Enlightened Masculinity

7 Key Practices to Reach
a State of Enlightened Masculinity 

Written by Jafree Ozwald

What Does it Mean to Reach the State of Enlightened Masculinity?

In my world, it’s the difference between comparing a grounded Tantric man who is deeply content and relaxed within his being, versus a man who has based his life chasing the fleeting desires of his ego. The Enlightened Masculine presence is aware of the superficiality of his ego’s desires and knows that his real power is found within the spiritual connection.
The enlightened masculine is devoted to unraveling the complex layers of ego patterns to finding his real Self, experiencing himself as the one who is undefinable and free from the opinions of those who attempt to define and label him. The Enlightened Man is in a constant process of letting go of whatever ego trip he is on and surrendering to his natural state of Divinity inside.

In my life, I’ve experienced a full pendulum swing from being spiritually lost, addicted to substances for enjoyment, and emotionally “unenlightened,” to having a spiritual awakening through meditation and ascending into states of radical freedom financially, sexually, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually on every level. My understanding of this inner dimensional shift was that the ‘unenlightened’ part of me was not wrong for its past actions and unconscious behaviors, it was just not able to relax and be vulnerable with the deeper darker emotions that would arise.

The unenlightened part was instead clinging to my desires, i.e., running to substances for an escape, looking to women for love, money for security, food for energy, sex for pleasure, and adrenaline for feeling wild and free. I can see how the unenlightened masculine aspect within me never took time to slow down and truly inquire what his soul yearned for in life. He couldn’t question his inner voice, life purpose, motives, nor desire to fully heal the emotional wounds he carried inside.

Below are 7 powerful practices that have helped me to reawaken the Enlightened Masculine within myself.  I feel they can do the same for any man on this planet who is struggling with their relationships, love life, finances, career, life purpose, and masculinity.

 1. The Enlightened Masculine has a sense of humor.  He acknowledges a deeper spiritual awareness which knows that life is a game, and so he plays with life lightly. He is sincere about his interactions with life, yet doesn’t take anything or anyone too seriously.  He knows if he forgets the cosmic joke behind it all, he becomes lost in desire, drama, delusion and caught in the sticky matrix of the ego/mind and adding more suffering to mankind. Thus, the Enlightened Masculine’s perspective is free from seriousness, yet he takes love, truth, integrity, honesty and freedom very sincerely. 

 2. The Enlightened Masculine can be vulnerable with his emotions. He is not afraid or ashamed to express his grief, anger, shame, guilt or overwhelming happiness. He knows this is a way to create intimacy with another. He is fearless in his vulnerability and comes from a deeply honest space in himself where full transparency is reached in sharing his raw naked truth. He takes full responsibility for his every experience and does not project blame onto others. If he does, he apologizes immediately and takes ownership.

3. The Enlightened Masculine is spiritually connected and a highly sensitive Being. He is deeply in touch with his true nature, living as the unconditional love of existence. He is aware of his spiritual nature and the Infinite Divine Being that he truly is. A real man feels this power within himself deeply, so that he doesn’t have to feel powerless in the world. He knows that he is an eternal soul who will never die and thus he is kind, patient and loving with everyone that he meets. He is sensitive to the words and deeds he does to others as he knows what he gives out is what he gets back. So he is constantly practicing kindness, and shares his heart overflowing with loving healing energy.

4. An enlightened man embodies his true sexual power.  He is a true Tantric Being wherever he goes, he is being intimately touched by the Divine feminine and masculine within existence. He is able to sexually satisfy himself with or without his partner for hours by not ejaculating and circulating his orgasmic energy with the mere intention of his mind and breath. The Enlightened Masculine deeply satisfies his partner by allowing his penis to remain rock hard for hours while making love, allowing his body to be extra sensitive and slow in sexual movement, dancing in rhythm with his partner’s body. He can do this because he has devoted himself to opening up his Kundalini Channel during lovemaking and gifting himself with a multi-orgasmic experience. This access to a constant state of an orgasm allows him to tap into his full Kundalini manifestation power as he opens his spine up to God. The Enlightened Masculine is able to have long deep slow lovemaking with his partner which allows her to open herself up completely and surrender herself to the Divine energy that he is embodying. Together they never clench, push or chase after having a peak orgasm, or try to get their partner to reach a sexual peak to end the session and fall instantly asleep. Instead, he is interested in a deeper spiritual intimacy with himself and his Kundalini so allows himself to be taken by the cosmic playfulness in the bedroom. 

 5. An enlightened man knows how to listen, and he listens deeply because he cares. He has the ability to truly take in another without giving advice, criticism, feedback, or mentally wandering from the conversation. He is present, engaging, and full in his expression always rooted in humility and compassion. He can listen from three different perspectives. He can listen from his own ego/mind, from the other person’s point of view, and from a universal perspective. He is not attached to helping fix the other’s problems, yet instead feels how their issue relates to his own experience in life and speaks from his own perspective when asked to share.

6. An enlightened man is not fear-based, jealous or possessive. He allows his partner the freedom to explore the other sensual Beings of this world according to the agreements they’ve made without anxiety, fear, or jealousy. He trusts in his heart connection with her, knowing that his sensitivity will let him know if something is off or untrue. He welcomes agreements, commitment, and a deep heartfelt connection with his partner. He is never jealous because he is devoted to real freedom and allows his partner the same.

7. An enlightened man is at peace with everyone in his past and future. He has faced and forgiven his demons from the past, and is emotionally at peace with his family, parents, and the world. He has dreams and desires of a beautiful future yet is not attached to them to be happy in this moment. He has nothing he needs to change within himself. He is content with who he is and how he is. He does not need to prove himself to anyone, he is free. His inner peace allows him to engage in the world in a way that uplifts others and naturally is a positive force of love for humanity. He does not try to gain power, control, or status in life, because he is deeply at peace with life exactly as it is. He simply trusts that the higher power is guiding everything and he gives his life over to this. 

What does an enlightened woman want? Basically, she wants an enlightened man. She is waiting for men to approach her with vulnerability, kindness, and a healing feeling in her heart. She wants to feel deeply connected to his heart so she’s filled with presence and emotion. She wants to feel penetrated by his soul. She wants to feel spiritual aliveness when she’s with him. She wants a man in her life who is devoted to being free. A man who can be authentic, transparent, and real with her, not afraid to share the insecure versions of himself.
She wants truth, not some overly serious attitude, some plastic happy energy or some overly controlled way of relating. She wants him to be okay with his vulnerability. She wants deep security and the aliveness of unpredictability. She wants to be lifted up by his positive energy towards life, as well as feel the deep soft nurturing experience of his personal struggle. She wants a man who can take the lead, be there for her when she is struggling, and allow her to dive deeper into the exploration of her soul.  She wants a man who can offer her his heart, hands, and love in such a genuine Divine way that he could not think he would need to get back anything in return. 
Your Enlightened Masculinity Homework: For the next 21 days, practice developing your sense of humor, sharing your vulnerability daily, focusing on your spiritual connection, being sexually grounded in yourself, practicing your listening skills, be non-attached to your desires, and devote your life to being at peace with yourself.  If you would like more specific instructions on how to do this, please reach out and contact me for a Tantric Man coaching session!