The Search for God

Here is a beautiful story about a famous poet named Rabindranath Tagore.

Rabindranath Tagore has been searching for God for millions of lives. He has seen God sometimes, far away, near a star, and he started moving that way but by the time he reached that star, God had moved to some other place. But he went on searching and searching–he was determined to find God’s home–and the greatest surprise was that one day he actually reached a house where on the door was written: "God’s Home."

You can understand his ecstasy, you can understand his joy. He runs up the steps, and just as he is going to knock on the door, suddenly his hand freezes. An idea arises in God: "If by chance this is really the home of God, then I am finished, my seeking is finished. I have become identified with my seeking, with my search. I don’t know anything else. If the door opens and I face God, I am finished–the search is over. Then what?"

He starts trembling with fear, takes his shoes off his feet, and descends back down the beautiful marble steps. His fear is that God may open the door, although he has not knocked. And then he runs as fast as he has never run before. He used to think that he had been running after God as fast as he could, but today he runs as he has never run, not looking back.

To this day Mr. Tagore is still searching for God. He knows God’s home, so he avoids it and searches everywhere else. The excitement is great, the challenge is great, and in his search his ego continues to exist. He is not afraid of God, because he knows where God lives. So, leaving his home aside, he goes on searching for God all around the universe. And deep down he knows his search is not for God; but in the search to nourish his ego."

By reaching God you discover Bliss.  Blissfulness does not allow "you" to exist; you (the ego) have to disappear. That’s why you don’t see many blissful egos in the world. Misery nourishes your ego–that’s why there are many miserable people in the world. The basic, central point is the ego. For the realization of ultimate truth, you have to pay the price–and the price is nothing but dropping the ego. So when such a moment comes, don’t hesitate. Dancingly, disappear… with a great laughter, disappear; with songs on your lips, disappear.  ~Osho

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