep inside yourself, miraculous things can occur.  Resting in your innermost being and speaking your truth when it’s burning inside, is perhaps the greatest catalyst for deepening in the self-realization process. 

Satsang is a gentle remembering of who you truly are. When we get attached to who we “think” we are, we suffer and abandon our soul.  The ego-trip we get on attempts to expand our mind and become someone better.  When we have decided to find peace within ourselves, it becomes a priority over fixing ourselves and this is when the magic occurs.

As you may know, deep realizations about yourself and your life can happen anytime, whether you’re deep in meditation or chatting with a friend at the local cafe.  However, when we create the container in a group for profound clarity to pour through, spirit somehow naturally finds a way for it to enter your heart and mind.

Our natural state is highly enlightened.  The 100% all-natural 5D consciousness that we are is pure, eternal, unlimited, and free from all harm.  When you simply bring your attention inside, being with yourself, being with what is, looking at who you truly are, this divine truth becomes self-evident. 

“One who knows the Self has nothing more to do, nor has he any more thoughts. From then on, the infinite power will carry out all further actions that may be necessary for him.”  ~Ramana Maharshi

The more often that you rest in this pure consciousness everything simply becomes more clear in your life.  When the fish stops swimming circles in its tiny fishbowl, the water settles and life becomes clear enough to see through the muck.

In regards to one’s spiritual awakening, when the fruit is ripe it naturally falls from the tree.  When your ego is done serving you, it simply falls away.  You can try to realize that you are not your ego and try to drop it a million times, yet there will be one day when it simply falls by itself and you don’t have to try to transcend it or drop it again.  Patience and compassion with yourself is the golden key to this path.

Through a deep relaxation into our darkness, we will find our brightest self.  When we are no longer distracted by the mind and its illusions, we can let go of trying to become spiritual or enlightened, and simply relax into this pure soul we already are!  It is in this relaxation in which we re-discover the Infinite Source of Love that is naturally contained within our innermost being. 

The moment we can surrender and stop the worrying chattering mind, we can truly relax into our Being.  A space of deep inner peace is not far away at all!  It just takes trust, being the witnesses, and being open to it all.  When you can finally relax, there is a GREAT knowing that everything is totally O.K. exactly the way it is.  This knowing goes beyond everything, as it understands that everything is O.K. and realizes just how grand, divine perfect the Universe truly is.

“Trying to quiet the mind is just some noise trying to make some other noise, less noisy.  Simply recognize that which is already silent.” ~Gangaji

 It’s good to remember that healing happens naturally, effortlessly on its own accord.  Yet, getting to this most relaxed place occurs from a consistent surrender to the deepest part of your being.  This frees your mind that is caught in the illusion that you are separate from an Infinite Source of Love.  Through awareness and love, you awaken and everyone will continuously be your teacher, showing you the way home.

All suffering comes from over-identification with your ego and mind.  When you have become over-identified, you get confused, thinking you are your name, your thoughts, feelings, your body, or anything associated with the material world.  You forget that you are this divine infinite soul that will never die.  We are temporarily a part of the physical world, yet in actuality, we always exist on a realm that is beyond the physical. 

If you would like to discover the divine spiritual being that you are, simply come to sit and rest inside yourself.  One day you will find that you yourself are the master.  It takes a very patient being to realize this, and to be at peace with whatever arises…yet this is what mind mastery and life mastery is about.

I believe there is a unique spiritual path for each and every individual on the planet and one for each individual.  Every being is on their own unique spiritual path which is perfect.  Their life is perfect, divine, and complete as it is.  You may find that just sitting in Satsang it will open a door for you, so that you can truly relax and enjoy the divine all-powerful being of who you really are. 

“There are basically two movements of consciousness: Love and Fear. Love is allowing what is and fear is resisting it.” ~Nirmala