The Life of Jafree Ozwald

"There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you're experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you're focusing your energy, attention and consciousness." ~ Jafree Ozwald

For years as a child I was enamored by the mystical, magical and "super-natural" people of this world.  I had a deep curiosity to know the Truth, and understand what would awaken this world so that everyone could experience themselves as whole, healed, empowered and loving beings who felt deeply connected to the God Source.

I've always wanted everyone to be real with me and share the deepest possible truth that was inside their being.  This curiosity is what led me into my journey to India to discover the spiritual path I am on today.

In 1995, I was 25 years old and decided to travel to India to discover the answers to many deep questions I had about life.  I had been meditating religiously and doing many spiritual practices for months trying to find inner peace within my being. I was told to visit a guru in Lucknow named "Papaji" (H. W. L. Poonja), who triggered something in me where my life has never since been the same.

   I felt an atomic bomb explode throughout my entire mind, body and being, that left only a deep penetrating silence behind.  This super deep silence literally stopped my mind from thinking that IT was charge of thinking, doing, being etc.  There was nothing and no one left.  Only a small witness of existence who was one with everyone and everything.  Thoughts still happened, yet "I" was no longer behind the steering wheel of them and they were not nearly as intriguing as this peaceful super quiet Presence inside. 

Everywhere I went was amazing, life was truly heaven on earth without being identified with this  "me" but rather the unified one Being.  This initial Kundalini Awakening led me into my first experience of Samadhi which lasted for the next several months to come. It became the most amazing life transforming experience of my entire life.

How I relate with life has been completely different since that day.  I no longer get wrapped up in the suffering that is created by the mind because I know I am not this "inner world" nor this "outer world".  I am beyond them both.  

  I had a my first satori/samadhi awakening at 25. Then, I fell into Tantra when I was 27, later got the cosmic transmission download from Osho in a dream at 36, and by 45 I manifested the most spiritually deep and beautiful tantric goddess named Mira.

I always choose to live my life as if it were a perfect balance of the joyous, expressive free Zorba the Greek (the ultimate party) and Gautama the Buddha (the ultimate meditator).  The real tantric party is found through awakening your Kundalini. That which inspires, energizes and enlightens you, and not through activities that aren't inspiring, which drain your energy and simply depletes your creative spark.

 I've realized that there is nothing wrong with us, there are no sins to forgive, nothing dirty to purify, no ego to get rid of, and no higher spiritual goal to attain. We are here to explore life. Live totally in the present moment, spontaneously following wherever our intuitive guidance leads.

I started meditating in 1995 and would say this is the most important practice you can cultivate in life. The best meditation is the Tantric one, where you are sensually intimate with a partner in deep relaxation, fully letting go of all masks, fears and ambitions.

I have lived in Bali in past 3 years and have traveled around the entire world a few times. Only been to 25 countries always in search for enlightened beings and higher wisdom.  What I've discovered from all my lifetimes of experiences have transformed my inner world so deeply and completely that I decided to devote my entire lifetime to enlightening the billions of people on this world.

I've surrendered my life to the highest possible reason I could think of. Enlighten our Consciousness. What has come though me as a result of this spiritual quest is my 90 day Super Manifesting Program! 

This online enlightening experience contains a treasure chest of powerful manifesting exercises. You'll get manifesting meditations, instruction manuals, and manifesting techniques that are 100% GUARANTEED to skyrocket your life into the direction of your dreams! 

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 I believe that when we are in alignment with our passion, purpose, life mission and living from our highest consciousness, we naturally and effortlessly manifest the life of our dreams. It just happens... the moment you awaken this divine manifestation power inside your energy field, everything you want comes to you effortlessly. 

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There is a global wave of enlightenment already in progress.  The world is simply waiting for YOU to join.  How to dive in?  Be very quiet, still and rest in your innermost being. Get curious that you are this God-Source, and it is everywhere around you and within you.   Soon you will FULLY realize that within the center of your innermost core you are an eternal being who is infinitely connected to a Source of unlimited intelligence, power and potential energy! 

~Much love to you, Jafree


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