How to Get Grounded in God

How to Get Grounded in God

By Jafree Ozwald

“Surrender gives you the eyes to see God, and everything that is brought to these eyes becomes Divine.” ~Osho

The Source of God is the foundation of your very being. It is your essential essence, your naturalness, your true life force and the very fabric of your soul.  When you can fully relax inside yourself, you create room to fully connect with this Divine Source from which every life experience is emanating from. The deeper you can let go and rest into your body and mind, the deeper you dive down the rabbit hole, discovering that this experience of God has always been the foundational truth of who and what you actually are.

When you stop all doing in your life you can finally rest into pure Being. Here you can fully realize that God exists inside you, within the presence of your own consciousness. Relax into this and there is a feeling of deep relief like nothing you’ve ever experienced in your entire life.  It’s as if you were holding your breath under the Ocean all this time and then exploded up to the surface for your first breath of air. Finding God within your being feels like you can finally take in life in its totality, with such a great lightness and buoyancy, that you often feel like you’re floating on air.

If you wish to completely enlighten your consciousness, you must first to ground your awareness deeply in the present moment.  Grounding means “being here now” and to experience this all that is required is the state of surrender. To completely surrender means you are willing to let go of your mind and every thought flowing inside your mind. You must also release the desire to achieve anything or arrive anywhere “better” than here now. This means your identification of being the responsible one who is creating everything in your life is also relieved of its duty. 

Total surrender is just that…it is total. You have to completely let go of it all!  This is not just some one shot deal, it is a continual process, a perpetual release every single breathing moment of your day. It means you are no longer holding on to anything in the mind. No attachment to the past or future. All of your ego’s desires become secondary to this path to total surrender, and you trust the divine all knowing synchronistic flow of the Universe instead. 

“When you become the deepest valley of reception, then the highest peaks of consciousness can be given to you. Only a valley can receive a peak. A disciple should be absolutely feminine, receptive, like a womb. Only then such a phenomenon happens as is going to happen in this song.”  ~Osho

When trust takes presedence over your ego’s desires, you naturally surrender to each experience knowing it is the right experience. This enables every moment of life to become a doorway to the Divine. You surrender not because you have to, but because it just feels soooo good!  There is this constant merging and melting with that Source, which makes everything feel lighter and freer on the inside.  From this lighter easier space, whatever you want, is what God wants. Your will becomes God’s will, and God’s will becomes your will. You become grounded in the divine reality.  This grounded enlightened state only happens through total continuous state of ego surrender.

So the big question I invite you to ask yourself today is, “What causes you NOT to be grounded in God?”  What desires are you attached to that are seemingly more important than this divine freedom? Be aware of the subtle choices are you making that aren’t allowing you to enjoy whatever you are doing with your life, how you are at work, in your relationships or alone by yourself. What is stopping you from being totally at peace, deeply relaxed in your body, and always trusting the divine? This is a unique and personal answer for everyone, yet there’s a 99% chance it has something to do with being wrapped up in attachment to desire. 

Attachment to one single small desire can throw your entire beautiful life face down flat in the mud.  Attachment is what makes you think and feel that you’re separate from God. When we are over identified with your desires in life, it makes you think you need to do something to get some place better, you need to have more money, friends, better experiences and nicer things, to that you become a better person, feel more successful, all so that you’ll eventually feel happier, more fulfilled, and more loved later in the future. The mind’s attachment to desire is ignorant to the truth that all these divine experiences are available in the God Source right here right now.

Desire is tricky thing because we also need desire to keep life alive, flowing and karmically moving.  Without desires we would all become sleeping slugs in puddles of warm mud.  This may sound nice to some of you, yet honestly how many years can one really enjoy this?  The secret to having a great relationship with your desires is trusting that all your wishes are also God’s wishes for you. Know that the Universe is a “team player” who is on your team, doing everything necessary to manifest your needs at the right time and place.  When you truly surrender and trust that the Universe is always working for you and never against you, then you are able to relax fully inside your body and find a deeply grounded experience in the Divine.

If you should believe that God’s will and your will are different,
this means your ego is playing a game with you.  You are never separate from God, your mind can only imagine that you are separate. How can a drop of water be separate from the Ocean?  You only think you are isolated because you have been looping around and around in states of difficulty, emotional struggle and suffering unable to find freedom. These states are all happening because there is some idea in your mind you cannot be with.

Whatever we cannot be with, we become. If you cannot be with this idea that you are separate from God, then you will create a tension around it and it becomes your experience of reality. This is what ego is all about.  Ego is simply a tension, an identity, a separate goal orientated mind state that is all about serving the little “me” to attain it’s personal success and agenda.  It has nothing to do with merging
with existence. 

Take a closer look at your daily experience of Reality. Are you living from your Microcosmic Self or your Macrocosmic Self?  Try living from both and see what occurs.  When we are only serving our ego’s needs, this always leads to some future suffering.  This is small separate self is what perpetuates the desperate cycle of needing, having, possessing, wanting and then grasping for more.  True surrender in life is a perpetual arrival into the Now. It is constantly trusting life is abundant and always offering more. It’s the deepest letting go of the ego’s ideas about what you think you want and don’t want, that will make you happy. 

When you finally do let go, you naturally start abiding in the sacred home and heart where God is. You begin to effortlessly manifesting all your dreams and desires simply because you are not attached, and when they show up it just feels like extra frosted icing on your cake. Knowing this is true wisdom, and the source of where real freedom, empowerment, love and lightness in life shines through.

If you would like a powerful technique to instantly get grounded in God here it is. Slow your life waaay down. Walk slower, eat slower, talk slower, drive slower, breathe slower, and trying doing every single thing throughout your day at half the speed you normally do them at. Your ego will hate this, yet your soul will LOVE it! Most people miss God because they are rushing through their day. Rushing through a life experience is like an act of violence against your soul.  It means you’re not fully in a state of reverence with life. You are attached to the Mind, still chasing after some big juicy future carrot and overlooking the sweet all loving divine God source that is here to be enjoyed at the core of your very being. 

“The apparent presence of the mind is the doorway to awakening.  Make peace with the mind in every moment and you will experience total bliss.” ~Angela Walker

Be aware that naturally, the mind is an addict. It is already deeply addicted to moving into the past and future, and avoiding the now. If you want to get out of this habit, and beyond feeling overwhelmed, behind, stuck, or beating yourself up about things that “should or shouldn’t” of happened in your life, you’ll need to start believing you have a greater destiny. When you slow everything down, you create space for more Consciousness to flood in. You then can notice that every single problem you have is because you are not fully here now grounded in God.  In this relaxed space, the ego stops pushing you to get to the next experience, and then it just happens one ordinary day that you find real happiness. You effortlessly drop the amnesia that you are God, and realize this is what your life mission is really all about.  This is the day you become 100% surrendered to the God Source, and all your problems fade away because you can see how everything is a blessing in disguise.

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Get ready to live a fully open enlightened life!

Jafree Ozwald

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